Sympathy for the Anti-Devil Sabine McNeill: The Empire strikes back

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

Last year I went to see the ‘Rolling Stoned’ tribute act. My investigations into Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) gave ‘Sympathy for the devil’ a rather different ring. When a guy with a blonde wig and a tambourine strolled onto the stage I faintly remembered that there was a Brian Jones in the early days of the Stones. What happened to him? He was found dead floating in his swimming pool:

Why did the Home Office apparently seal records about his death for 40 years?

Mr Giuliano, who was commissioned by Sir Richard Branson to write Paint it Black: The Murder of Brian Jones, claims the band’s deceased chauffeur Tom Keylock “stood at the edge of the pool calling the shots while his thugs held Brian under.” He claims he met a guy who purported to be “one of the actual murderers”, adding: “It was done by committee – several people held him under the water.”

Pat Andrews, Brian’s girlfriend at the beginning of The Rolling Stones, met him at the Aztec coffee bar in Cheltenham’s Bath Road. She struggles to pinpoint the date but remembers it as “the year Buddy Holly died”.

“If they said Brian had been hit by a car or fallen down the stairs it’d be easier to understand but when they said he had drowned I thought “That can’t be right”. You don’t become a lifeguard at the lido unless you are able to swim. All the time I knew Brian I never knew him to have asthma but they said his inhaler was found by the side of the pool, which was so tiny even an inexperienced swimmer could get out.”

Eras are marked by the famous people lost and, in a dark irony, Brian would become the earliest recognised member of the 27 Club a decade later. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison joined him before Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse in more recent years.

There is an interesting comment by ‘ShullBitter’:


It was a satanic sacrifice for the band, and Jagger was jealous of the attention all the girls gave him too. But since he died so did the coolness of the Stones and their song writing became bad having their best hits behind them.

Today I got a call again from Sabine McNeill, incarcerated at HMP Bronzefield since 9 months or so ago. In November she is due to appear in a three week criminal court case concerned with her publishing some information on the Internet (for context see my EPA 2017 poster uploaded with this blog post). I understand that the maximum prison sentence if found guilty would be 2 years. Sentences are usually halved. So if found guilty she would have already served the sentence!?! How can it be proven that she acted with criminal intent??? What if she is found ‘not guilty’?

The privatisation drive by neo-liberals has created a market place for Forced Adoption & Care as well as for the Persecution Industry.

Back in 2013 I had emailed Sabine the Extreme Abuse Survey (‘Trigger Warning’):

Click to access ead-version-10-09-2013.pdf

This document is a subset of the 188 page Judicial Review Application I wrote that got thwarted by RC(I)J staff:

How can it be acceptable that allegations of index incident a, ‘toddler rape’ and b, ‘a missing baby delivered at 13/14 that disappeared’ are judged in the secrecy of a Cardiff Family Court ‘on the balance of probabilities’ with tame Psychiatrists and Psychologist whitewashing alleged perpetrators and blackening the character of the protective parent?

Sabine replied to my anonymous email as follows.
On 30 September 2013 12:58, Sabine Kurjo McNeill <> wrote:

What can I say, dear remarkable report writer???

I can only sigh and am glad you feel that the petition is a good way forward… Unfortunately, the Committee hasn’t been answering and one of the initiators feels we need to get the 2,000 signatures all on the one platform…

However, we have this before the House of Commons since then:

Something for everybody and their MP!

With all my respect, admiration and best wishes for whatever successes you’re aiming at,



In March 2018 I presented a poster with veteran SRA campaigner Wilfred Wong:


In May I posted to Sabine an envelope with the mentioned book ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ (Andrew Boyd, 1991) and also ‘The Devil on the Doorstep: My Escape From a Satanic Sex Cult‘ by a survivor of Colin Batley’s cult. Today I was told that it did not arrive. I wonder whether the letter I posted yesterday will arrive containing my latest three blog entries?

I told Sabine about the mother I talked to on Saturday who separated from her partner when their daughter was three years old. The father did not want to be on the birth certificate but she nevertheless encouraged him to have contact. In November 2017 her 12 year old daughter confided that for the previous 12 month her biological father had acted strangely after picking her up: Rather than going for lunch or chatting in a café he reportedly dropped her off at strangers’ houses where she got physically and sexually abused. She told her mother ‘I could have waited until I was 18 before telling you.’ How sensible is it to attempt an Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interview at the point when a child victim (or should I write ‘complainant’?) just about dares to disclose to the closest confidante? Is it reasonable to expect victims to tell to police in a ‘my bicycle got stolen’ matter-of-fact style what happened? What about the ‘do not tell’ (death) threats? How about the bonding with and attachment to the primary carer (however awful and painful this ‘care’ may have been at times)? In this instance police came to the home and the daughter full of anxiety did not want them to come in and be interviewed. Consequence: Social Service claimed the mother had coached her to make false allegations and applied to get the daughter carted off to a Psychiatry unit one hundred miles away. When it was found that she was NOT suffering from a psychiatric disorder she was dumped in a Foster Care family with a dog. She was anxious about dogs but as she did not faint or complain she was left with that family. After a few weeks she mercifully got moved to a ‘dog-less’ family and her father does NOT know the address. I ‘congratulated’ the mother that at least the daughter is (reasonably) safe.

Unfortunately the whole Child Protection and Family Court system seems predicated on shielding offenders. Protective parents are said to have coached the child or suffer from a psychiatric disorder.

There was a headline some years ago:

Evaluating Expert Witness Psychological Reports: Exploring Quality

 ‘Dubious ‘experts’ are paid to tear families apart

According to research by Forensic Psychology Prof Jane Ireland two-thirds of psychological expert reports trawled from Family Courts were ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. There should have been an outcry from the profession and flurry of research activity. Instead there was eerie silence, a ‘shoot-the-messenger’ HCPC concern raised against Prof Ireland (dismissed after four long years) and half-hearted BPS Guidelines developed seemingly by exactly those ‘vested interest’ that make their living as ‘Court Appointed Experts’.

Read about the malaise in my ESTD 2017 paper:

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets &amp; BPS Guidelines

I agree wholeheartedly with the report that Prof Ireland and her research team wrote. Why are things so bad? I believe that these are the fundamental issues:

  1. Personality Disorder is a social construct rather than a medical – there are no objective tests
  2. Protective parents are dismissed as delusional, having ‘over-valued sexual abuse beliefs’ or having coached children
  3. Authority representatives all-too-frequently work hand in hand with abusers
  4. HCPC and GMC whitewash most allegations/concerns raised and allow persecutory actions against whistle blowers (like me)

Last night an example of 3. was given in the excellent interview of Jo Lomax with SRA survivor  Jay Parker whose father had got caught in paedophile activities and was made to supply Jay to a MK Ultra mind control program ran by FBI/CIA guys who were high up in a cult.

Here is a link to their interview one year ago and also a link to the show where Jo Lomax interviewed me:

The consequences of system failure are heart-breaking and at times lethal:


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