‘Complex Trauma Assessment Problems’ and ‘Educating Professionals & Politicians about Complex Trauma & Satanist Ritual Abuse’ Presentations at the Dundee Conference: ‘Organised Abuse in the UK’

2018 11 7th Organised Abuse in the UK Conference (002)

I was delighted to be tipped-off about this annual conference and within two weeks travelled North to meet 80 like-minded individuals who also want to fight organised abuse.

The day was introduced by Joseph Lumbasi, Manager of ‘Izzy’s Promise’, whose valuable work I first came across in 2015:





Mark Carey kicked off with his story of abuse, shame, recovery and healing. He belongs to the 10% of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) victims abused by strangers.


Wilfred Wong expertly presented on ‘Satanist Ritual Abuse in the UK – Past, Present and Future’ (a title inspired by our jointly authored poster at the European Psychiatry Association Conference 2018 in Nice which can be downloaded below). Earlier interviews covering similar ground can be found on YouTube:




I presented to a receptive and engaged audience on ‘Complex Trauma Assessment Problems’:

Kurz (2018) Dundee Presentation – Complex Trauma Assessment Problems

I culled the slides from the third part of my recent keynote in Braga that can be found on YouTube:


Tom Dunn flew over from the US for the event. He sported a Hampstead themed T-shirt and kindly lent me his tripot for video-recording, He also gave me a copy of the movie he produced ‘Detestable’ (concerning Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques):




Following a short break the audience divided into four workshops. I presented a workshop with Wilfred Wong where I concentrated on efforts to educate professionals (explaining background rationale for my conference posters since 2014) and Wilfred on activism including getting MPs involved.

In my slides I included a complaint I lodged with the (then) BPS CEO Ann Colley about a Senior Manager who was involved in ‘cancelling’ my symposium at the BPS Annual Conference in highly irregular circumstances. I must be something right if the ‘establishment’ is resorting to such ‘censorship’ measures. I am pleased that since then this CEO and two senior BPS policy staff members departed.

Kurz & Wong (2018) Educating Professionals & Politicians about Complex Trauma & Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)

A delicious lunch buffet was available and plenty of opportunity for personal dialogue. I heard some disturbing stories about contemporary Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Mind Control practices that are routinely covered up by authorities:



Sarah Nelson, author of Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches (2016) shared with us her views on the ‘Satanic Panic’ brainwash over the last three decades. Her book covers Orkneys, Cleveland, Nottingham (successful CSA prosecutions in an alleged SRA setting). She also mentioned that Fred & Rose West were at the centre of a SRA ring.

I would like to add to this that notorious Serial Killer Harold Shipman was seemingly active for SRA cults performing abortions etc. throughout Northern England.


Both men were found ‘hanged’ in their cells (‘suicided’?).

Next Sara Rowbotham talked about her efforts to educate youngsters and professionals about sexual health and abuse which culminated in a successful trial that inspired the acclaimed ‘Three Girls’ TV program:



Laurie Matthew, author of books like ‘Where Angels Fear: Ritual Abuse in Scotland’ (2002) and an excellent MSc thesis ’Metamorphosis’ (2012), shared her practice and experience of running ‘18 and Under’ as an entirely confidential service.


She impressively demonstrated how victims crave confidentiality with the most frequently reason cited (by 50%) was ‘confidentiality with respect to authorities’. She gave numerous testimonials that illustrate the value of this policy.

The other extreme, brought about by neo-liberal privatisation policies, is illustrated by this article:


The victims who eventually decide to take things forward with the full support of ’18 and Under’ never recant!

What all-too-often happens in situations where authorities are alerted to child disclosures that imply sexual abuse is that the protective parents are labelled ‘delusional’/’paranoid’ or accused of ‘coaching the child to make allegations’.

At ESTD 2017 in Berne Case Study C was such a case: When a single mother started a new relationship her 8-year-old boy started to disclose disconcerting shenanigans that seemingly were happening when on contact visits to his father. An ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interview did not instantly yield a case strong enough to pass to the CPS. Rather than checking computers for images and placing the child with foster carers so that the boy could without fear of repercussions share his experiences the authorities removed him from the protective mother and allocated him to the sister of his father and subsequntly to the biological father.

Kurz & Desson (2017) Symposium Extreme Abuse, Mind Control & Authority Compromise

In another case a 13-year-old confided to her mother that her father had taken her on contact visits to the house of strangers who were coerced into abusing her while her father took photos. She said ‘I could have waited until 18 to tell you’. Police refused to investigate computers and storage devices. The daughter was terrified of the authorities fearing she would be separated from her mum. The girl was put into a psychiatric facility against her will for 6 months and then into ‘Forced Foster Care’. Egged on by Social Workers giving very biased briefs Court Appointed Experts claimed the mother has ‘Paranoid Personality Disorder’ – this is the unjust and dangerous mechanism that facilitates and shields Child Sexual Abuse.

The ‘snatching’ of children into care is every increasingly being driven by profiteering:



The final presentation was by two sympathetic members of Police Scotland who explained the principle of reporting.

The final panel was conducted in a Q&A format.

Having been at four EPA conferences as an ‘outsider’ and three ESTD conferences I found this event the most welcoming.

Well done Joseph Lumbasi & team for putting this together!

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