Freedom of Speech in Leicester: Cancelled

BPS Annual Conference in Brighton 2017 'Session Cancelled'

On 20th April 2018 David Icke was due to speak at the Athena in Leicester.

A conference venue with a twist’ or rather ‘a twisted venue’?

What prevented the appearance of David Icke (that was meant to be filmed)? No, it was not due to ‘abduction by aliens’ or similar. It looks like two provincial police officers fell for the manipulations of ‘vested interests’:

The subject line alerting me to this said:

‘Now Icke Censored, Its Getting Serious.’

Watching the clip I was relieved that this was seemingly ‘only’ a provincial farce involving a knob or two. A cancellation has also been reported from Norwich – a centre for authority misconduct and child snatching.

However watching the excellent video of David Icke prompted reflection on Leicester. David Icke says in the clip he was born there. I know he became a football professional and that Leicester won the Premier League title in 2016.

Was Leicester not the city of the late Labour MP Jenner whose alleged activities prompted the creation of an additional strand in the IICSA inquiry? The city that disgraced MP Keith Vaz represents? Was this not the city where there was a major case of alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) around 1990 where police officials blackened social services workers who found evidence for SRA of the same kind that lead to successful prosecutions in nearby Nottingham? The resulting controversial ‘jet report’ used to feature on the pages of the British False Memory Society (BFMS), a pressure group founded by parents accused of incestuous abuse, before a ‘clean up’ removed some of the worst disinformation.

A complaint was made to the Ethics Committee of the British Psychological Society (BPS) against BFMS associated Psychologist that was dismissed under the ‘freedom of speech’ banner. I reported on some of the shenanigans surrounding false memories and beliefs in my recent ESTD paper in Berne:

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets & BPS Guidelines

Interestingly the head office of the BPS is located in Leicester.  The organisation’s representatives routinely promote False Memory propaganda and suppress critical thinking. For example I posted a substantial reader’s letter that was ‘purged’ by the editor of The Psychologist who refused to publish it (even when shortened). Fortunately some brave Psycologists published the piece in the South West Review:


BPS South-West Review 2017 Winter Edition (RK Article Pages 14-17) Role of psychologists as expert witnesses in family court proceedings

Having alerted the BPS leadership over several years to allegations of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’ I had been advised to contact the Health & Care Profession Council (who ruled that my submission did not meet their ‘Standards of Acceptance’) and the national police complaints authority who decided NOT to investigate a suspected arson murder in spite of suspicious artefacts such as a drug bottle, a car indicator (SEAT Arosa Mark 1), a drink container and an odd (possibly incendiary?) device. These items, that raise the suspicion of arson murder and hope for a successful investigation, had been ‘over-looked’ by half a dozen officers.

Do not attribute to malice what could be attributed to stupidity’ is an old adage. I formally contacted the coroner who recorded an Open Verdict through a solicitor with a request to order a proper investigation. Apparently two internal reports were written but nothing released to me. The items are in safe storage but I gather from a retired DCI that DNA traces decay over time! Local, regional and national police authority representatives simply refuse to investigate! Anyone out there up for crowd funding a Private Prosecution?

I decided to develop relationships with Psychologists working in the field of Complex Trauma with view to organising a Symposium. The top people in the field were unavailable but I found two Psychologists with credible backgrounds who prepared interesting papers. Furthermore I invited an advocate who thoroughly researched extreme child abuse including tax-payer funded ‘MK Ultra’ operations outside the UK.

Given the sensitivity of the topic I asked all presenters to send me their draft slides for initial vetting and subsequent sharing with the group of presenters. At this point one of the presenters started to agitate against the fellow advocate presenter. Behind my back this Psychologist roped in half a dozen supposedly trauma-aware Psychologist who ‘swallowed’ the story that some of the content could cause ‘upset’. Rather than specifying which slides ought to be ‘defused’ or taking up my offer to discuss this face-to-face the presenter used highly irregular channels to get the Symposium ‘pulled’ 10 days before it was due to take place.

