BPS Memory Guidance Task and Finish Group-Next Instalment Application Deadline 1st March 2022

Advert in The Psychologist February 2022

I was pleased to see in the February 2022 issue of The Psychologist (which confusingly had ‘January’ printed on the cover that dropped at my doorstep) an advert requesting expressions of interest in contributing to a ‘Memory Guidance Task and Finish Group’. It felt a bit like Groundhog Day as a similar advert had gone out around this time in 2019. I discussed the background history and what happened here:

At the time the terms of reference had an incredibly tight time scale which I found disconcerting. This time around they seem more realistic. I am pleased that the guidance will be subject to Society Wide consultation and encourage those familiar with memories of extreme abuse to apply for membership of this important group:

To apply to be on this group, please complete the form below by 10am 1st March 2022:


Ashley Conway and David Pilgrim (2022) explained what went on over the years in their Journal of Trauma & Dissociation article ‘The Policy Alignment of the British False Memory Society and the British Psychological Society‘.

Information about the wider background and irregularities including fraud at the BPS can be found here:


I shared my own views on BPS memory guidance at the ESTD 2017 conference in Bern:


In my presentation I referred to the excellent document produced by the BPS Recovered Memory Working Group in 1995 which thoughtfully covered the topic with sensitivity and clarity. I hope that the new document will follow that approach.  

They also published an article in May 1995 issue of The Psychologist which outlined results of a survey they conducted with practitioners. 15% of the respondents had encountered disclosures of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and the vast majority believed those disclosures.

I publicly called for a repeat of this survey, and also suggested extension to the wider topic of extreme abuse:



In May 2021 I attended the online conference of the US organisation Survivorship that bravely provides a platform for clinicians who support extreme abuse victims as well as survivors who are prepared to speak about their experiences and their healing.

I subsequently penned an article regarding my presentations across various conferences of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) for the Summer 2022 issue of the Survivorship Journal (‘For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture, and pro-survivors’) that is issued twice per year and can be downloaded free-of-charge here:

I joined their conference team and a few days ago was honoured to be elected a Board Member of Survivorship. I will be one of the speakers at the next virtual conference – please attend and promote this important event:

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