May-Day: Royal Court of (In)Justice Staff Cover-up of Rape, Child Trafficking, Arson and Murder

Judicial Review Application with FEE PAID Stamp (Redacted)

The “mayday” procedure word was originated in 1923, by a senior radio officer at Croydon Airport in London.[2] The officer, Frederick Stanley Mockford[3], was asked to think of a word that would indicate distress and would easily be understood by all pilots and ground staff in an emergency. Since much of the traffic at the time was between Croydon and Le Bourget Airport in Paris, he proposed the expression “mayday” from the French m’aidez (‘help me’), a shortened form of venez m’aider (‘come and help me’).[4] It is unrelated to the holiday May Day.

As it is a May Bank Holiday I reluctantly post evidence of a Judicial Review application I submitted in May 2013 related to the case I blogged about earlier:

The phoney Legal Aid solicitor had made his excuses and did not attend ‘Court Week’. He arranged a Senior Barrister who had been on the payroll of two Councils playing the usual ‘Child Catcher’ role. She may have actually relied in that role on the ‘Expert’ evidence of the tightly knit network of Psychs who acted as ‘Hired Guns’ for this Welsh authority who likes to expand the profitable roster of ‘children in care’. It is almost impossible to find legal professionals who are prepared to challenge state power.

The day after the negative ruling the mother fled the area due to fear of ‘forced medication’ and worse: The compromised NHS Psychiatrist who seemingly is an associate of the toddler rapist could well have succeeded with his chums in a second sectioning attempt now that three Psych colleagues had rubber stamped his mal-diagnosis and a judge had ruled that the mother was ‘delusional’ about two index incidents:

  1. Daytime rape of her toddler by a stalker strongly resembling her father
  2. At age 13 giving birth to a baby girl that succeeded from (incestuous?) rape and disappeared

Strangely none of the four Psych reports gave an account of the two index incidents and what kind of discrepancies were observed. At the ESTD 2017 Conference in Berne I presented chilling evidence that support the mother’s disclosures regarding the index incidents.

The Senior Barrister refused to apply for ‘Permission to Appeal’ and instead intimidated the mother with threats of a ‘gagging order’ if she would talk to the press about her case.

By the time the transcript of the negative ruling arrived (see Cardiff Judge blog post above) the timeline for an ordinary appeal had already lapsed.

Without access to the bundle (the Legal Aid solicitor thwarted several attempts to transfer the documents to me) I set out to write a Judicial Review Application. On the last possible day I took a day off from my work, got three document sets bound and went to the Royal Court of Justice to submit them.

I mastered the first hurdle paying the court fee resulting in the stamped form that I uploaded to this blog.

The application fell at the second hurdle however when a chap with a goatee refused to receive the three folders. After phoning around a few people he (erroneously) claimed that the three binders would have to be submitted at Cardiff Court where the original ruling was made.

Was this just a mistake or calculated misconduct to pervert the course of justice?

A few months later I went to the RCJ to get the name of ‘Goatee Man’ in order to prepare a complaint. A kind volunteer phoned around and established that it was ‘a mistake’ and that I should resubmit the Judicial Review application (without making a fuss). Given the extreme nature of the case he recommended that I should send a postal copy to David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

I did not do that as I wanted to collect further evidence. It took another year to find a few brave Psychs who would attest that they had no reason to disbelief the mother’s account of Index Incidents 1 & 2.

Nobody was prepared to write about implied Index Incident 3 which was whitewashed through omission from the four Psych reports – that a police officer in Kingston-upon-Thames had instructed the mother to wait several weeks before reporting any sexual assault on her or her toddler.

Similarly nobody was prepared to write about implied Index Incident 4 – that the NHS Psychiatrist made self-incriminating remarks during a ‘sectioning’ attempt. Reportedly one of the Social Workers present remarked

You should have removed yourself from the proceedings’

in response to the 1st Psychiatrist claiming to personally know the mother’s parents and that they are part of a Devil-worship Cult.

I get occasionally (blind) copied into correspondence that provides a glimpse into the dysfunctional court justice system. Apparently a female Senior Manager leading the Court of Protection (Racket) got to run the Family Court. Was she ‘consulted’ on the case I submitted? I do not know.

What I know is that the word ‘misconduct’ featured 20 times in the Table of Content alone.

It also featured a Crime Map showing roughly location and timing of six violent death, two ‘new born child disappearances’ and three toddler rapes.

A few months later the mother recommended attendance of the first ‘Children screaming to be heard conference that courageous Maggie Tuttle organised. It was heart-breaking to hear the stories of law-abiding citizens whose children got ‘smuggled’ into Forced Adoption.

In the light of authority refusal to properly investigate matters I shared some of the Judicial Review Application information at the 2nd conference:

23rd April 2016 Family Court Child Smuggling Presentation

My 2h interview with Jo Lomax on the Conscious Consumer Network explains the ins and outs of the case:

Reclaiming Perception | Jo Lomax talks to Dr. Rainer Hermann Kurz



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