Family Court ‘Child Smuggling’ Presentation at the ‘Children screaming to be heard’ Conference London 23rd April 2016

23rd April 2016 Family Court Child Smuggling Presentation


4 thoughts on “Family Court ‘Child Smuggling’ Presentation at the ‘Children screaming to be heard’ Conference London 23rd April 2016

  1. I also note the history of persecution of therapists, thru deceit like False Memory Syndrome, law suits and other prosecutions, threats, intimidations, interference with patients and therapists, false press, FMS is interesting because a patient can sometimes recoil and become very afraid when memories start to come up and out. There memories were kept completely out of consciousness so that the patient would be shocked to find out that mommy and daddy were not the nice people the patient thought. So the patient runs away, and goes into denial. This is not uncommon, even in therapy like Dr. Janov’s, who deals with trauma based patients in what he calls Primal Therapy.

    So the patient denies what came up out of them. The therapist innocently might have suggested in some cases, what was to come, since they had seen this so much before. But they do not do this now, but let the patient find out the hard way but perhaps the better way. the FMS gang use these patient denials as evidence of false memory. the memories were very real and are called in some circles, recovered memory therapy. Traumatic events are often hidden away till a safer time and circumstance come about later in life. But some patients can not handle the truth and therapists get the blem they do not deserve. There is a lot of risk and liability in being a therapist that treats Mind control and SRA victims.

    Psychology and psychiatry have always struggled with patients not wanting to face the truth in many matters. Typically called denial. We could call it delusion, too. Running from the truth. But with SRA, they blame the therapist. Persecuting therapists is one of many ways to hinder therapy. False therapists are another way to mess heads up. Most institutions like hospitals and treatment centers are the worst places to often go as the staff are on the side of the establishment.

    Consider it this way. How honest is regular medicine? Can you say Vaccine Fraud? Pharmaceutical fraud and poison? Treatments like chemotherapy that kill more than cure? the entire medical profession is a farce as far as I am concerned. And how about the agri-business? GMOs, toxins, poisons, like MSG, flouride in water, chemicals of all sorts? The whole world is corrupted and con-trolled. We are lied to, about everything. So it should be no surprise that SRA, an integral part of Mind Control programming used so heavily by secret government agencies, should engage in every sort of coverup. the last thing we should expect is honesty or integrity. This is our battle with the forces of evil, which live in all our upper societies and social strata. 1% rule the world. 10% administer it. 50% help in carrying it out. The rest of us just suffer in misery. These, of course, are my own cynical opinions, based a much reading and research.

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