For another day: Let’s smash the Euro 15k Fundraising Target for Peter Hofschroer by 11th May 2018

Andy McCardleAndy McCardle Newspaper ArticleThe talented musician Avicii bucked the Hollywood trend towards Satanist-Luciferian imagery in his video ‘For another day’:

In it two children escape from the clutches of an organised child abuse gang and many years later exact revenge on the members of that gang. This clip may have been not so popular with the music moguls. More recently Avicii decided to stop touring and featured in a documentary that showed ‘milking of the cash cow’ as well as his health worries:

Avicii was found dead in a hotel room in Muscat the capital of Oman on 20th April 2018 (almost exactly 2 years after the death of Prince on 21st April 2016).

How many famous people were found dead in hotel rooms or in a cabin in the case of David Frost who died on 31 August 2013, aged 74, on board the cruise ship MS Queen Elizabeth? Or at home alone as in the case of George Michael?

Avicii was only 28. One year older than James Dean and the many musicians who are members of the notorious ‘27’ club.

The parents of Avicii hinted at ‘suicide’ but others suspect darker circumstances:

When did George Michael die? Christmas 2016 – about 10 weeks after his nemesis Max Spiers:

On 26th December 2004 around 200k individuals died in the Indian Ocean tsunami – the largest since around 1400.

On the same day Andy McCardle died – seemingly murdered according to this short video that describes the dodgy circumstances:

There was a newspaper article as per visual uploaded.

When exactly did the ‘woman in the river’ die who was found on 28th December 2010:.

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said the woman’s body was found in the river adjacent to King Edward Street, Blaengarw. Officers were called to the scene at 11.30am and following the discovery, the area was cordoned off. The spokeswoman said investigations were continuing but said there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

I would like to hear about this case as I got a suspect! I was making a tentative attempt to ask for crowdfunding to get a private prosecution going. What else is there left if South Wales police find the circumstances ‘not suspicious’?

Professional Standards Departments in the police could be relabelled professional whitewash departments as this is what they usually seem to do,

South Wales Police, Cardiff Police and Surrey Police failed to properly investigate. Operation Midland and Operation Conifer could not be bothered investigating this matter and the suspected arson murder across the Irish Sea,

It has become clear to me that there are untouchable people out there who are shielded by authorities from proper investigation and that framing of the innocent is rampant.

Notorious Portsmouth politician Mike Hancock made it onto the RAINS list where it says:

Mike Hancock. MP for Portsmouth. Lib. Dem No details about him re cult involvement.

In the case of the Norwich three the criminal case was brought after police had unsupervised access to the house of Michael Rogers. Apparently they retrieved two dresses of Marie Black’s girls and also a used condom. Apparently sperm was found on the dresses. Did an officer perhaps ‘mistakenly’ mix these items in a single evidence bag? When it came to the trial Michael had slipped from No 1 suspect/accuse to a much lower ranking as a government expert reasoned it may be due to the washing machine …

This long prelude is designed to raise YOUR understanding of the importance of raising 15k Euro (if possible by 11th May 2018 – check for updates) so that the one lawyer who is prepared to challenge the Austrian establishment can try to get the ridiculous ‘convenience’ decision of judge Stefula that deprive Peter Hofschroer of his freedom.


Here are some more news items (in German) about the controversial Psychiatrist Walzl:—Qualitaet-kann-nicht-gut-sein–10952429


I was asked whether I can recommend a Psychiatrist in Austria. I can only recommend to avoid:

  • Dr Peter Scheer
  • Dr Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer
  • Dr Gundl Kutschera
  • Stefanie Erker-Kutschera
  • Egon Laupert
  • Kathrin Ruth Scholz-Lauppert

Please give generously to achieve a 15k Euro target so that one of the few lawyers in Austria who is prepared to challenge The Establishment will take on the case of Peter Hofschroer and arrange a competent Psychiatrist examination. Use the link below to donate:


PS: Peter relayed that officially two Psychs are needed to examine someone in person before they can be ‘sectioned’ and that a review is due every 3 months.   Graz Establishment however do not play by the rules of free and open society!

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