Nice! Exposing Child Sexual Abuse & Satanist Ritual Abuse

I Love Nice

It is nice to read a brand new book ‘Child Sexual Abuse: Moral Panic or State of Denial?’ by Psychology Professor David Pilgrim the first chapter of which can be previewed here:

Just two chapters into it I am amazed by the thoroughness of the account of Child Sexual Abuse scandals in the UK involving ‘The Establishment’ over the last 50 years. He even ventures abroad to cover the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium quoting an excellent article that had appeared in the Guardian:

I also referred to the Dutroux scandal in one of my posters at the Nice conference of the European Psychiatry Association (EPA). I enjoyed great views from my Airbnb next to the venue as well as excellent food and drink provision. Viewing my poster on torture and extreme abuse will probably spoil most people’s appetite:


In the poster I feature a chilling ‘torture’ type described in the Dutroux Guardian article that matches exactly the disclosures of s survivor in South Wales. It also outlines some of the Extreme Abuse Survey results drawing in part on the excellent research of Magister Andrea Sadegh:

The drawing in the poster was done by gifted artist Lynn Schirmer – a survivor of unspeakable torture and human experimentation who provides insight into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and intriguing information about alleged torture perpetrators and their relationship to False Memory groups:

‘The investigations into Nazis brought to the U.S. were as inadequate and compromised as the Congressional hearings of CIA and Intelligence abuses during the 70s and we will never know the full extent or the real legacy of these projects.’

I heard a lot about Nazi doctor Mengele shenanigans and ‘Operation Paperclip’ involving the Vatican. More recently I looked up the birth date of a vicar’s daughter following a ‘Q’:

Chilling stuff as such but even more disconcerting that Psych professionals are seemingly central to the cover up.

Ralph Charles Underwager was an infamous Psychologist providing testimony for the defence in many child sexual abuse cases until he was forced to resign from a False Memory association as he was accused of being a supporter of pedophilia because of controversial statements he made, including those in an interview to Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia.

I had heard that the father of a world famous actress was said to be involved in Trauma-based Mind Control. It turns out that he was a ‘well-respected’ academic Psychologist ‘down under’:,6918

On 7th September2014 Anthony Kidman died of a ‘heart attack’ in Singapore. What is undisputed is that, at the time of his death, Kidman was under investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the Psychology Council of NSW and, presumably, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, as well as the police. He died a few weeks after Fiona Barnet, who had reported Kidman’s offences to health professionals since 1986, went public with her memories providing chilling illustrations of incidents such as this:

‘Prostituted by the Australian government to RICHARD NIXON at RAAF Fairbairne military airport, Canberra. Operation Attest refused to investigate this incident. They promised to at least investigate and tell me whether or not there was a centrifuge at the base, used to train pilots in – to validate my memories.’

Similar accounts have been provided by Cathy O’Brien with regards to US politician involvement and also by Brice Taylor.

Allegations against the late Billy Graham have emerged (I think one of the 9 adults making allegations against Cliff Richard said offences happened at a Billy Graham rally):

In the UK the late Prime Minister Edward Heath and many other politicians across the spectrum have been implicated in Child Sexual Abuse (some also in SRA and Mind Control):

In June of 2016 BB C NI’s Spotlight exposed the aberrant crimes of Dr Moris Fraser, a psychiatrist who specialised in child psychiatry who is still alive.


I had a poster with Declan Howard outlining his self-healing technique that may be useful for other survivors. We incorporated a download link and featured some of his ‘part-processed perceptions’ (‘Recovered Memories’) of trauma-based mind-control he was subjected to that emerged a few years ago.


Declan expanded on this issue:

‘Unprocessed perceptions is Alison Miller’s explanation, where she suggests that the events weren’t processed at all. However clearly I was conscious otherwise I wouldn’t have the memories, and I must have processed the experiences, as a damage limitation strategy, by alter formation, or living them in an alter with a dissociated consciousness, who is shielded from my waking consciousness by amnesic boundaries. Memory return is part of damage repair. Maybe the phrase ‘dissociated memories’, or the ‘recovery of dissociated memories’ is more accurate.’

I am delighted that Wilfred Wong, who has courageously been exposing Satanist Ritual Abuse for 25 years, agreed to co-author a poster on evidencing Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). We provide many URLs and showcase several books that provide an outline of these grim matters. The most informative books were published in 1991 before a systematic effort succeeded in brushing SRA under the carpet. It has since become a ‘taboo’ topic with career-threatening and ending sanctions imposed by ‘The Establishment’.


Insider information on the notorious Satanist Colin Batley who was jailed for CSA  can be found here:

In another poster I revisited the excellent 1995 BPS Survey of the BPS ‘Recovered Memories’ Working Group which found that 15% of Psychologist who replied had encountered disclosures of SRA. It is odd however that nobody bothered defining or describing what happens in SRA cases. Consequently I outlined the Extreme Abuse Survey results.


Prof Pilgrim’s book covers Peter Hayman of PIE notoriety. I read a survivor account of an individual who as a toddler was anally raped by Peter Hayman.

‘I remember being taken to a sitting-room, by <Cult Father>, we would have been in London before going <abroad>. There was a table and chairs, (sofa, drinks cabinet, sideboard?), pictures on the wall of flowers, a boat. I was naked and cold, on my elbows and knees, my hands tied to my ankles and my mouth taped. The carpet was dirty and smelled, pale beige/grey. There was a group of gentlemen. The voices and smells and sights were like a gentleman’s club. Cigars, tumblers of whisky and suchlike, posh voices and laughter, throaty and guttural. From time to time one of the gentlemen would kick me as he passed or finger my anus or penis causing me pain. I remember one of them clearly leering at me with his high forehead, jowly face, and curly black hair on the side of his forehead. I identify that man to be Peter Hayman. I was still very young and really shone.’

The survivor explained:

‘This incident is important to me because I recognised Hayman’s face from a clipping about CSA as being the man I had encountered, and found that in 1969, which is when I date the incident, he did work in a building of the style that I had remembered (the FCO), and also in an earlier photo of him he had hair like I remembered too.’

I pondered the Nice terrorist attack when I walked along the Promenade des Anglais and when I spotted one poster at the conference dealing with the trauma aftermath. High time to properly investigate Mind Control!




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