Richie Allen Show Radio Interview ‘Ritual Violence & Child Smuggling’

I am grateful that the Richie Allen Show afforded me an opportunity to air my views on Thursday 8th September 2016 in a web broadcast interview that reached up to 40k listeners across Europe who embrace alternative media channels to further their understanding of our society.

‘Child Smuggling’ Case

The YouTube recording has clocked up close to 4k views so far, a favourable ratio of 75 likes to 1 dislike and 47 insightful comments including ‘You’re a brave man Richie, and your guest even more, thank you for being the voice for those who can’t speak.’

This is exactly what I set out to do when in May 2012 I stumbled across a chilling case where seemingly police at nearby Kingston police were involved in setting up a mother to lose custody of her toddler through so-called ‘Child Protection Services’ (see slide 54):

As I listened to the various disclosures that many of my fellow Psychologists (and most Psychiatrists?) would be tempted to consider ‘delusions’ I set out to research the matter. My 20+ years of psychometric assessment experience uniquely enabled me to discern the individual characteristics (e.g. Dyslexia; ‘Twice Exceptional’ ability pattern; poor auditory memory) that were ‘exploited’ by vested interests. To do so I had to retrieve historical IQ test results that reportedly ‘went missing’ in the proceedings – the insistence of the mother that she had taken sight of these (before she got turfed out of her house and was made homeless by the Council) was brazenly positioned (‘Family Court Style’) as further evidence of her ‘delusions’ .

When the mother mentioned to me that she had a baby at 13/14 that ‘disappeared’ it became instantly clear why she was being persecuted by authorities. What if it became public knowledge that a mother claims she got ‘impregnated’ as a teenager and that the unregistered birth baby ‘disappeared’? Authority representatives across the world ‘close rank’ in such situations – they rather close down the sources of such claims than to tackle the alleged perpetrators and associated public safety concerns. Why? Because it is difficult (but not impossible) to investigate such matters and ‘The Establishment’ wants to keep the lid on the biggest secret in the world!

Last year I summarised at the Psychosomatic Medicine conference in Nuremberg the situation that developed and what psychological assessment issues are salient:

Delegates appeared very committed to their medical discipline which aims to ‘cure’ somatic symptoms that do not have an organic cause. However I found virtually no coverage of somatoform dissociations and complex trauma that frequently underpins such symptoms. Belief in psychiatric methods such as medication and Electroshock Therapy (ECT) was astonishingly strong.

 ‘Incestuous Abuse’ False Allegations Case

The 2nd case I talked about was a chilling case where a happy family with many children was targeted to strip them off their ‘core assets’.

The father had some health problems so that the family asked Social Services for help. Big mistake. Never ask UK Social Services for any help on any matter. The risk is high that vested interest will ‘pounce’ on the most vulnerable in society and take advantage.

Firstly, the SS forced the family to renovate the Council owned (!) house – burning up their savings.

Next – an ‘agency’ sent helpers as it suited their contract and schedule. One turned up drunk. One had just turned 18 and acted more like another child to look after. One seemed (relatively) ok but a bit OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – seems a common characteristic in the ‘Adoption Industry’?):

‘Better clean away this used tea cup as there could be an OFSTED spot inspection’.

What is the quality of life when ‘Big Brother’ snitches are right in your home?

Then there came the moment when the SS got the foot in the door:

The 10 year old Junior fooled around with a sister ‘playacting’ (some kind of ‘strangling’ theme). The council ‘recommended’ removal of the child from the family. I should add that the child had a very difficult birth and life threatening illness at age 2 where doctors had given up. The father found a solution and the boy – just about – survived. Two life-threatening traumas in early childhood increase the likelihood of dissociative symptoms/disorders and make the individual more open to manipulation.

Some months into Foster Care this boy started to make allegations about inappropriate sexual relationships within the family. More children were taken into care. The boy made more allegations. More children were taken into care. In the end all under age children were gone – taken into ‘care’.

The oldest started smoking dope. This was not permitted IN the care home – but was tolerated just outside. Trouble with a local drug dealer ensued and personality changes (for the worse) became apparent.

The daughter who had just become a teenager started having temper tantrums at school. The teacher confirmed that the onset coincided with her being taken into care. The Social Worker added the word ‘not’ in the report.

At sibling contact all children were vying for the attention of the parents who were accused by SS supervisors of ‘failing to control the children’. Shortly afterwards at a session supervised by three Council representatives the 3 and 4 year old suddenly ‘went missing’. They were found on the car park next to a busy dual carriageway where a child had died a few years ago.

As seems to be common Psychs wrote nasty reports on the parents. Legal advisers pushed for ‘divorce’ pitting the parents against each other. ‘Divide and rule’.

There was more disturbing news. The 10 year old son had been moved more than 5 times from foster family to foster family – as it turned out due to threats to ‘make up’ sexual abuse allegations if foster carers did not do what he wanted them to do. Where did he learn the trick from? Perhaps from the very odd SS Team Leader who had already been moved from the neighbouring city after parent complaints? The Facebook posting were very strange indicating ‘anger management’ problems and a revealing attitude e.g. pushing the view that ‘secrecy’ of family court proceedings is sacrosanct and naming stakeholder could never, ever be justified.

The boy became grossly over-weight and got into trouble at the latest care home breaking a window. At one contact session this boy stated to his father: ‘I am sorry about the nasty things that I said. They were not true.’ He repeated that to the Social Worker. Result: All contact stopped.

Cost to the tax payer: At £50k per year per child several £Millions. 40% of this money goes to the foster carer (tax-free). Where does the rest go?

Unfortunately SS and CAFCASS all too frequently use their vast powers to manipulate and silence children. It is frequently reported that legal representatives supposed to act in the interest of the parents patently help the Council to win the case. Judges claim that they have to follow the evidence proffered by SS and Court Appointed Experts – taken any nonsense at face value and ignoring the parent’s account of events.

Readers unfamiliar with the ‘inversion’ practises deployed in the courts may suggest making complaints, getting the police involved, writing to the judge etc. While on occasions this may help it usually it does not and only leads to further persecutions. Government funded agencies tend to collude and white-wash each other. A very visible example of how ‘Public Sector’ cover ups work is the case of Zane Gbangbola who died during flooding:

‘Norwich Three’ Case

Finally I talked about the ‘Norwich Three’ who were convicted of sexual abuse of 5 children.

I could not say too much about this as there are reporting restrictions.

I can say that I visited Marie Black, Jason Adams and Michael Rogers in prison and believe that their convictions are extremely unsafe. I spoke to Marie again this morning at HMP Bronzefield and got a good understanding of the time line and what seemingly happened. Fortunately local prison staff members are courteous and competent – which cannot be said about the vested interests behind the case!

You can get an idea of what happened when you recall how Luna, Marie’s baby with Joe, got ‘kidnapped’ by SS in France. Brendan Flemings came to the rescue and won the high court case against Norwich County Council:

Luna is in France with Joe and desperately missing mummy who she can only talk to on the phone 2-3 times a week. They tell Luna that Marie is held by evil people – how true!


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