‘Dr Opiate’, Harold Shipman and Hampshire Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) Shenanigans

2018 06 21st The Sun TWICE AS DEADLY AS SHIPMAN.jpg

Hampshire NHS Scandals

Hampshire is a large county that features picturesque places such as the (hundreds of years old) ‘New Forest’. Major cities such as Southampton and Portsmouth are separate administrative entities nearby.

The NHS trust in Southampton is infamous for persecuting the parents of Ashyha King who was successfully treated with advanced Proton therapy in the Czech Republic:


Southampton is also where Court Expert Dr Jo Fairhurst is based whose blunders robbed a Guildford couple of their baby:





The same Dr Fairhurst was also responsible for a similar travesty reported in 2009:



‘Doctors and social workers have an important job but in this case they’ve over-reacted on a suspicion, rather than facts. Louie had one injury, and that was accidental.’

How many more ‘false positives’ (erroneous claims that child abuse had taken place) were generated by this expert and others in the Court Expert Industry?

Unfortunately the ‘Forced Adoption and Care’ gravy train propels ‘professionals’ to cast suspicions on loving and competent parents while simultaneously ‘closing rank’ when conduct, competence and compromise concerns are raised.

Dr Opiate

Thursday’s front page news was the result of the inquiry at Gosport Memorial Hospital centred on Dr Jane Barton who the Evening Standard nicknamed ‘Dr Opiate’. The lives of many hundred patients were seemingly cut short through over-use of powerful Opiates. After 25 years of complaints and three inadequate police investigations at last the public get to hear of this scandal of NHS Staffordshire proportions. My fellow members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) produced an excellent report how Occupational Psychology can help improve organisations. In a similar vein I am trying to do my bit to expose lethal corruption and criminality in the NHS.

The Right Rev James Jones, who carried out the inquiry, uncovered almost 30 years of blunders, failures and alleged cover-ups, which leave the NHS, Hampshire Police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) with serious questions to answer.


2018 06 20th The Daily Telegraph Article Gosport scandal – Families of more than 650 patients ask, why has Dr Jane Barton not faced justice

The report found serious failings in the way Hampshire Constabulary handled the allegations with the families of patients dismissed in some cases as “troublemakers”. The former Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Paul Kernaghan, was criticised by the families over his force’s handling of the investigation. In 2006, the family of one patient lodged a formal complaint against Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan over his lack of direction and control. He retired from the police in 2008 and, after spending time with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, is now an independent member of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority.

The Sun cover made an explicit comparison with the late GP Dr Harold Shipman whose regime cost the lives of many hundred patients. It is difficult for members of the public to understand why someone would kill. It is actually difficult to understand individuals whose values are different to our own. A well-placed source told me that Dr Harold Shipman was an associate of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) groups.


An introduction to Satanism can be found on the website of The Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey in 1966.


Of course there are numerous variations including Luciferian varieties.

It is ‘illuminating’ to listen to a former Satanist regarding Occult Secrets:



1 Advance personal power

2 No objective standards

3 Social Darwinism – ruthlessness

4 Eugenics – decide who can live and who can die.   (Think of the recent Alfie Evans case and last year’s similar case of Charlie Gard.)


Use power differential to exploit and make others slaves.


An unrelated UK based organisation features an interesting paragraph under Q&A that only answer one half of the question:


So you don’t have rituals or kill babies?

What most people think they know about Satanism comes from Roman Polanski films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Ninth Gate, The Omen trilogy, and Hammer Horror films like The Devil Rides Out. It’s not surprising – those are great films- but that’s fiction, folks. We do perform rituals, but so does everyone else in their daily life. Crossing the street is a ritual in which you look both ways beforehand. Checking your email can be a ritual if you have a routine for it – do you check it in when you first wake up…with coffee? Do you play music and dance around the kitchen while cooking supper? That’s a ritual too. We ritualise life because it provides comfort and it can be a hallmark for important events of recognition, such as the ritual of marriage. The Satanic Temple here in the UK performs rituals too, but it isn’t black magic, it’s just a celebration of life.

Another occult organisation is O.T.O. where the letters stand for Ordo Templi Orientis:


The fundamental principle underlying Thelema, known as the “law of Thelema”, is quite ominous in my opinion:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under will.

On the website of the ECG, the clergy arm of O.T.O., we can find further info on the ‘Thelemic’ religion and the Gnostic Mass composed by the influential British Occultist Aleister Crowley (who made it onto the Sgt Pepper’s Album Cover).