I immediately lodged a complaint against the BPS Senior Manager involved which features my 17 conference posters related to the above case as appendices A to Q.

2017 05 01 Complaint against BPS Senior Manager (anonymised)

I am pleased to report that since the complaint three senior representatives of the BPS left the organisation. However a ’Trustee’ of the BPS who ordered the cancellation of my symposium remains in post.

The question arises:


Good news that you can attend a session with the remarkable abuse victim advocate Magister Andrea Sadegh free-of-charge on 28th April 2018 in Glasgow!


Keynote Speaker Andrea Sadegh Saturday 28th April 2018 in Glasgow



‘Private Eye’ Apologists for Abusers slur ESTD Conference Presenters Professor Alexis Jay and Dr Rainer Kurz

Private Eye (23rd February 2018)

Not nice! An article in Private Eye 1464 continues the magazine’s unabated propaganda against abuse victims. In 2017 I scored a hat-trick featuring in three disinformation articles deriding investigations into sexual abuse allegations against Ted Heath.

I was delighted that Prof Alexis Jay presented a key note address at the Berne conference of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation outlining the investigations in Rotherham and the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

Jay A. – The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

A few days after publication news of the Telford scandal broke:

In the Cardiff case a similar scenario emerged centred on a Kebap shop owner who reportedly asked for the keys to a flat while the tenant was going to be on holiday. As it happens this may well have been a ‘set up’ to frame the mother who had escaped an incestuous Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) family environment. Interestingly one of the main abusers in the case is of Pakistani origin but was granted British citizenship. Apparently top leaders in the Satanist and Luciferian cults decided in the 1980’ies to target Muslims for recruitment!

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) was included for the first time in DSM-III published in 1980 alongside Post-traumatic Stress Disorder – the first two disorders that acknowledge a development pathway to a presenting mental health condition. For the previous 100 years mental health professionals had obsessed about ‘controlling’ inconvenient individuals (using Lobotomy, ECT and medication) and picking diagnosis after diagnosis without properly exploring the background, social context and individual disclosures.

Nowadays referred to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) the condition tends to be the result of neglect and abuse by primary carers in the first 5 years of a child’s life. In a 1995 survey by the BPS Working Group on Recovered Memory 15% of Clinical Psychology practitioners reported that they had encountered at least one case of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA).

Andrews et al (January 1995) Recovered Memories – Report of the Working Party of the BPS

The Psychologist (May 1995) Recovered Memory WG Article

Prof Chris Brewin, member of that working group, gave an excellent key note covering the topic in depth.

Brewin C. – Recovered Memories in the Court

My presentation ‘An Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) in the British Isles?’ was part of a symposium ‘Extreme Abuse, Mind Control & Authority Compromise’. Slides can be found below (audio file available on request):

Kurz R., Desson St. – Extreme Abuse, Mind Control & Authority Compromise

Private Eye seems to have overlooked my poster ‘Complex Trauma, Somatoform Dissociations & Psychometric Assessment’ which details how the mother in the ‘Cardiff Case’ was reportedly forced at age 8 to have sex with a girl of the same age on a stage and how medical records are compatible with a teenage pregnancy succeeding from incestuous impregnation resulting in the birth of a baby  around March or April 1997 in the Kingston Hill area of Kingston-upon-Thames. The baby girl reportedly ‘disappeared’ within a few days and the abusive parents went to a funeral.

Private Eye fails to draw attention to my paper ‘Lost Memories, False Prophets & BPS Guidelines’ which outlines how False Memory associates dominate discourse in the British Psychological Society (BPS). False Memory Syndrome is a pseudo-scientific term and not a diagnosis recognised in DSM!

These slides can be downloaded from an earlier blog post:

I alerted the IICSA to the Private Eye article submitting it together with the ESTD 2017 symposium slides, my ESTD 2014 presentation and a link to the Dyslexia Conference symposium I organised in 2016:

Kurz (2014) True Traumas – Top Ten Tips for Case Management ESTD Copenhagen

Some aspects of the case, related to Dyslexia and Twice exceptional capability pattern, are described in papers 3 and 4 of the above Symposium I organised at the International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) in March 2016.

