Bye, bye, Bob!

George Robert Green

1 week ago we said good bye to Robert Green. Gone too soon aged 73. He was not ready to go – too much injustice remains in the world.

I was contacted by Robert on 18th November 2018 and we had a 1h phone conversation on 9th December. He talked me through his experiences of confronting evil. He was a professional travel agent and came across an astonishing case of massive fraud involving ABTA, the international airline industry and the bribing of senior officers in the Metropolitan Police, whom he named publicly. ITV produced a short film about his efforts, that led in turn to him being invited to make a speech in Edinburgh to a group involved in exposing legal and political corruption in Scotland. The farcical authority actions that followed are detailed below by David Scott:

The funeral service was personal and touching. Where else would mentioning two spells in prison raise wry smiles?

After the event I had opportunity to meet other activists one of whom mentioned Princess Diana. Back home I found the fitting 1997 ‘Diana Princess of Wales Tribute’ CD and now got a new favourite song by Chicken Shed (Diana was a patron of The Chicken Shed Theatre Company):

I Am In Love With the World

I am in love with the world
With its fires and its seas and its pain
I am in love with the world
As it spins round my soul again

I fell in love with the world
When it gave me a place to be (ooh)
You cannot fall out of love
With your world shining through (ooh)
Let your world fall in love with you

With you

You think you’re lost to the world
With your life lived in shadows of fear
(Shadows of fear)
Days lost without you too long
No-one close no-one kind no-one near
(No-one near)

You try to hide when your world dies inside
Never fade away (ooh)
Dreams turn to stars so you don’t
Lose the end of your day (ooh)
Let your world fall in love with you
With you

I felt your feelings before
And the world tried to pull me through
Through all its time and its space
It is speaking to you


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