‘Vampires & Ritual Violence’ E-Letter in ‘The Psychologist’ & BPS Obfuscation of Extreme Abuse


On Friday ‘The Psychologist’ landed on the desks of 50k psychologists who are members of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Unfortunately the readers of the ‘new look’ magazine were deprived from reading my Reader’s Letter which I posted electronically below an article ‘The everyday magic of superstition‘ in the November 2016 issue which ‘makes light’ of vampires.

When I submitted a 6 page electronic letter in summer concerning inadequate psychological assessment reports the editor Dr Job Sutton had the audacity to ‘purge’ my comment (which would only have been visible to a few of the 50K Psychologist who would have ‘stumbled’ across it):


What is the point of a ‘Comment’ function if censorship kicks in as soon as critical comments are posted that alert fellow Psychologist to dubious practices that seem to serve ‘vested interests’? At that occasion he also refused to publish a shortened version.

As a precaution I have taken a screenshot of my e-letter (in case it ‘disappears’) and uploaded it together with the article in question to this blog entry.

Why is my letter important?

Albert & Carolee Hickman were convicted of ‘Sucking Blood’ – an abuse act that is not infrequently reported in therapy but is usually met with an ‘incredulous’ response by mental health professionals.

Their conviction in 1980 for related extreme abuse was featured in Tim Tate’s chapter in a 1994 book by Valerie Sinason.

The UK has seen massive discrepancies in judicial processes. Justice Pauffley, one of the most senior judges the UK Family Court system, dismissed the disclosures of the Whistle Blower kids in the Hampstead case claiming the many disclosures were the result of ‘coaching’ by their mother:


Why would a mother (or her boy friend) coach children to make such disclosures? There is no rationale for such conjecture. From what I have read and heard some very serious investigation of matters in Hampstead is required.

Interestingly some claims have been made that Cliff Richard became a Satanist in nearby Highgate in 1957:


In 1992, a Mr Charlie Ronce, reportedly ‘a liar and fantasist’, convinced the editor of a tabloid newspaper that Sir Cliff Richard had become a Satanist at a ceremony in 1957. Ronce introduced one of the newspaper’s reporters to 67-year old Reggie Painter, supposedly a former High Priest of the Willesden Satanist Chapter, who claimed to have presided over the ceremony in Highgate cemetery (next to Hampstead). Within hours of the story being printed Sir Cliff’s lawyers started legal proceedings for libel and thousands of copies of the newspaper were recalled and pulped.

How come that the allegations of 9 complainants relating to incidents between 1958 and 1983 (Elm Guest house was raided around that time) were dismissed by CPS? Were the disclosures perhaps ‘too extreme’?



At the other end of the ‘hall of mirrors’ is the case of Marie Black who is languishing currently in HMP Ashford having been accused and convicted of extreme abuse of five children. One particular ‘story’ is that a child alleged that a friend of Marie ran over a baby with a car and that Marie subsequently put the baby into a bag, took it to her house and made children drink the blood of the baby. The police and the Crown Prosecution Service ignored the inconvenient facts that the friend of Marie a, did not possess a car and b, did not even have a driving licence. Furthermore no baby was reported missing!

Apparently the foster carer looking after the child making this disclosure testified that she ‘believes’ the child.

In situations where a protective biological parent relays a child’s abuse disclosures (usually concerning a former partner with unsupervised access to the child) Social Services tend to employ persecution ‘techniques’ that usually entail hiring a ‘tame’ Psychologist or Psychiatrist to write a report that argues that there is ‘no proof’ of abuse and that the biological parent is mentally ill, lying or ‘coaching’ the child to make false allegations. Police and Social Services join into this ‘Cabal’ chorus. On this basis a Family Court judge will rule that the biological parent has subjected the child to ‘Emotional Abuse’. My Alternative Theory 2 for the ‘Norwich Three’ case is that the children were perhaps actively ‘coached’ by authority representatives?

Why are similar situations handled completely differently in Hampstead and Norwich? It appears to me that authorities pursue whatever response favours the ‘Forced Adoption and Care’ industry!

The annual costs of a ‘Child in Care’ is around £50k. £20k go tax free to the foster carer. I have heard about PlayStations, annual trips to Disneyland and expensive pets afforded to ‘children in care’. New car and house renovations have also been mentioned (spookily similar to what happened when convicted Satanist Colin Batley of Kidwelly was ‘pimping’ his abuse victim). It is very lucrative to look after a child in care. Of course it is even more lucrative to look after 2 or 3 children simultaneously. Happy days!

