R.I.P. Robert Green – Pushing Daisies after Pulling Dark Daisy Chains into the Light

Rober Green Interview

The very sad news has come this past week that Robert Green of Hollie Greig fame or vice versa (both heroes of the struggle against SRA in Scotland and of course generally) passed away on 11th April aged 73 after a short, sharp battle with cancer – ‘as in life, so in death’.

Some will have seen this wonderful tribute to Robert compiled by Wild Cat but if you haven’t please watch it and take in the magnitude and magnificence of just one ultra-brave man’s contribution to truth, justice and the proper protection of children


Only a few months ago I talked for the first (and last) time to Robert. Such a remarkable man!

I am familiar with the term Daisy Chain from psychometric test development where multiple test forms are interlinked for item calibration.

However Daisy Chain has multiple definitions – including ‘a type of group sex’:


You can read a letter where Robert Green made reference to a Daisy Chain here:


On the same blog he shared his views on the investigation into Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) allegations naming the late Prime Minister Edward Heath:


Below I reproduce his last X-mas message:

From: Robert Green
Sent: 24 December 2018 16:51
Subject: Thanks




I would like to take the opportunity, at this time of the year, to express my thanks and appreciation for the loyal and unwavering support that I have received from so many kind people over the years, some going all the way back to 2009, when I first began to examine the evidence relating to the cruel abuses committed against the astonishingly brave Hollie Greig and her mother, Anne.


During the two three-month spells when I was imprisoned in Scottish prisons, I received around 3,000 cards and letters from well-wishers, from 42 different countries. I can never forget such kindnesses from people around the world, most of whom I have never met.


I have also received tremendous additional and continuous assistance over the years from a considerable number of dedicated and thoroughly decent people who are greatly concerned, in particular, about the sheer corruption and cruelty of the state apparatus towards victims of horrific sexual crimes and those who are courageous enough to stand up for them.


It should be stressed that such corruption exists well beyond the Scottish border and prevails throughout the United Kingdom. Time and again, I have been made aware of the horrific treatment suffered by child victims and loving family members, particularly at the hands of the notorious Family Court system, the sheer existence of which brings unmitigated shame upon our once great country.


I hope that I can be forgiven on this occasion for not naming any of the many wonderful people who have stood by me, as it would be unfair to leave anyone out, but you know who you are and you will always have my admiration and respect for your kindness, courage and humanity.


May I wish you all a Happy Christmas season and a wonderful New Year.


Robert Green

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