O.T.O. also encompasses Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.), the Gnostic Catholic Church, which was originally brought to O.T.O. by Dr. Gérard Encausse (Papus) in 1908 e.v.  The E.G.C. is a Thelemic religious environment, dedicated to the advancement of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty through the Law of Thelema.

The central activity of the E.G.C. is the celebration of the Gnostic Mass, Liber XV, which was composed by Aleister Crowley for O.T.O. in 1913 e.v.  Membership in E.G.C. is available through baptism and confirmation.

Members of O.T.O. in good standing are eligible for clerical training and ordination in E.G.C.  Many O.T.O. local bodies celebrate the Gnostic Mass on a regular basis.  In some locations, no formal affiliation with O.T.O. is required to attend Mass, although visitors are expected to communicate the sacrament.

Love is the law


There used to be a temple on a farm in the south of Wales where members of the public could attend a Gnostic Mass for just a few pounds.

I recall finding on a related German site a statement that the group does not practice animal sacrifice but would not have an ethical or moral problem with such a practice. There was no comment regarding Human Sacrifice practices.

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)

In the early 1990’s there were several high profile cases of alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). I put a poster together with veteran SAR campaigner Wilfred Wong that features some of the books published at the time. Over the last few decades however it has become near impossible to have a mature conversation about such issues as False Memory lobby groups in collusion with powerful ‘Vested Interest’ claim that such abuse rings do not exist.


When I stumbled across a case involving alleged ‘toddler rape’ and ‘missing babies’ I uncovered a body of literature that is ignored by ‘mainstream’ mental health. I put together a 188 pages strong Judicial Review application the submission of which on 21 May 2013 was thwarted by inadeqaute staff at the Royal Court of Justice:


From a subset of the submission document I created the ‘Extreme Abuse Dossier’ that features relevant vignettes and some successful UK prosecutions (Trigger Warning):


I had held up two books in a Cardiff Court trying to explain that the alleged toddler rape and ‘disappeared baby’ could well be related to a Satanist abuse ring. The judge ignored me. The nextday the whole court room reportedly listened respectfully in silence when the mother was giving testimony. In the evening the mother reported with pride how she calmly explained what she remembered and even said ‘today was the first time that I thought that a proper investigation may start’. Alas – ‘Business as usual’ prevailed and the self-satisfied Council and CAFCAS representatives let the ‘Child Smuggling’ plot succeed. I should add that these people were (probably) not aware of another half dozen untimely deaths – as they ignored my communications. I since made recordings of the mother giving an acocunt of the two index incidents to suitably qualified  professionals.

I briefly described the overall setting in a poster at the 3rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) 2015 in Nuremberg ‘Differentiation of Complex Trauma vs Schizophrenia through Diagnostic Assessment of Ability and Personality Characteristics’:

Forensic Background

A vulnerable mother who escaped from an intergenerational abuse family was instructed by a clandestine police operation to delay reporting of any sexual assault on her child. An officer explored the death of a couple who had lodged with this family and the ‘disappearance’ of their new born child. The officer was also aware that the mother had reported a teenage pregnancy that succeeded from incestuous rape where the baby also ‘disappeared’, and that the colleague to whom the 14 year old made the disclosure had been found dead a few days later. Three police officers advised the mother to delay reporting until injuries could not be proven as it would be ‘too dangerous to go up alone against the family member’. Police claimed that spotting individuals familiar from her childhood would indicate that the undercover operation was successfully underway.

When the 2 year old was sexually assaulted the mother waited several weeks as per police instruction before reporting the assault. A total of 5 police officers (including a Child Protection Officer) and a Health Visitor created a myth that the mother was ‘delusional’ in flagrant violation of the professional definition of ‘delusion’ provided in the DSM-V (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 819):

‘delusion: a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone beliefs and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.‘

The judge and all individuals party to the proceedings were however aware of the fact that I had ‘blown the whistle’ on the first Psychiatrist who made self-incriminating remarks. I raised a compromise allegation concerning this NHS Psychiatrist who seemingly is associated with O.T.O. as well as the toddler rape perpetrator (i.e. the grandfather). I summarised the situation in a 2016 poster.

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster Fitness to Practice and Fitness to Regulate

In the All Wales Child Protection Guidelines there is a provision that in the case of organised crime compromise proper investigations should ensue lead by Social Services. However as we have seen in Gosport ‘cover-up’ is the more convenient option!

