Who framed the ‘Norwich Three’ Marie Black, Jason Adams & Michael Rogers?


Older readers may recall the ‘Miscarriages of Justice’ related to the ‘Guildford Four’ and the ‘Birmingham Six’ who were wrongly convicted of crimes and released when authorities finally admitted that the convictions were unsafe. Having visited Marie Black, Jason Adams & Michael Rogers in prison I consider their convictions extremely unsafe.

How did I come to visit them? Well, I gave a presentation on the 25th April 2016 that can be downloaded from my blog:


I remember putting together slide 50 where I wanted to show published materials in order to talk about ‘child-on-child sex’ as certain disclosures of such nature had been made to me in private.


Tireless abuse victim advocate Laurie Matthew found that police fail to investigate such matters.

In the case of Hollie Greig authorities failed to investigate an alleged abuse ring:


When two siblings disclosed ritual violence including human sacrifice in North London authorities showed disbelief and claimed the mother ‘coached’ them into making numerous detailed disclosures:

What the Hell has Happened in Hampstead? https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/625408

Given that background I was wondering why simultaneously another force would actively investigate a seemingly similar case – minus Satanism and involvement of authority representatives.

Most of the 100+ members of the audience at the ‘Children screaming to be heard’ conference lost loved ones to barbaric Family Court processes ostensibly designed to further the ‘best interest of the child’. In reality poor legislation, policies, practices and attitudes have created a £2Bn ‘Adoption Industry’ that thrives on high throughput of ‘core assets’ – children!

After my presentation a courageous volunteer invited me to visit Marie Black in HMP Ashford having followed the case closely and having visited all three individuals in their current ‘homes’.

Due to draconian court secrecy rules that shield clandestine operations (at the expense of vulnerable citizens) I illustrate the background through a few links to public domain articles by the highly respected Journalist Christopher Booker who tirelessly brings the worst cases of ‘Child Snatching’ to public attention.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9291613/Social-workers-told-to-return-snatched-baby-to-France.html  26 May 2012

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9307113/A-baby-is-still-held-in-Norfolk-despite-judges-orders.html   02 Jun 2012

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9320905/The-baby-abducted-from-France-is-still-being-kept-from-its-parents.html 09 Jun 2012

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9383388/A-baby-comes-home-but-a-mother-remains-in-jail.html  07 Jul 2012

I recall hearing in 2012 about a baby born in France essentially getting ‘kidnapped’ by overzealous Social Workers. How come that the family of Marie, Joe and Luna was persecuted in this way? There is a clue in the article that there were incidents of ‘domestic violence’ in Marie’s previous life.

Let’s look then at what the ‘Norfolk Three’ were found guilty of:








How come that 10 defendants stood trial but only 3 got convicted of sexual abuse? What evidence was there that the children were taken to other parts of the country where they were “raffled” for abuse by others? On what ‘evidence’ was a co-defendant found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm (I heard first-hand what ludicrous allegation was allowed to stand)?


I find it utterly bizarre that there was no mention whatsoever of the widely publicised ‘kidnap’ of Luna – the child of Marie and Joe who used to be childhood sweethearts and found each other again – in the coverage of the case.

I was shocked when Jason Adams told me who came up with the ‘strategy’ that led to statements like the one shown here:


Interestingly this article tells us that Marie Black used to be previously known as Marie Adams:


I got a personal account from Michael Rogers of the decidedly odd circumstances that lead to the ‘caution for assault’:

June 9 2009: Michael Rogers cautioned for assault

It is really the 12 months that followed that matter most in understanding this ‘case’.

I have blogged on the topic of False Memories previously:


What if ‘Mind Control’ was used to get these children to fabricate the disclosures??? The False Memory lobby has demonstrated 1001 ways of implanting false memories! Who would stand to benefit?

I add to this post a touching letter that Jason Adams wrote to me following my visit at HMP Isle of Wight. Feel free to correspond with him and contact me if you want to write to Marie or Michael.

In theory a ‘Judicial Review on Fraud Grounds’ would perhaps be the best way to tackle the numerous irregularities. However getting competent and committed legal representation is next to impossible as it seems.

Judge Nicholas Coleman who conveniently retired immediately after the case made himself unpopular in a case a couple of years earlier:


It makes you wonder what kind of Court Appointed Experts were commissioned for this case? Forensic Psychology Professor Jane Ireland found that 2/3 of psychological assessment reports sampled from Family Courts were ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’:


My take is that the ‘Norwich Three’ have probably been framed by associates of the ‘Edward Heath Abuse Group’:


I wonder what Judge Pauffley would make of the ‘leaked’ document that is analysed in this poster?

Sir James Munby wonders why the number of children taken into care keeps rising suggesting that “the reasons for this are little understood”:


Vested interests!


7 thoughts on “Who framed the ‘Norwich Three’ Marie Black, Jason Adams & Michael Rogers?

  1. This case stinks of injustice. I knew from reading the conflicting statements given by the eldest child that something was very wrong here. Initially he said that no sexual abuse had ever happened and then after the passage of years made all sorts of allegations. It would suggest coercion and coaching. It just doesn’t sound plausible on any level that this is a safe conviction and I would urge the author to indeed make a documentary similar to that of “making a murderer”, such action might bring about a challenge from those interested in justice and this would definitely be in the public interest!


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