Freedom of Speech in Leicester: Cancelled

BPS Annual Conference in Brighton 2017 'Session Cancelled'

On 20th April 2018 David Icke was due to speak at the Athena in Leicester.

A conference venue with a twist’ or rather ‘a twisted venue’?

What prevented the appearance of David Icke (that was meant to be filmed)? No, it was not due to ‘abduction by aliens’ or similar. It looks like two provincial police officers fell for the manipulations of ‘vested interests’:

The subject line alerting me to this said:

‘Now Icke Censored, Its Getting Serious.’

Watching the clip I was relieved that this was seemingly ‘only’ a provincial farce involving a knob or two. A cancellation has also been reported from Norwich – a centre for authority misconduct and child snatching.

However watching the excellent video of David Icke prompted reflection on Leicester. David Icke says in the clip he was born there. I know he became a football professional and that Leicester won the Premier League title in 2016.

Was Leicester not the city of the late Labour MP Jenner whose alleged activities prompted the creation of an additional strand in the IICSA inquiry? The city that disgraced MP Keith Vaz represents? Was this not the city where there was a major case of alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) around 1990 where police officials blackened social services workers who found evidence for SRA of the same kind that lead to successful prosecutions in nearby Nottingham? The resulting controversial ‘jet report’ used to feature on the pages of the British False Memory Society (BFMS), a pressure group founded by parents accused of incestuous abuse, before a ‘clean up’ removed some of the worst disinformation.

A complaint was made to the Ethics Committee of the British Psychological Society (BPS) against BFMS associated Psychologist that was dismissed under the ‘freedom of speech’ banner. I reported on some of the shenanigans surrounding false memories and beliefs in my recent ESTD paper in Berne:

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets & BPS Guidelines

Interestingly the head office of the BPS is located in Leicester.  The organisation’s representatives routinely promote False Memory propaganda and suppress critical thinking. For example I posted a substantial reader’s letter that was ‘purged’ by the editor of The Psychologist who refused to publish it (even when shortened). Fortunately some brave Psycologists published the piece in the South West Review:


BPS South-West Review 2017 Winter Edition (RK Article Pages 14-17) Role of psychologists as expert witnesses in family court proceedings

Having alerted the BPS leadership over several years to allegations of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’ I had been advised to contact the Health & Care Profession Council (who ruled that my submission did not meet their ‘Standards of Acceptance’) and the national police complaints authority who decided NOT to investigate a suspected arson murder in spite of suspicious artefacts such as a drug bottle, a car indicator (SEAT Arosa Mark 1), a drink container and an odd (possibly incendiary?) device. These items, that raise the suspicion of arson murder and hope for a successful investigation, had been ‘over-looked’ by half a dozen officers.

Do not attribute to malice what could be attributed to stupidity’ is an old adage. I formally contacted the coroner who recorded an Open Verdict through a solicitor with a request to order a proper investigation. Apparently two internal reports were written but nothing released to me. The items are in safe storage but I gather from a retired DCI that DNA traces decay over time! Local, regional and national police authority representatives simply refuse to investigate! Anyone out there up for crowd funding a Private Prosecution?

I decided to develop relationships with Psychologists working in the field of Complex Trauma with view to organising a Symposium. The top people in the field were unavailable but I found two Psychologists with credible backgrounds who prepared interesting papers. Furthermore I invited an advocate who thoroughly researched extreme child abuse including tax-payer funded ‘MK Ultra’ operations outside the UK.

Given the sensitivity of the topic I asked all presenters to send me their draft slides for initial vetting and subsequent sharing with the group of presenters. At this point one of the presenters started to agitate against the fellow advocate presenter. Behind my back this Psychologist roped in half a dozen supposedly trauma-aware Psychologist who ‘swallowed’ the story that some of the content could cause ‘upset’. Rather than specifying which slides ought to be ‘defused’ or taking up my offer to discuss this face-to-face the presenter used highly irregular channels to get the Symposium ‘pulled’ 10 days before it was due to take place.

I immediately lodged a complaint against the BPS Senior Manager involved which features my 17 conference posters related to the above case as appendices A to Q.

2017 05 01 Complaint against BPS Senior Manager (anonymised)

I am pleased to report that since the complaint three senior representatives of the BPS left the organisation. However a ’Trustee’ of the BPS who ordered the cancellation of my symposium remains in post.

The question arises:


Good news that you can attend a session with the remarkable abuse victim advocate Magister Andrea Sadegh free-of-charge on 28th April 2018 in Glasgow!


Keynote Speaker Andrea Sadegh Saturday 28th April 2018 in Glasgow



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