Whistle-blower ‘wal(t)zed off’ by Austrian Psychiatrist Prof Dr Manfred Walzl: Crowd-fund the escape of Peter Hofschroer from Sigmund Freud Klinikum in Graz

Andy McCardle jpeg

Whitle-blower Andy McCardle was seemingly tortured and killed in the Psychiatric facility ‘State Hospital’ in Carstairs/Scotland on 26th December 2004:




A similar fate awaits Peter Hofschroer at the Sigmund Freud Klinikum in Graz – unless YOU do your bit (urgently) to help him escape.

Here is Peter’s statement dated 23rd February 2018:

Peter Hofschroer Statement 23 Feb 2018

Here is a description of some Psychiatry abuse incidents that eerily mirror some of the Andy McCardle persecutions:

Hofschroer letter re psychiatric abuse

Here is what his supporters circulated:

Dear Sirs

 Acclaimed author and historian, Peter Hofschroer, who specializes in the Napoleonic Wars (http://military.wikia.com/wiki/Peter_Hofschr%C3%B6er) has been held in an Austrian mental hospital unlawfully for months.


 A fraudulent psychiatric report was written by a psychiatrist who has never examined him. It was written for the benefit of Judge Dr. Martin Stefula by Dr. Manfred Walzl. Dr. Stefula had targeted Peter for mental health sectioning some years before, just as Peter was using legal channels to fight back against the crime operation being conducted by North Yorkshire Police, and York Social Services. It was intended to stop him then, but Peter and Barbara fled to Germany, where Barbara was later kidnapped by the criminal organization.

The then 85 year old (now 89 year old) wheelchair-bound invalid was ill and bedridden at the time. German police wrenched her from her bed and pepper sprayed her. On hand were York Social Services and the social worker ringleader, Robert Hofschroer – a mere teacher of deaf people, whom witnesses say was commanding the entire operation, and others – such as British Military Police based in Germany.


It is imperative that we raise funds to get him out of the Sigmund Freud Klinikum in Graz, Austria using legal channels, immediately.


This is all part of a transnational serious organized crime operation which is suspected of child trafficking. They have operated between the UK, Austria, and Germany, and have involved criminals employed by police and social services. There is a suggestion that there might be possible links into India.


The criminals wish to silence Peter, who says he has knowledge of links into the ‘Jimmy Saville’ international network, and have also targeted his house in Austria for theft. They have already stolen his mother, Barbara’s, house in York, UK and kidnapped her.


Will you please publish this letter, share the following links online, and encourage people to donate as soon as they possibly can? It is imperative that he has honest legal counsel that is not working directly for the courts, and therefore in opposition to Peter.






Although not up to date, because Peter has not had access to his Grandma B website for years, many details are posted here 




We thank you in advance for your support.


Yours faithfully,


Supporters of Peter Hofschroer


The case has been subject to parliamentary questions:



Unfortunately the records do not go back to 2012. However I found intriguing the first question recorded:


Expert Evidence



To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, in the light of the allegations made regarding expert witnesses in the BBC Panorama programme Justice for Sale, broadcast on 9 June, they will review and publish a list of the occasions on which the expert witnesses identified in that programme gave evidence under oath in criminal trials since June 2010.


Answered by: Lord Faulks

Answered on: 30 June 2014



Undercover: Justice for Sale?



Expert witnesses who give evidence in court are a vital part of our legal system. They are supposed to act in the best interests of justice and not just help their clients. Yet an undercover investigation by Panorama has found experts in handwriting, CCTV analysis and animal behaviour prepared to help clients hide the truth in breach of their professional obligations. And, as reporter Daniel Foggo discovers, it follows the government’s failure to act on calls from the Law Commission for tighter regulation of court experts.






A specialist agency founded by two guardians has got an opinion on this as well:


Strangely ’About us’ does not reveal the ownership of the company – I find a hint in one of the staff profiles:



…joined Carter Brown in 2005 before the Company was acquired by Core Assets

Now what kind of ‘assets’ is Core Assets into? Have a read through the job advert:


Foster Care Associates

Placements Officer



Foster Care Associates (part of the Core Assets Group) is an award winning Independent Fostering Agency. We are looking to recruit a Placements Officer


In the person specification it says:

  • Experience of working in a sales/marketing/business development role




“Core Assets Group can now integrate the hugely specialised expert witness services of Carter Brown to offer a broader and comprehensive spectrum of services to meet increased customer demand in the UK and overseas.”

