Norwich Conferences & Inversions

Good news at last about Norwich: the city hosted last week the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) conference organised by the Edith Ellen Foundation and the UK conference of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD).

Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Conference

Kate Blake kindly invited me to present at the MCA conference. In the run up to the event she told me how her fire fighter husband had been shafted by the refinery that employed him (e.g. forcing him to shift dangerous substances without adequate protective clothing) as well as his Union that cynically withdrew funding a few days before a crunch-time legal challenge. Following her mother’s avoidable death (due to poor care) she organised a charity to improve standards in care with the laudable vision that Edith Ellen Foundation accredited carers will become as well-known as Macmillan cancer nurses.

There were good presentations by mainstream care and legal professionals operating in the care field slides of which can be viewed here:

There were also presentations by lay people including courageous former pilot Len Lawrence who got poisoned by organophosphates (remember recent incident of flights making emergency landings as crew fell sick?). When he fell ill he got dumped by his wife, asset stripped and framed by fraudulent authority representative activity. Len highlighted how the lack of a serial number and proper registration process undermines lawful use of ‘mental incapacity’ certificates and processes:

One quote that organiser Kate Blake shared with us:

“Thank you for finding such compassionate speakers, who I believe were excellent in helping to convey their messages. I admit that when I attended the Conference I believed I had a good understanding of care and felt I could not learn anything I did not already know. I was wrong and it was your choice of speakers that opened my eyes. We need more Conferences like yours, not only to help our older people, but all of our most vulnerable members of society to get the care and the love that they deserve”.

The up-to-date slide deck of my 30 minute presentation can be found here:

I presented to 250 delegates an updated version of the slides I used at the ‘Children screaming to be heard’ event organised by Maggie Tuttle in April 2016 and at a trauma workshop in September 2016. The updates are concerned with suspected criminality and cover up.

Welsh Valleys ‘Crowd Investigation’

I coined the term ‘Crowd Investigation’ (as per slide 14) which is seemingly needed when authorities insist on ‘looking away’. I got reason to belief that the ‘Kingston Terminator’ bumped off three individuals in the 12 months before assaulting a 2 year old toddler: The half-aunt whose own son according to authority records had been buggered by a ‘stranger’ (who may that have been if there are another 2 alleged victims in the same family?) at age 2 when playing in the garden, the godmother who was found dead ‘on top of roof tiles’ in her burnt out house (with broken legs and arm) and the boy’s nursery teacher’s friend. The aunt and godmother could have jeopardised the Child Smuggling operation by advising the mother during the 6 months stalking, defamation and harassment campaign on how to respond.  In the aftermath of the assault they could have acted as intermediaries assisting the mother to report the assault in a timelier manner.

Why bump of the nursery teacher’s friend? There were anonymous calls to Social Services that the mother was mentally unwell. Apparently the caller claimed that this mother was aggressively pushing her toddler boy into his buggy at the end of each session. I remember walking through Blaengarw with a rainbow in the sky listening to the puzzled mother’s efforts to make sense of the accusation reinforced by the SS – explaining that a different mother was acting in that way. How did the caller know? Did he befriend the Nursery teacher’s friend to extract information about his targets?

In my presentation I included a ‘map’ on slide 14 that formed part of the Judicial Review Application that was thwarted through fraudulent (?) action at the Royal Court of (In)Justice. It was also included in various police submissions that have been ignored. As a ‘Crowd Investigation’ seems one of the few steps open to pursue public safety I am going to explain a few more details.

Kebab Shop: The mother disclosed that an acquaintance had ‘confided’ that someone had asked for his flat keys during his holidays. First I thought some kind of big-wig was involved but eventually it transpired that people were ‘befriending’ young girls at the Kebab shop – a few months later the Rotherham grooming-abuse scandal broke.

Drug Dealer Flat: The mother disclosed that she observed a huge car repeatedly driving up-and-down Pontycymer High Street – seemingly to intimidate a small time drug dealer who may have not paid up. Intriguingly the mother relayed that the driver resembled a guy at a charity where she had done an internship!?!

Looking through police records I felt inspired by the mother’s action to bring these incidents to the attention of the authorities. However Social Services ‘inverted’ the protective mother’s actions to keep her community safe into ‘evidence’ that she may be deluded. On a location visit 1 year later the owner of the Pet Grooming Salon stated that the small time drug dealer was sent to prison for a few months and that his girl-friend (unfortunately) was on hard drugs again.

