Ritual Violence: Sold Out Catholic Church Conference in Germany vs. ‘LICENCE TO KILL’ in the UK

Kurz (2015) TPF Presentation – Politics and the Psychology of Abuse and Cover-up

Ritual Violence: Sold Out Catholic Church Conference in Germany vs. ‘LICENCE TO KILL’ in the UK

I just returned from the conference ‘Rituelle Gewalt’ organised by the Catholic University in Muenster. 250 delegates attended with a waiting list of 50. The 2013 conference helped me come to terms with the chilling realities of the extreme abuse scene but references to Alestair Crowley and associated satanist/luciferian ideologies were rather ‘hushed’. This time however most presenters tackled these and made overt reference to ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’.

In the opening contribution organiser Brigitte Hahn bravely laid out what kind of abuse, torture and murder disclosures are made (in total confidence) to pastoral personnel. She explained the ideological background and also touched on recent ‘Terrorist’ events (e.g. McDonalds shooting in Munich) and disasters (e.g. German Wings tragedy). She shared the following definition:

‘Ritual Violence’ is planned and systematic physical and psychological violence in the context of an ideology or view of the world.

Dr Brigitte Bosse talked about the issues from her experience as a medical practitioner and trauma specialist including discovery that two long-standing clients had been ritually abused.

Prof. Dr. Adelheid Herrmann-Pfandt provided a religious science perspective with rare insights into the reward and punishment emotions evoked through criminal acts in ritual violence groups.

Thomas Werner, Christiane Hobbie and Manuela Wasmann shared their forensic experiences in investigating Ritual Violence cases and provided valuable advice e.g. to first discuss matters with a victim support organisation and/or solicitor before contacting police.

Brave survivors talked about their exit from destructive cults who use ‘secret service’ style methods such as mind control, surveillance and intimidation to run their strictly hierarchical organisations. ‘Nicky’ described how a cult baby was sacrificed in a ritual – seemingly on the Wewelsburg which is a hot spot of German right wing mythology. She was one of the self-identified survivors who had come forward for the TV program ‘Hoellenleben’ (Life in Hell) broadcast by ARD in 2001 which raised awareness of the issues in Germany:


This broadcast lead Journalist Claudia Fisher to turn her attention to extreme violence. A few successful prosecutions in Germany were mentioned in her lecture:

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mordfall_von_Sondershausen Murder of a youngster by three right wing musicians

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mordfall_von_Witten Satanic couple murdered a work colleague

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Dietmar_Eschner Proponent of ‘Thelema’ ideology based on Aleister Crowley sentenced to 6 years for sexual abuse

The latter seems related to the ideology of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and the associated ‘Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica’ (EGC) or Gnostic Catholic Church which are organised around the ‘Law of Thelema’ as the central religious principle. The law is expressed as “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” and “Love is the law, love under will” and was promulgated in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law.

A Therapist shared with me how we had to read up on matters when a former client returned with colourful account of abuse under this ‘Thelema’ ideology.

A priest with a philosophy background shared how he wrestled with the challenge of multiple parts wanting to ‘confess’.

A victim survivor demonstrated excellent grasp of the Theory of Structural Dissociation that would put most Psychiatrists, Psychologist and Therapists to shame including that ‘Schneider’sche positive symptoms’ are actually a better indicator of dissociative disorders than of schizophrenia:


This individual has dozens of internal parts that express themselves solely in writing which naturally provides numerous advantages for developing co-consciousness and healing. I am particular grateful for her account of extremely dubious practices at a well-known German Psychiatric Clinic as well as disclosure of ‘being hung up from the ankles’ torture which corroborates such an account on page 17 in the leaked document concerning the alleged cult of Edward Heath which can be found by clicking through from the URL provided in a poster on the topic:


In the workshop by Claudia Fisher and Hanna C Rosenblatt various abuser strategies were presented many of which rang true for me e.g. I had reports of the so-called ‘Dolphin Technique’ (developed by the CIA!) of individuals occasionally popping up and sometimes even taking photos to show ‘we know where you live’, ‘Plausible Denial’ use of staged events etc. I contributed some examples on my favourite ‘Empoerungsbewirtschaftung’ (‘Indignation Cultivation’) deployed by the ubiquitous ‘False Memory’ lobby especially in the Memory Wars of the 1990’ies.

Finally I managed to express my thanks to Thorsten Becker for co-authoring and organising the ‘Extreme Abuse Survey’ which I quoted in several presentations from either ‘Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century’ or ‘Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder’ book chapters.

A few years ago I worked out from regional surveys with therapists that about 20 ‘Human Sacrifice Murders’ are disclosed in Germany per year in the course of therapy. A leading therapist receives each year 150 individual requests for help with ‘exiting’ cults – which is problematic for many reasons including secrecy vows, death threats, search for meaning and society ignorance/taboo. Overall I estimate that about 1% of the German population are sympathetic to the underlying ideologies out of which about 1% engage in torture and human sacrifice rituals i.e. about 8000 individuals.

How about the UK?

As Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley commissioned a study from Prof Joan La Fontaine and accepted the 1994 report which was widely read as denying the existence of ritual Violence in the UK.


It became the first ‘Licence to kill’ as in its wake it became a society taboo to even discuss ritual abuse allegations. Raising the topic in professional setting became career limiting or terminating. Anyone speaking up for self-identified victims of Ritual Violence is likely to face incredulity, sanctions and even persecution through HCPC and GMC who ignore Fitness to Practice concerns about inadequate Psychs acting as Court Appointed Experts but uncritically accept concerns raised against whistle-blowers or therapist working with victims. Such concerns are usually thrown out – eventually – but by that time individuals may have lost their job already or lost the energy required for this demanding work.

Somehow UK society should wake up to the realities as exposed in my March 2015 presentation which can be downloaded from this blog entry.

Colin and Elaine Batley ran a satanic cult in Kidwelly:


One of their victims published a book of her ordeal including giving birth to Colin’s baby:


Ian Watkins, former singer of The Lost Prophets, abused babies based on satanic ideology:


Newly-freed prisoner Matthew Williams collapsed after being tasered by police after killing and starting to eat Cerys Yemm, 22:


Albert and Carole Hickman were sentenced in 2015 (again!) for sexual abuse with a satanic theme:




I was intrigued to read the following which answered a question I was puzzling over for a long time in the light of cryptic victim disclosures:

‘Mrs Hickman now 64, sucked her young victim’s blood after cutting her thumb with a special “bejewelled knife”.

These recent ‘guilty’ verdicts are making no impact on the proponents of the ‘Discourse of Disbelief’ who on 5th July 2016 celebrated at LSE 25 years of dominating UK society with their entirely one-sided perspective:


A wide range of concerns has been raised about Family Court processes and abuses through Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy. All of these concerns are continually brushed aside by politicians, civil servants, professional associations and ‘watchdogs’ alike. Particularly troubling is the cavalier way that judges ignore police malpractice and uphold shady Psych assessments that claim that protective mothers are ‘delusional’, ‘over-value child abuse’, suffer from Borderline / Histrionic / Narcissistic personality disorder and / or coached children into making false allegations.

Particularly dangerous are Psychs who routinely cover-up ritual violence and simultaneously endorse and embellish false allegations against biological parents or protective therapists that seem to be the result of Mind Control techniques to implant False Memories.

A recent ruling by one of the most senior judges in the Family Court system set the case law precedent that essentially reinforces the ‘Licence to kill’ as it gives the green light for continued institutional cover-up of Ritual Violence.


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