Hampstead, Norwich & ‘The Adams Family’

I was intrigued to read in The Guardian about an odd case in Hampstead where a wealthy and reclusive author and photographer called Allan Chappelow, aged 86, was found dead in his home:


A 45-year-old Chinese exile called Wang Yam, a grandson of Ren Bishi (Mao’s third in command), and son of a Red Army general, was caught using the details of the deceased to make financial transactions.

There are serious questions about the judgement of this individual who managed to start and bankrupt two businesses within a decade. ‘As a thief, Wang was as sloppy and inefficient as he was in business, even using the stolen card to pay a small bill at the nearby Curry Paradise, not far from Chappelow’s house.’

However it rings hollow that this person was convicted of murder of Chappelow without evidence. It gets darker when we hear that various politicians signed “public interest immunity (PII) certificates” – demands for court gagging orders to ensure that the case is held in secrecy so that the defence of the accused would not become public. Apparently Wang Yam was arguing that he was a MI6 informer and made shady financial transactions on behalf of his handlers.

A neighbour bravely attested later to a marauding gangster menacingly going through his post box mail with police curiously disinterested in matters.


It gets darker still in that a different neighbour came forward giving evidence that he saw Chappelow participate in sadomasochistic rituals at Hampstead Heath.

‘Meanwhile, another man, Peter Hall, on reading of the renewed interest in the case in the Camden New Journal in 2015, also got in touch with Wang’s lawyers. Hall said that, between 2000 and 2006, he was a regular visitor to a place on Hampstead Heath known as the “spanking bench”, and a participant in the sometimes violent sexual activities that went on there by night. At the time of the murder, in late 2006, he had seen Chappelow’s photo in the press, and had recognised him as a regular visitor to the bench, whom he knew as “Allan”. Hall took no action at the time, as Wang had already been arrested and the case seemed to be closed. But after reading the 2015 coverage, Hall contacted Wang’s lawyers and told them that on two occasions he had seen Chappelow depart from the bench with much younger men. This raised another possibility for Wang’s defence. If Chappelow did indeed meet strangers on the Heath, might he have brought one of them back to his house?’

The spanking bench reportedly is frequented by individuals with masochistic tendencies who enjoy being beaten and those with sadistic tendencies who like to beat others. If ‘Allan’ enjoyed these kind of relationships he may well have taken home some of his ‘friends’. Certainly the DNA of Wang Yam did not match the cigarette stubs found near the deceased.

Wang’s legal appeal was quashed in December 2015 by the Supreme Court, which ruled that there was a danger of the details of Wang’s defence being leaked by the European judges – whatever promises they might make to keep them secret.


‘In July last year, Wang’s case was heard by the court of appeal, led by Lord Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Sweeney and Mrs Justice May. The appeal court thanked both Bean and Hall for their evidence but ruled that the trial jury had “clearly concluded that the web of activity undertaken by (Wang Yam) in relation to the deceased’s identity and accounts was so thoroughly interwoven with the murder itself that he, and only he, could have been responsible for the latter”. They said they could not find any respect in which the new evidence could have changed jurors’ minds.’


I remember a fleeting visit to Hampstead Heath where men were pacing around in an odd style (‘Cruising’?). Later I read about the adventures of the late George Michael cavorting there with a truck driver who had come up from Brighton. I came to the area toward the end of my 2 years stint attending weekly classes at the ‘School of Economic Science’:


I enjoyed the philosophy and ’being in the moment’ (mindfulness) exercises designed to calm and anchor the ‘discursive mind’ in the here and now. I stopped going as further attendance was linked to donating one week’s salary – with promise of a personal mantra in return. By that time the social gathering in the pub had become the main focus so I gave it all a miss. When I attended with a German visitor a session in their Hampstead mansion we afterwards debated whether the groups is harmless or utterly sinister with extreme brainwashing skills.

A lot has been written about an alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) cult operating in Hampstead. I am delighted to report that I got congratulated by ResearchGate that my EPA conference poster on this topic has been downloaded 100 times and make it herewith more widely available:

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

In the poster I compare the ‘discourse of disbelief’ surrounding the Hampstead case with the ‘make belief’ blackening of Marie Black and her two former partners (who never met each other before being dragged into this ‘case’). The children of Marie Black in the Norwich Three case were taken into care under a Voluntary Section 20 arrangement when Marie found herself homeless after a relationship breakup. Rather than supporting her with proper accommodation and school transport the Council put her and her 5 children up in two B&B rooms – without cooking facilities etc. When she had organised 4 bedroom house the authorities refused to return the children. When after 8 months (!) yet another judge was ordering the return of the children to their mother ‘out of nowhere’ massive allegations were put forward by the Council of an abuse ring with 40+ members including teachers. Strangely none of the teachers were ever interviewed and the investigation quickly homed in on family and friends. Is it coincidence that Marie Black and partner Joe Ollis had previously won back their daughter Luna who had been ‘kidnapped’ from France by Norfolk SS?