The mother reported that the ‘Stalker’ (who closely resembled a family member who has got clay pigeon shooting rifles at home) had fired off a gun outside a nearby pub shouting ‘Come out – I know you are in there’.

A few days after the assault on the toddler the mother heard a gun going off next to her house. She called police who denied that the cartridge found on the roof was from a gun (what else?).

Intriguingly the mother told me that the nursery school teacher’s friend had been seen with the Stalker in a Blaengarw pub and later arguing outside Railway Terrace. The next morning she was found dead in a river. South Wales police stated ‘there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death’ – what an inversion!


Three weeks later the toddler’s godmother was found in her burnt out house across the Irish Sea – another obvious ‘inversion’ in that police officers simply overlooked suspicious artefacts:

One month later the row of cottages overlooking the site where the dead women was found in the river went up in flames. Coincidence? Another arson?

What lends credence to the mother’s claims is that police recorded an ‘unbelievable’ defamation incident as per slide 10. On the sunniest days of the year the mother set off for a hiking a trip with toddler and 2 dogs along the Taff trail – a dismantled railway path in the valleys. On the way she bumped into some people. Not long afterwards a helicopter landed next to her and two police cars turned up – a total of 10 coppers. What had happened? A caller reported to police that the mother was ‘sleeping rough’, ‘the baby is stinking and had been eating dog food’ and ‘his nappy is stinking’. Police found the mother utterly surprised that a horde of 10 officers had appeared out of nowhere. Police found everything in excellent order. After waiting for several hours at Merthyr Tydfil police station two friendly coppers drove the young family home. The caller was not ‘anonymous’ but reportedly requested: ‘Can police let me know of outcome’. Why has this individual not been charged with wasting police time? What did the solicitor and the social workers do with this police document that provides 100% proof that a defamation campaign was underway? Was this shared with the mental health professionals who tried to ‘section’ the mother and proffered various ‘mental illness’ hypotheses?

A dozen other stalking, defamation and intimidation acts (including a ‘dangerous driving‘ incident) were disclosed. It is plain to see that a massive efforts was made to create ‘unbelievable’ situations that when relayed to authority representatives would make the mother sound ‘delusional’.

As outlined on slide 11 a compromised Psychiatrist (‘Dr Shock’ who reportedly threatened ‘I will use ECT to burn out your bad thoughts about your parents’) lay in waiting who was seemingly an associate of the Stalker. A comprehensive compromise allegation was sent to the Council even identifying a specific cult with a ‘temple’ base at a farmhouse nearby but neither the mother nor the advocate were interviewed. However at least a ‘paper trail’ was laid and elements of the complaint made it into court papers. Nevertheless the judge and the ‘professionals’ ignored the compromise allegation.

Please send any ‘Crowd Investigation – Welsh Valleys’ information on the deceased, the cottage fire or Blaengarw to !

Some may find the thought of a serial offender who is shielded by authority representatives far-fetched. Police usually dismiss instantly the notion of organised paedophile rings with dozens of members and strategically planned ‘projects’. I counted 36+ professionals who are implicated in the ‘cover-up’ of the blatant child smuggling operation. In a document related to the Edward Heath Abuse Group (see Kurz, 2016) 235 individuals were named, in the alleged Hampstead ring more than 150 and in an alleged ring in Austria that I got some insider information about more than 50.

Inversions in Austria & Kingston

Subverting society through ‘Inversion’ is central to secret societies such as occult cults. Often abuse is carried out behind the façade of a ‘mainstream’ religion and/or charitable organisations. The principle of inversion is particularly well-portrayed in the excellent drama ‘May 33rd’ where the cross hanging on the wall is ‘inverted’ before an abuse session commences:

Film maker Guy Hibbert heard about the condition Dissociative Identity Disorder and decided to make the movie when he discovered that young women all over the UK were suffering from it as a result of ritual abuse. He actually needed therapy after making the film!

I uploaded to this blog what looks at first sight like an ordinary wedding snap where a befuddled husband holds the wedding certificate the wrong way around (the letter spell URKUNDE – the German equivalent of CERTIFICATE). Or was the geezer on drugs? Or was he showing to his mates and the world that this wedding was a ‘fake’ – an ‘inversion’?

Apparently the bride was lured into the relationship through an attractive job offer at an organisation where the potential hubby was employed. The ‘cult’ had done its research on the bride’s values and interests which duly resulted in getting the two together and the bride pregnant.