A young child taken into long-time foster care can be worth about £1 Million between the foster carer and the privatised ‘Agency’ who administers the case. 2 Social Workers started an agency around 2000 and sold it 12 years later for £130 Million. Since then the value has doubled. ‘Children in Care’ are their ‘Core Assets’.

How come then that authority representatives uncritically accept nonsense disclosures of children who probably cross-contaminated each other and concocted ‘stories’ over many month in foster care, but dismiss disclosures that are in line with the literature on extreme abuse and (sadly) are not contradicted by the facts.

Unfortunately the BPS is obfuscating the truth. ‘The Psychologist’ drip feeds the position of the False Memory lobby thus grossly misleading Psychologists – rather than pursuing the BPS Royal Charter mission to ‘promote the advancement and diffusion of a knowledge of psychology pure and applied’ or ‘Promoting excellence in psychology’ as the BPS strategic plan states.


Vampires & Ritual Violence

Permalink Submitted by Rainer Hermann Kurz on Sun, 10/30/2016 – 20:22

I have to disagree with ’The Psychologist’ Journalist Ella Rhodes who wrote: ‘Thankfully, our only real vampire-related fear these days is the potential for another Twilight novel.’

‘Sucking blood’ is arguably the most central aspect of ‘Vampire’ activity. This exactly was part of the Ritual Violence that Albert and Carole Hickman (originally from Bridgend) were convicted of:


Reportedly Mrs Hickman used a ‘bejewelled knife’ to cut an eleven year old girl’s thumb and suck blood. I found a strange comfort in this very ‘simple’ revelation as I had been left wondering about the meaning of disclosures in a formal PTSD assessment session where a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) rattled off 67 traumas in just 10 minutes including ‘Drinking stuff that looks like blood’, ‘People, parents trying to go on about sucking my own blood’ followed by ‘Or trying to bite other children that’s kind of traumatic’.

Psychology Professor Chris French falsely claims ‘there is a consensus among scientists studying memory that traumatic events are more likely to be remembered than forgotten’ and argues that victims of extreme abuse should report this to the police:


However in the instance above authority representatives ‘pounced’ on the mother’s attempt to make a police report about a sexual assault on her toddler including a disclosure of giving birth to a baby at age 13/14 that ‘disappeared’ (Kurz, 2015). A cabal of police officers, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists colluded with inadequate legal personnel to wrestle custody of the child from the mother. How could that happen? Apparently a police officer set a ‘trap’ by instructing the mother, using ‘mind control’ techniques that exploited ‘twice exceptional’ ability patterns (Kurz, 2016), to delay reporting of any assault by several weeks.

Recently I met someone who experienced in California the shenanigans of what she referred to as a ‘Vampire Cult’ run under the cover of a Lutherian Church. Apparently it was a branch of the ‘Temple of Set’, an occult group founded by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, formerly a high ranking US Army officer, who broke away from Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan.

Mind Control and Child Abuse researcher Max Spiers who recently was found dead in Poland reportedly investigated the Presidio scandal that implicated Aquino and current abuse rings:


The Hickmans were previously convicted in 1982 of extreme child abuse. Their recent conviction was only achieved in a second trial which benefited from police records showing that the complainant reported the abuse in the 1970’ies. Nevertheless nowadays many protective parents (usually mothers) are hounded by ‘make disbelieve’ public sector cabals when they actually try to report disclosures of their children. They are routinely accused of ‘coaching’ their children or ‘lying’ – their off-spring gets allocated to profitable ‘long-time foster carer’ e.g. with the sister of the alleged abuser (so abuse continues…). On the flipside I got knowledge of several ‘make believe’ cases where authority representatives took children into care on spurious grounds or ‘voluntary section 20 arrangements’ only for those children to seemingly ‘fabricate’ allegations of sexual abuse by their biological family – ‘Mind Control’? Remember that a child in care costs the tax payer about £50k per year of which 40% goes (tax-free) to the foster carers with privatised agencies racking up huge profits.

Satanist Ian Watkins got convicted of sexually abusing toddlers (Kurz, 2014). Colin Batley got convicted of running a satanic cult and sexually abusing a minor. Naturally it is very difficult to investigate such cases so that these convictions literally represent only the ‘tip of the ice berg’.

‘Use of blood in abuse’ was frequently endorsed in the Extreme Abuse Survey (Karriker et al, 2015) a 307 page report of which can be downloaded free-of-charge from the excellent website of US Clinical Psychologist Ellen Lacter which also has a good section on mind control:


The strategic imperative for the British Psychological Society is ‘Promoting Excellence in Psychology’. This aim could be furthered by reporting courageously about Ritual Violence, in my view the biggest evil in society. The insidious drip-feed of misinformation that plays into the hand of the vested interests is counter-productive.


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