Hi, thanks for stopping by. Here is an important Reader’s Letter featured in the December 2015 Issue of BPS Magazine ‘The Psychologist’

Kurz (2015) A Discourse of Disbelief Letter in The Psychologist (December Issue)
Reader’s Letter challenging the misleading ‘Alien Abduction’ narrative proffered 2 months earlier by Chris French – Psychology Professor at Goldsmith College (London).

2 thoughts on “Hi, thanks for stopping by. Here is an important Reader’s Letter featured in the December 2015 Issue of BPS Magazine ‘The Psychologist’

  1. It might appear like psychiatrists and psychologists are missing a diagnosis, but more often than not, it is deliberate cover up. In the USA and Canada, the CIA with Canada’s cooperation, have infiltrated and controlled most psychiatric and psychological services and practitioners to keep a close watch on who sees who and how they are treated. You can not go to just any therapist and get honest treatment. If you are familiar with the Hampstead Kids, Alisa and Gabriel, they were taken to Tavistock by their mother to find out why they were so full of rage and fits. Tavistock could not really find what the problem was. Imagine that! Tavistock knew full well what the problem was, but they did not bother to tell mom. Its a dirty nasty world of pure evil. Our society is full of lies and traps. Better a subject for criminology than psychology.

    What we could use more of, perhaps, are “lay” psychologists, but that has risks as well, but still less risky as I would see it. There are psychologists who have good reputations and are sought out by DID/MPD victims. But our real obstacle? its an incredible vast network of deceit and malevolence. I’d also suggest beliefs being adjusted to allow for spirit forces but most “professionals” also find that a problem, because professionals often are part of the network that hides and covers over truth. But just so as to wash my hands of any guilt, I will go on record as saying that until we recognize that our battle, seemingly with humans and human nature, really and ultimately, is a battle with very powerful and influential spirit forces, a concept that faces ridicule in our society, but which upper society knows white well is the truth, but will never admit it since those forces do not want to be revealed for what they are and what they are up to.

    But on a more practical scale, everyone needs to get well acquainted with Trauma Based Mind Control programming and DID/MPS victims, some of whom had written books or accounts of their lives. People need to realize that secret government operations are behind these things and if enough people know enough, then maybe there will at least be more help available and a greater awareness of patterns that might reveal and expose groups that engage in this sadistic type of programming or at least reveal how they cover up their tracks with plausible denial, which this article did address briefly. Well done!


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