Charge Coroner, Police Officers, Medics, Social Workers, Psychs & Judge with: ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’ & ‘Fraud’

Drugs Bottle

Today a sinister announcement was made concerning ‘Nick’:

When the allegations surfaced a media frenzy ensued with a lot of sensationalist reporting and very little critical investigation. One article stood out that acknowledged that the half dozen or so individuals who allegedly attended a lethal orgy involving sexual abuse of children between them controlled the whole political and security apparatus of the UK.

Cases of extreme offending including sexual, physical and emotional abuse but also torture and murder are reported across the world. One of the leading Psychologist involved in supporting survivors and exposing offending is US Clinical Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter who runs an excellent website:

The site features an up-to-date book chapter by Randall and Pamela Noblitt with Ellen’s foreword that includes this paragraph:

‘This chapter is, to my knowledge, the most thorough, scholarly, and recent review of the empirical and forensic evidence of ritual abuse. I wish every psychotherapist, psychiatrist, and traumatologist, every law enforcement and child protection official, every judge, every Family Court attorney, every person in the media, every artist, musician, film maker, and producer, would read this chapter and feel moved to let the harsh reality of the existence of ritual abuse into their personal consciousness and advocate to bring this awareness into the large social consciousness. These atrocities are unbearable and we need to stand together to demand that the systems in place to help crime victims do more to rescue these people and to heal their aching souls..

To get an idea what a Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) session may entail and how it may end have a look at the chilling murder of Arlis Perry that even Wikipedia covers fairly sensibly:

‘Neither the semen nor the print matched Bruce Perry or the security guard. The Santa Clara County Sheriff also ruled out any links between the murder of Perry and three previous murders dating back to February 1973.’

A few years ago I went to a seminar where Arla’s husband, American psychiatrist Dr Bruce Perry, presented on Childhood Traumas and was somewhat surprised that SRA etc. was NOT mentioned.

Interestingly a couple of weeks ago the security guard who ‘discovered’ her body got charged with her murder and shot himself:

UK survivor accounts of SRA as well as some successful prosecutions in the vicinity of alleged SRA can be found in the Extreme Abuse Dossier (‘Trigger Warning’!):

So why am I asking for a Coroner and various other individuals to be charged with serious offences (that technically may rather be called ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ or ‘Gross Negligence’)?

Have a look at the presentation I gave at an event put on with regards to the 10th Anniversary of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA):

Kurz (2017) MCA Critical reflections on the role of mental health professionals

It covers my investigation of a tax-payer funded Child Smuggling operation where seemingly dozens of authority representatives colluded to facilitate the cover up of SRA including the unregistered birth and ‘disappearance’ of a baby that succeeded from incestuous rape in Kingston-upon-Thames around March/April 1997.

I presented a poster at ESTD 2017 in Bern:


The godmother of the toddler ‘targetted’ was found dead in her burnt out house. How could half a dozen officers ‘miss’ a drug bottle in the bathroom window frame, a car indicator part, a Red Bull can and an odd (incendiary) device? The simplest explanation is that the perpetrator considered himself ‘untouchable’ and unashamedly left his ‘calling cards’ accordingly. The police officers meekly colluded through ‘errors of omission’.

This is what a solicitor submitted on my behalf to the coroner who had recorded an Open Verdict on Halloween 2014:


31th October 2014


Dear Coroner <First Name> <Last Name>  

I am writing with regards to the case of <Godmother First Name Last Name> whose charred remains were found in her burnt out house on <redacted>. Appendix 1 and 2 show two press clippings that you are probably familiar with:  

Appendix 1: <redacted>

Appendix 2: <redacted> 

Two fire fighter crews attended and at least three officers came on site and took depositions. As you recall you recorded an ‘Open Verdict’.  

Appendix 3: <redacted> 

Attempts were made earlier this year to get local officers to look into the case but they were reluctant to reopen the case unless asked to do so by the coroner. I am asking you on behalf of the family and friends of <Godmother First Name Last Name> to reopen the case, and treat it as a suspected arson-murder.  

The evidence presented in the attached document ‘Suspected Arson Murder – Redacted Submission 27th October 2014’ points towards a pre-meditated first degree murder. A suspect with a strong ‘vested interest’ motive has been identified. The identity and email address have been deposited with me. The pieces of evidence collected at the crime scene and the original version of the document will become accessible through a fresh investigation.  

Appendix 4 provides detailed suggestions on how to carry out the investigation. These are offered in good faith and without prejudice.  

There are numerous indications that the suspected perpetrator is linked to ‘Organised Crime’ and that members of the public are at acute risk of sharing the fate of <Godmother First Name Last Name>.

In order to expedite a long-overdue fresh investigation I am copying this letter to Home Office Minister Theresa May.

I am looking forward to your timely reply.

<                       >



A redacted and shortened version of the document ‘Suspected Arson Murder – Redacted Submission 27th October 2014’  can be found here:

Click to access suspected-arson-murder.pdf

The solicitor was told that two reports were produced but was not given access. The coroner and his chums at the police did NOT request the artefacts (for DNA analysis) and did not want to know details of the suspect either!

Complaints lodged against local, regional and national police representatives were rejected.

A medic claimed there was not enough blood available to conduct toxicological tests.

Psychs claimed the mother was ‘delusional’ about a daytime sexual assault on her toddler by his grandfather.

The judge accepted four Psych reports NONE OF WHICH covered the alleged pregnancy and birth in 1997!

This is the way offences related to Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) get ‘investigated’.

They do not!

‘Pseudo-Investigations’ are carried out and more often than not victims are re-victimised (like in the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska) and whistle-blowers hounded down.

SRA and extreme offending has been around for hundreds and thousands of years, and likewise its ‘cover-up’.

When are the professions and the media going to stop obfuscating disclosures of survivors and the true nature of complex trauma?

A recent survivor report in Metro gives a flavour of what it is like for one body to host multiple personalities ‘alters’ or ‘parts’:

At a Ritual Violence conference in Germany I met a young woman who got dozens of alters who express themselves only in writing!

Returning to the website of Dr Ellen Lacter I would like to point out that I signed a Declaration by Psychology Professionals that starts:

‘I have conducted psychotherapy or research with one or more individuals who have provided what I judge to be credible reports of having been coerced through torture to harm or kill other victims.’

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