Do you remember the fall of Camilla Batmanghelidjh and Kids Company? Was she ‘punished’ for blowing the whistle on Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)?


UK Column exclusive: There is a Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) element at the core of this story. The massive government and media attack on Kids Company began within days of Batmanghelidjh having handed David Cameron a list (the RAINS list (“Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support”)) of alleged Satanic ritual abusers of children in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

See also: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article4487820.ece

When she wrote her recent book she received legal advice to drop the explosive chapter surrounding this document. More recently this document has been supplied (again!) to the Prime Minister’s office. With all the Brexit negotiations going on Theresa May is probably ‘too busy’.

When I came across the document I decided to conduct and present some basic research. I realised that I had talked in 2012 to the author of the inadvertently leaked RAINS list at a time when that Psychiatrist had already retired.

I put together a poster (with a link that leads to the leaked document) that, after the two book chapters that I coauthored, is the third popular item on my ResearchGate profile with 1000+ downloads:

Kurz (2015) EPA Poster The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath – Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise

I would like to share some description of the alleged group membership:


In terms of demographics the document names 235 individuals including 173 males. For 165 named individuals either a particular role in the group or an occupational field were coded.

Within the group 50 individuals fulfil entry-level roles (e.g. Messenger, Minder, Enforcer, Recruiter, Driver) while 13 fulfil high level roles (e.g. Commander, Master, High Priest).

14 individuals hold an Aristocratic title and appear to be particularly involved with the provision of venues for ‘rituals’. The roles of 16 politicians mentioned included Councillor, Secretary of State for Health, Education and Home Office as well as Chancellor. 6 police officers are mentioned including 3 Chief Constables. 8 Church leaders feature including a Cardinal and a Bishop. 4 law professionals are mentioned including a judge. 8 Journalists, 4 TV Presenters and 7 Entertainers are mentioned. 

Four individuals each fall into the professions Physician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist. One reportedly ‘does the hypnosis, using blue lights’ while another ‘Wrote many sceptical papers on SRA’ (Satanic Ritual Abuse). Two named academics in related fields investigated alleged child abuse cases and contributed to the pervasive ‘Discourse of Disbelief’.

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Minister:

‘Involved in cult in France and Brussels. Likes boys. Pays cult cash for rent boys but seems to be part of it. He ordered severe torture prior to murder of boy Kevin, aged 17, a runaway from Newcastle, who had some hold over him and was blackmailing him. Kevin was tortured and killed. Body dumped in sea, South coast, after being cut up.’  

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Health Minister:

‘Attended crucifixion ceremony (cross inverted) in New Forest early this morning, Good Friday.’ 

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a Psychiatrist:

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Haslemere/Woking. (Apparently belongs to another group but is known to our informants because he is prepared to help groups nationwide). I have had a number of encounters with him. Back in 1989, when I was working with BS, my first SRA survivor, Guildford CID called him in for second opinion. His conclusion was that I had invented the entire story and suggested it all to her, causing her to believe all the elaborate detail she had given us. This finished the police investigation on that case. He later caused considerable damage to a family in LASA which resulted in both the children being taken away from the entirely innocent mother. Both returned to her voluntarily as soon as they were old enough. He was also involved in the Broxtowe Case 1987, before it was known to be SRA rather than only CSA

This Psychiatrist was twice hauled in front of the General Medical Council (GMC) but not ‘struck off’. Why-oh-why did authorities in Norwich commission this Psychiatrist to testify regarding child abuse allegations in a Family Court case concerning the five children of Marie Black?


Here is what the leaked document states concerning a medical Dr.:

‘ls available to the group for treatment of any members who are excessively beaten etc. Also does experimental operations to practice his surgical skills. Some years ago, did bilateral mastectomy and tracheostomy on M. The latter went wrong and caused severe damage to her larynx, for which she had to have a surgical repair job in France. Voice still very husky last time I heard it.’

‘<First Name Last Name>. Aged 14. Made pregnant by cult. Baby removed for sacrifice, by Caesarean Section without anaesthetic. Despite <Dr>’s efforts to save her, she died.’

Dr Harold Shipman reportedly performed abortions for Satanist cult groups across Northern England! He was found hanged in his Wakefield Prison cell on 13 January 2004, one day prior to his 58th birthday…

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Chief Constable:

Paul Kernaghan. 12.07.07. Chief Constable of Hampshire. ln records that he has attended Satanic Meetings at Masonic Hall, twice this year.




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