I was pleased to receive a fairly comprehensive reply from the IICSA:

2018-03-09 Outgoing IICSA-0008216

Nice! Exposing Child Sexual Abuse & Satanist Ritual Abuse

I Love Nice

It is nice to read a brand new book ‘Child Sexual Abuse: Moral Panic or State of Denial?’ by Psychology Professor David Pilgrim the first chapter of which can be previewed here:

Just two chapters into it I am amazed by the thoroughness of the account of Child Sexual Abuse scandals in the UK involving ‘The Establishment’ over the last 50 years. He even ventures abroad to cover the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium quoting an excellent article that had appeared in the Guardian:

I also referred to the Dutroux scandal in one of my posters at the Nice conference of the European Psychiatry Association (EPA). I enjoyed great views from my Airbnb next to the venue as well as excellent food and drink provision. Viewing my poster on torture and extreme abuse will probably spoil most people’s appetite:


In the poster I feature a chilling ‘torture’ type described in the Dutroux Guardian article that matches exactly the disclosures of s survivor in South Wales. It also outlines some of the Extreme Abuse Survey results drawing in part on the excellent research of Magister Andrea Sadegh:

The drawing in the poster was done by gifted artist Lynn Schirmer – a survivor of unspeakable torture and human experimentation who provides insight into Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and intriguing information about alleged torture perpetrators and their relationship to False Memory groups:

‘The investigations into Nazis brought to the U.S. were as inadequate and compromised as the Congressional hearings of CIA and Intelligence abuses during the 70s and we will never know the full extent or the real legacy of these projects.’

I heard a lot about Nazi doctor Mengele shenanigans and ‘Operation Paperclip’ involving the Vatican. More recently I looked up the birth date of a vicar’s daughter following a ‘Q’:

Chilling stuff as such but even more disconcerting that Psych professionals are seemingly central to the cover up.

Ralph Charles Underwager was an infamous Psychologist providing testimony for the defence in many child sexual abuse cases until he was forced to resign from a False Memory association as he was accused of being a supporter of pedophilia because of controversial statements he made, including those in an interview to Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia.

I had heard that the father of a world famous actress was said to be involved in Trauma-based Mind Control. It turns out that he was a ‘well-respected’ academic Psychologist ‘down under’:,6918

On 7th September2014 Anthony Kidman died of a ‘heart attack’ in Singapore. What is undisputed is that, at the time of his death, Kidman was under investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the Psychology Council of NSW and, presumably, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, as well as the police. He died a few weeks after Fiona Barnet, who had reported Kidman’s offences to health professionals since 1986, went public with her memories providing chilling illustrations of incidents such as this:

‘Prostituted by the Australian government to RICHARD NIXON at RAAF Fairbairne military airport, Canberra. Operation Attest refused to investigate this incident. They promised to at least investigate and tell me whether or not there was a centrifuge at the base, used to train pilots in – to validate my memories.’

Similar accounts have been provided by Cathy O’Brien with regards to US politician involvement and also by Brice Taylor.

Allegations against the late Billy Graham have emerged (I think one of the 9 adults making allegations against Cliff Richard said offences happened at a Billy Graham rally):

In the UK the late Prime Minister Edward Heath and many other politicians across the spectrum have been implicated in Child Sexual Abuse (some also in SRA and Mind Control):

In June of 2016 BB C NI’s Spotlight exposed the aberrant crimes of Dr Moris Fraser, a psychiatrist who specialised in child psychiatry who is still alive.


I had a poster with Declan Howard outlining his self-healing technique that may be useful for other survivors. We incorporated a download link and featured some of his ‘part-processed perceptions’ (‘Recovered Memories’) of trauma-based mind-control he was subjected to that emerged a few years ago.