The circumstances described remind me very much of how the Kingston Terminator was brought together with his half-aristocratic wife number 3 (or 4?). The term ‘Arranged Marriage’ takes on a particular sinister meaning when individuals are brought together to ‘breed’ a child for the cult!

The wife of the Kingston Terminator ‘looked away’ throughout the marriage. She responded to the daughters allegations of abuse by her father with ‘Talking about sex is not lady-like. See that you get married.’ and threats if the topic was ever brought up again. The wife conveniently attributed the ‘Breeder Baby’ carried out at age 13/14 to her daughter ‘sleeping around in the neighbourhood’ (rather than recognising her husband’s likely involvement).  A few days after the (unregistered) home birth the parents dressed in black stating they were going to a funeral. Even her daughter’s suicide bid (40 pills – thrown up) aged 16 did not bring the wife to her senses. Neither did the assault on her 2 year old grandson when the allegation was relayed by the SS who vetted them as potential foster carers!  Unbelievably – Social Services even let the alleged assailant (and his wife) interact with the toddler in a supervised contact session. The mother was not consulted and only found out when at the next session her boy’s legs were shaking uncontrollably and he gesticulated that he had been photographed. A year earlier the boy had spent 6 weeks in the house of the grandparents thus creating an emotional bond. The grandfather made at least three bizarre comments that led the mother to conclude that he was a threat to the young family.

ESTD-UK Conference

On Friday I attended the 2nd day of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) UK conference – also in Norwich. I listened to a brilliant keynote on Compassion and networked with professionals who take disclosures seriously. At least three sessions at the ESTD conference openly addressed ritual abuse. One session involved a victim of ritual abuse who made two (unsuccessful) attempts to get her tormentors prosecuted: ‘Not enough evidence’. Where is the evidence against the ‘Norwich Three’?


‘Arranged Marriage – Made in Hell’

What happened next in the ‘sham marriage’ in Austria? The bride separated from her newly-wed hubby when he started to act weirdly (from the wedding day onwards). Cult associates lay in wait to befriend the pregnant yet estranged wife. A ‘Truman Show’ like scenario opened up once the child was born and the father started to have unsupervised contact once per months on Saturdays from 9 to 5. On his return the toddler started to act strangely and have ‘flashbacks’. He screamed uncontrollably when pictures of acquaintances were shown. The mother’s family in a different city in Austria turned out to be cult members. Even a childhood friend was seemingly associated. Authorities (as usual) ignored the concerns of the protective mother and refused to get the child properly examined. In line with the global inversion scam (Child Protection = Abuser Protection) authorities wrestled away custody for the child – ‘taken into care’ (actually ‘legally kidnapped into abuse’). A foster care couple was heavily tattooed. When the mother innocently offered in a supervised contact session to make a (temporary) tattoo ‘like the foster carers have’ the child freaked out – as he was being abused by them and threatened with ALSO being tattooed!

Having made in-depth submissions regarding suspected abuse of her child and requests for proper medical examination a Vienna judge Dr Heidemarie Mendel ordered the mother to undergo an examination by  Psychiatrist Dr Kurt Meszaros as there are concerns whether she can look after her affairs.

Dr Heidemarie Mendel — Dr Kurt Meszaros

Who is this Dr Meszaros? A look at a fringe website tells us that Dr Meszaros is known for inadequate psych assessments that led to ‘sectioning’, loss of freedom and asset stripping.

Apparently he is in an infamous network that comprises of Dr. Meszaros, Dr. Piatti and Dr. Burghardt – who was put by courts in charge (i.e. given power of attorney) of 1000+ individuals. What are the chances that Dr Burghart can remember the names of these, let alone say something meaningful about their current life?

Inversion in Norwich

In the UK the Judiciary equally likes to rely on ‘Hired Guns’. Cathy Fox blog has uncovered a lot of information about disgraced Psychiatrist Anthony Baker and how his nemesis blogger Chris Spivey was ‘punished’ by the establishment:

Here is a link to ‘Taken’ by Sue O’Callaghan – seemingly a victim of Dr Baker:

So many lives destroyed – by inadequate psych assessments?

How could the General Medical Council (GMC) fail to strike off this so-called professional? Why-oh-why did Norwich authority representatives commission this highly controversial Psychiatrist Dr Anthony Baker as a Court Appointed Expert in the case of the ‘Norwich Three’? Reportedly the judge was confronted with records of the GMC complaints against Baker but complacently replied: ‘He is a reformed character’.


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