Core Assets Group was founded 18 years ago and now operates in ten countries with a turnover in 2010 of £149.5m. It provides a range of services across the social care sector, including foster care, family intervention and support, as well as recruitment and resourcing.

Sounds like ‘fostering is big business’ (which explain the ‘asset stripping’ of large families as practiced all-too-frequently in family courts)!


Back to Professor Manfred Walz.


Apparently he wrote a best seller ‘Jungbrunnen Bier’ (‘Youth Fountain Beer’) in praise of the liquid and extolls the virtues of beer on you tube:


In a more serious contribution where Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfred Walzl is warning against overuse of   Benzodiazepin because of dependency risk:


Being in a privileged position Walzl is in a position to influence many students and recruit ‘like-minded’ individuals for the clinic.

We can learn a bit more from this article:


Walzl writes about 365 assessment reports for courts EVERY YEAR. Apparently 63% of all Psychiatry courts reports in Austria are provided by just 5 individuals!

Unbelievably ‘distance assessment’ without even talking to the person ‘assessed’ is acceptable in Austria. Furthermore even Psychologist can ‘section’ individuals.

Here Walzl was involved in (attempted) storming of someone’s flat (child snatching?):


Comments make reference to ‘Structural Fascism’, profiteering and an authority cartel.

Grandma P posted on Juli 24, 2013 um 6:38 pm :


There is frequent reference to North Yorkshire Police. In their territory lived the disgraced DJ Jimmy Saville. Only after his death it came out that he had abused hundreds of children – some just 4 years old.Numerous police complaints had been made but ignored by authorities!


More cases of Austrian authority abuse of power (Court of Protection Racket kind of things) with a central role played by Walzl:


A 26 page manuscript on how the inadequate mechanisms work:



Interesting background info on the Nazi past of Graz can be found here:



Over the years, Austria has become a perfect “Potemkin village,” having harbored the elite Nazi academy of physicians and psychiatrists during World War II in the city of Graz, Styria (SS-Ärztliche Akademie Graz), and currently harboring perpetrators behind the facade of a western democratic country, a country of trauma-based mind control slavery and organized abuse on children and toddlers. Within the last few years, Austria has been home to spectacular cases of child abuse/ritual abuse slavery. Criminal abuse cases such as “Natascha Kampusch’s” and “Elisabeth Fritzl’s” were never thoroughly examined (police superintendents ostensibly “killed themselves,” thereby protecting the pedophile network operating in the country). While international whistleblowers were already talking decades before about Austria as a centre of ritual-initiation and of research of ritual abuse, in Austria even ritual abuse still is officially “unknown”.

I heard a story about a Psychiatrist who was caught committing financial fraud in the ‘Schilling’ period before Austria became part of Euroland.  In exchange for having the prosecution dropped he reportedly agreed to write (biased) court reports for ‘The Establishment’. I wonder what the name of that Psychiatrist is?

Rumour has it that this Psychiatrist is also in the pocket of the ‘beer industry’!

Back in the UK the roles of the ‘State Hospital Carstairs’ and the ‘Sigmund Freud Klinikum’ in Wales seems to be carried out by the Caswell Clinic in Bridgend responsible for persecution of Maurice Kirk amongst others:




The disgraced Tegwyn Williams does not seem to work there anymore:




However three of the currently serving NHS Psychiatrist were involved in covering up a serious series of offences:


Kurz (2017) EPA Poster Bridgend ‘Bebo Suicides_ and Ritual Violence in Wales


Kurz (2017) EPA Poster Fitness to Practice and Fitness to Regulate

Please donate on the page below so that an upright Psych and a competent solicitor can be commissioned to get Peter’s escape underway:





2 thoughts on “Whistle-blower ‘wal(t)zed off’ by Austrian Psychiatrist Prof Dr Manfred Walzl: Crowd-fund the escape of Peter Hofschroer from Sigmund Freud Klinikum in Graz

  1. Great blog and sympathy for whistleblowers who become psych victims!

    Psych victimization is the easiest way to discredit and ruin a person today. It’s worse than the criminal system, since it doesn’t need “beyond reasonable doubt” for evidence. All it is, is a slanderous hunch…

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