Jason Adams, father of four of the children, and members of Marie’s family were hounded by the public as Norfolk police had released details of the case including the addresses of the accused. ‘Trial by Media’?

I decided to upload to this blog a short biography that Jason Adams composed. It outlines the time scales and context of the case. He covers the offences for which he spent one year in prison. He outlines the content of Anger Management programmes and how they helped him.

2016 November 13th Jason Adams Short Biography & Self-Reflections on Anger Management

Some months ago a CCRC application was made as the Norwich Three protest their innocence with respect to the heinous offences they have been accused of and received lengthy sentences for.

2017 August 15th Jason Adams CCRC Submission Excerpts

A fellow advocate forwarded me a note reportedly from a UK Social Worker which may (or may not) relate to the ‘Norwich Three’ case:

Dear <Advocate>

I am a child protection social worker. I was a primary school teacher.

I have listened to all your talks but because I live in the <                      > UK have sadly been unable to come to any of you conferences as they are too far away from me.

The reason I am writing is to inform you in case you are not aware of the social services scandal going on that links to your work.

Basically social service was never a science. I forget the man’s name but the government asked the universities and the Tavistock institute to make social services a science. This man was a paedo…..this links into the governments PIE…(paedo information exchange) the government operates and funds…..this then all links into all the children wrongly being taken at birth and into care.

All the databases are used and tracked against families…..they allow the people at the top to target vulnerable families to remove the children!

NO parent has a right of reply what so ever…against what a social worker writes! So the manager and social worker can play God…Initial case conferences are a stitch up from the moment anyone walks in the room. The decisions have been made behind parents’ backs!!! Sometimes with no real proof at all!

Then if you really want to get a child destroy a family you ask for a psychology report the psychologists get £5k a report…these reports are cut and paste and see the families for all of 10 min…..the solicitors and the judges all make money too…and all decisions are made behind closed doors and the scandals going on are huge!!!!

On top of this all social workers are now in the main on agency work…so government companies make money out of these contracts…each social worker has 30-34 cases and work a 37 hour week…so use the maths…no decent supportive/preventive work and keeping families together is going on at all…..it’s all about child grabbing!

The managers have 400 cases…no supervision is going on….and all the reports are poor/inaccurate and dire!!! What everyone is doing is jumping counties so they do 3-6 months at one and when it all gets too much they jump ship to the next…so all the mess is piling up and the true scam being hidden.

This then links into all the private adoption agencies who are offering £k’s to adopt a child it’s become a supply and demand industry. Hence we call it the SS…it’s based on BOWLBY THEORY OF ATTACHMENT….remove at birth so no emotional bonds are formed….traumatise the children at 3 and 6 ..then you can fracture their minds. 

Those children in the old care homes run by nuns or the likes of ELM TREE guest house…were ‘free-for-all’ for the elite paedo/satanic rings. They were also used by the secret services ..who use children for entrapment purposes to film rich/famous and politicians and blackmail them…these children are the MK ULTRA Sex slave children! Who are cared for by paedos and worked!

Then you have the immigration arm of this vile international paedo/satanic scam…the new children moving because of deliberate war…then get stolen at borders and no one cares!!

This all covers up the elites satanic appetite for children/blood and babies…this is all on a very deep level a spiritual war….they invert the Bible…..(Christ is about water and save children ) they abuse children and use blood!!! The top judges…the top police….the secret services…all protect the elites…the very top being politicians/royalty and the Vatican!

There are children hidden away…used as breeders…held in cages….abused ..used in snuff films….the average child can earn someone 50-100k in these lines of work!!! The elites use SERCO as their operational front they use a live feed Zulu server via London..ie the deep dark web to communicate …sell their films…sell the children….and use bitcoin to pay for all of this. This was what the American email scandal re Hillary Clinton is about…not about emails at all…it was they were all off line doing this!!!!!

All of this links together…and should never ever be seen separately!!!!! It’s a global international lie/scam and cover up going on!

I will leave it there and I just wanted you to know I love your work just wish there was more I could do…but until humanity unites ..stops fighting amongst each other and speak with one voice I doubt global change will ever occur as there are not enough people awake.

Many blessings to you and your family and stay strong!

Recently I received an interesting letter from Jason concerning the role of juries. In the Norwich Three case the jury was reportedly told by HRH Judge Coleman that ‘abuse must have taken place’ and that their role was to decide on the perpetrator(s). Finding the defendants ‘innocent’ reportedly was not an option for this jury! I found some ‘interesting’ links concerning Nicholas Coleman (who ‘conveniently’ retired immediately after the case):

2017 December 31st Letter from Jason Adams on UK Jury System

Finally I uploaded another letter concerned with UK prison conditions:

2018 January 12th Letter from Jason Adams on UK Prison Conditions

The Halloween episode of ‘The Addams Family’ featured ‘a gang of crooks who intend to steal the family fortune‘ – I note these were ordinary criminals rather than Court officials and ‘paid looser’ legal representatives implementing state sanctioned ‘Child Snatching’ policy:



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