BPS ‘The Psychologist’ Censorship?

e-Letter by Chartered Psychologist Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz posted on The Psychologist BPS website (purged by Editor)

In June 2016 I posted a six page e-letter on the website of BPS publication ‘The Psychologist’. Imagine my surprise that within 10 hours the editor ‘purged’ my posting. What is the point of The Psychologist? A medium for political point scoring and ‘cheap laughs’ or providing a forum for critical debate of serious topics that are matters of life and death?

I was lead to believe that a revised submission may make it into the August edition – alas it was apparently not good enough. Or was it rather the ‘Open Letter’ headline and the reference to ‘cover-up’ of criminality through inadequate mental health assessments?

As I am writing the insatiable Moloch that the dysfunctional family court system represents has claimed another victim.

Natasha raised an interesting issue on Researching Reform:

Consultation: Should There Be A Legal Duty To Report Child Abuse?

I agree with the principle idea of a legal duty to report but the harsh reality is stranger than fiction. As long as there is no absolute proof i.e. death, serious injury, DNA or photographic evidence the police will not do much. Even if a child speaks out (often after long periods of incestuous abuse) the Social Services representatives often simply silence the child and protective adults by claiming that the mother has coached the child and demand that the child is removed from the ostensibly ‘mentally ill’ mother, and given to the alleged abuser.

Even in the most harrowing of cases (e.g. North London) some of the most senior Family Court judges simply dismissed abuse disclosures without proper investigation.

However if it comes to Foster Parents eliciting sexual abuse allegation against biological parents ‘it must be true’ as Foster Carers are surely as infallible as social workers, solicitors, judges, psychiatrists and psychologists. ‘The System’ ensures that protective parents are ‘destroyed’ through inadequate Psych reports or worse ‘convicted’ in Kangaroo Courts worthy of a Banana Republic.

How long are Psychologists prepared to ‘look away’? My review of three BPS publications suggests a degree of complicity, complacency and ignorance. Why can we not have a debate? Are there too many vested interests?






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