A few weeks ago I drove up to sunny Yorkshire having just arrived from cloudy Orlando where I was presenting on expert systems and cultural agility. I hurriedly put up my poster to engage delegates at this most important conference organised by the UK branch of the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation (ESTD) which produces excellent resources and guidelines related to complex trauma:

In the ‘Guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with dissociative symptoms and dissociative disorders’ (ESTD, 2017) more than 40 helpful references to ‘memories’ and ‘memory’ are made.

I had missed the morning sessions. The first was by Dr Renee Marks, Clinical Lead at Integrate Families, National Centre for Child Trauma and Dissociation who was the chairperson of the ESTD Children and Adolescent Committee that developed the above guidelines. She was followed by Dr Rachel Thomas who is now heading the Clinic for Dissociative Studies founded by Dr Valerie Sinason. It is a facility that specialises in diagnosing and treating survivors of extreme abuse and neglect at the hands of primary carers. Useful information about the condition and its origin can be found on the website First Person Plural (a survivor led organisation):

I attended the illuminating session that Remy Aquarone, Director of the Pottergate Centre for Dissociation and Trauma in Norwich, organised with Melanie Goodwin, Co-founder, Chairperson, Trainer and Expert-by-Experience at First Person Plural. It brought to life the concept of ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder’ (DID) that every self-respecting mental health professional should be(come) familiar with.

Dinner provided opportunities for networking and continued learning. It felt good that the community recognises my efforts to expose Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and is empathetic about the slander originating from ‘discourse of disbelief’ purveyors.

I loved the Friday AM keynote by Clinical Psychologist Dr Elly Hanson who – like me – is targeted by ‘Private Eye’ and denial bloggers.

In her talk ‘TURNING AWAY: HOW AND WHY DO SOCIETIES AND COMMUNITIES DENY, DISTANCE AND MINIMISE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE? – AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT’  she constructively deconstructed the False Memory lobby narrative and the impact of the ‘just-world hypothesis’ or ‘just-world fallacy’ cognitive bias (or assumption) that a person’s actions are inherently inclined to bring morally fair and fitting consequences to that person, to the end of all noble actions being eventually rewarded and all evil actions eventually punished.

Here is a link to a NSPCC sponsored video clip where she talks about the importance of training when handling harmful sexual behaviour:

Various presentations (including Elly’s slides) can be downloaded here:

I am impressed with the slides of Peter Garsden, President of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL), and the blog entry featured in his slides:

The discourse of disbelief trolls at work!


The final session was with representatives of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) which has published reports for its legal investigations, research work and the Truth Project, as well as an Interim Report, which included recommendations to Parliament.

It is shocking that a politician who aspires to become Prime Minister dismisses this important work:

Boris Johnson says spending on child sex abuse investigation ‘spaffed up a wall’

The Tory MP described historic child sexual abuse offences as “malarkey”…

I wonder whether Boris would have a similar attitude to the content of my poster.


The poster outlines what appears to be a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ operation where three dozen authority representatives ignore evidence suggesting a series of (child) rape, arson and murder offences. Instead they spend loads of public money on a Forced Adoption process that covers up the offending.

In September 2011 a mother was instructed by a Sapphire officer of the Metropolitan Police in Kingston-upon-Thames to delay any reporting of a sexual assault on her or her toddler ‘for four weeks or 1 months’ as it would be ‘too dangerous’ to go up against her father who the officer suspected of involvement in paedophilia and five violent deaths (see map in poster). Furthermore, she was manipulated into believing that timely reporting would jeopardise a sophisticated ‘under cover’ operation to catch her father and ‘nail him for life’.

As I listened to her story in 2012 the mother in addition disclosed that within a six months period after the police officer briefing:

1) the toddler’s half-aunt died suddenly (ostensibly due to ‘alcoholism’)

2) the toddler’s nursery teacher’s friend was found dead in the village river just after Christmas (having previously been seen interacting with her father)

3) the toddler’s god-mother was found dead in her burnt out house

I remember how my heart sank when I obtained on location corroboration of 2) – bizarrely South Wales police classed the death as ‘not suspicious’: 

With respect to 1) I found in a court document Social Services evidence that some years earlier the toddler’s half-cousin had ALSO been raped at age 2 (by a ‘stranger’ while he was playing in the garden) and the boy accordingly been placed on the Child Protection Register.

The mother explained to me that police reporting of the assault on her toddler was in part motivated by wanting to speak up on behalf of the half-nephew. In a C-PTSD diagnosis session she referred to this trauma (index number 41 out of 67) as follows:

‘Knowing your nephew was assaulted at 2 and none of the family are going to help – that’s traumatic.’

She had described to me the circumstances of her father anally raping her and summarised this nonchalantly in incident 5:

‘Being buggered at 2’

Any ordinary citizen can figure out that there is a bit of a pattern here! If one of the three toddler rape accounts has been proven in NHS and SS document it takes a lot of ‘wilful blindness’ to continue looking away!

With respect to 3) I managed to get corroboration through a ‘fluke’ email chain that I investigated leading me to a blog. I made contact with the family of the deceased and obtained relevant documents. It struck me as odd that the godmother, who had a walking disability, was found with broken legs and a broken arm ‘on top of roof tiles’. How could that possibly have happened? There was mention of a ‘gentleman in a small blue car’ giving a neighbour ‘a lift back to the burning house’. Why was this man hanging out in the middle of nowhere?

My suspicion of arson followed by murder was supported when I went on a location visit. I found an indicator of a SEAT Arosa Mark 1, a drugs bottle on the window sill of the burnt-out bathroom, a Red Bull can and some strange object with a transformer, metal and plastic (possibly an incendiary device). Local, regional and national police authorities refused to investigate the matter!

Click to access suspected-arson-murder.pdf

In the poster I included a link to a redacted version of the Cardiff judge ruling (the mother stated that she encountered the judge in her teenage years).

This is the updated link:

Click to access cardiff-court-ruling-2013-feb-22nd-transcript-section-b1-pages-43-68-26-pages-redacted-22nd-feb-2018-plus-resource-infos.pdf

Here is a direct download from this blog:

Cardiff Court Ruling 2013 Feb 22nd Transcript Section B1 pages 43-68 (26 pages redacted 22nd Feb 2018) plus Resource Infos

I lodged a 45 page Third Party Crime Witness Report concerning the first Psychiatrist’s interactions with the mother over 15+ years with the relevant police force. No reply!

Perhaps I should write to Boris Johnson explaining that Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) structures of the past are alive and well – shielded by professionals who continue TURNING AWAY.

When I chased an email to the police commissioner for the area I got the following reply:


Dear Rainer Kurz,


I hope this email finds you well.


I write to acknowledge you emailed date 02.02.19.


I have passed your email to Chief Superintendent <                    > who has responsibility for the delivery of operational policing for the area in which your concerns are located, for him to review.


Chief Superintendent <                    > is responsible for ensuring that you receive an appropriate update in regards to this matter.

Best Regards


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