Declan expanded on this issue:

‘Unprocessed perceptions is Alison Miller’s explanation, where she suggests that the events weren’t processed at all. However clearly I was conscious otherwise I wouldn’t have the memories, and I must have processed the experiences, as a damage limitation strategy, by alter formation, or living them in an alter with a dissociated consciousness, who is shielded from my waking consciousness by amnesic boundaries. Memory return is part of damage repair. Maybe the phrase ‘dissociated memories’, or the ‘recovery of dissociated memories’ is more accurate.’

I am delighted that Wilfred Wong, who has courageously been exposing Satanist Ritual Abuse for 25 years, agreed to co-author a poster on evidencing Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). We provide many URLs and showcase several books that provide an outline of these grim matters. The most informative books were published in 1991 before a systematic effort succeeded in brushing SRA under the carpet. It has since become a ‘taboo’ topic with career-threatening and ending sanctions imposed by ‘The Establishment’.


Insider information on the notorious Satanist Colin Batley who was jailed for CSA  can be found here:

In another poster I revisited the excellent 1995 BPS Survey of the BPS ‘Recovered Memories’ Working Group which found that 15% of Psychologist who replied had encountered disclosures of SRA. It is odd however that nobody bothered defining or describing what happens in SRA cases. Consequently I outlined the Extreme Abuse Survey results.


Prof Pilgrim’s book covers Peter Hayman of PIE notoriety. I read a survivor account of an individual who as a toddler was anally raped by Peter Hayman.

‘I remember being taken to a sitting-room, by <Cult Father>, we would have been in London before going <abroad>. There was a table and chairs, (sofa, drinks cabinet, sideboard?), pictures on the wall of flowers, a boat. I was naked and cold, on my elbows and knees, my hands tied to my ankles and my mouth taped. The carpet was dirty and smelled, pale beige/grey. There was a group of gentlemen. The voices and smells and sights were like a gentleman’s club. Cigars, tumblers of whisky and suchlike, posh voices and laughter, throaty and guttural. From time to time one of the gentlemen would kick me as he passed or finger my anus or penis causing me pain. I remember one of them clearly leering at me with his high forehead, jowly face, and curly black hair on the side of his forehead. I identify that man to be Peter Hayman. I was still very young and really shone.’

The survivor explained:

‘This incident is important to me because I recognised Hayman’s face from a clipping about CSA as being the man I had encountered, and found that in 1969, which is when I date the incident, he did work in a building of the style that I had remembered (the FCO), and also in an earlier photo of him he had hair like I remembered too.’

I pondered the Nice terrorist attack when I walked along the Promenade des Anglais and when I spotted one poster at the conference dealing with the trauma aftermath. High time to properly investigate Mind Control!




5 Years Anniversary of Cardiff Judge ‘Child Smuggling’ Ruling: Cover-up of Toddler Rape, Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA), and Murder


Five years ago today I was sitting outside a Cardiff court room as I had been all week together with a mate of the mother who would – most probably – loose custody of her child that day. The morning had gone surprisingly well in that the judge dismissed all allegations of ‘child neglect’ that the SS had trumped up to bolster their non-existence claim for obtaining custody of the toddler. Within the benefit of hindsight it seems to be a routine part of the ‘Child Smuggling’ operations run by Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) gangs that rely on tax-payer funded ‘professionals’ (‘operatives’?). Make up allegations, taint the testimony of the Psych experts, and traumatise the mother through ‘disbelief’. When it comes to court week this situation lets the Barrister (ostensibly) acting for the mother ‘shine’ criticising the Council and the Judge ‘looks reasonable and compassionate’. Of course the name of the game is to let the tainted evidence of the Psychs stand!

Have a read through the redacted transcript:

Court Ruling Transcript Section B1 pages 43-68 (26 pages redacted 22nd Feb 2018)

This mother of a toddler had sent a 2 page email containing a warning to people in Kingston-upon-Thames that her father had sexually assaulted her toddler in broad daylight. Authority representatives disbelieved her account as she only reported the assault after 3 weeks. Why? Because an inadequate police officer in Kingston-upon-Thames had instructed here twice in a 40 minute late night conversation to delay reporting to facilitate an ‘undercover operation’. The mother fell for the manipulation stating several times: ‘The Met police officer saved my life’.

The manipulations included ‘advice’ to avoid building social relationships and attachments as she ‘may have to be taken into a witness protection program’ abroad. It weakened her ability to activate a support network and conveniently allowed mental health operatives to smear her as ‘Schizoid’ (denoting or having a personality type characterized by emotional aloofness and solitary habits).

Furthermore the police officer asked for name and description of individuals the mother would recognise. She duly gave details of e.g. ‘the tall transvestite’ who used to be a customer in the shoe shop she worked in after dropping out of A-level following a pills overdose (prompted by an incestuous sexual assault). Seeing these individuals would be a ‘signal’ that the undercover operation was underway. Of course it conveniently enabled Psych operatives to claim that she was schizophrenic ‘imagining’ the presence of people.  Following the assault individuals she recognised were paraded in front of her usually looking rather uncomfortable and saying nothing or at most ‘Sorry’. One person seemingly was brought over from the Republic of Ireland!

To me this looked like the work of an Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) deeply embedded in the Public Sector. In the 12 months run up to the sexual assault the half-aunt suddenly passed away (ostensibly due to alcoholism). Strangely (?) her son had been raped as a toddler when playing in the garden (saw proof of that in official documents). The mother had disclosed that she had been raped by her father as a toddler. Three toddler rapes – and everyone ‘looks away’ and fails to investigate properly the most likely suspect!

The (grand)father started to turn up in the South Wales valleys having obtained her address through deception involving the protagonist’s half-brother (whose son had been buggered) and his girl-friend. Just 2 weeks before the court week the mother supplied me with Facebook evidence of their conversation as well as communications with her family backing her case. Why did police and legal aid solicitor fail to procure this information?

A close friend of the toddler’s nursery teacher was reportedly found dead. My heart sank when we went ‘on location’ and got confirmation when I asked someone: ‘Was there a strange death in this village about 2 years ago’?

I put together a poster that outlines the situation and wider context. A dozen stalking, defamation and harassment events included an attempt to run mother and toddler over in front of their house. The night before her body was found ‘in the village river’ she reportedly was seen in company of the ‘stalker’ in a village pub and later seen arguing at Railway Terrace overlooking the location where she was found. Bizarrely South Wales police found the circumstances of the death ‘not suspicious’. Why would someone end up in the village river just after Christmas other than through foul play?

I saw police records of a defamation incident where a caller claimed that she was feeding dog food to her toddler. A police helicopter and two cars chased down the young family. Everything was found to be in perfect order. You would hope that police, SS and Psych experts would consider such documentary evidence as an indication of the truthfulness of the mother’s disclosures. Unfortunately this evidence was concealed and/or ignored.

A Rotherham/Rochdale like ‘grooming’ situation in a Kebab shop and a ‘drug runner’ police report that the mother made convinced me of her ethics and determination to keep her environment safe and sound – but were maliciously interpreted by the SS as evidence of poor mental health.

The godmother of the toddler was found dead in the hallway of her burnt out house.

Six officers ‘overlooked’ car indicator, drugs bottle, drinks can and an odd (incendary?) device. Coroner as well as local, regional and national police authorities are refusing to order DNA testing of the artefacts!

A few weeks later the row of cottages on Railway Terrace went up in flames. Coincidence?

None of these ‘Public Safety’ relevant incidents feature in the ruling of the Cardiff judge who directed this case.


Hampstead, Norwich & ‘The Adams Family’

I was intrigued to read in The Guardian about an odd case in Hampstead where a wealthy and reclusive author and photographer called Allan Chappelow, aged 86, was found dead in his home:

A 45-year-old Chinese exile called Wang Yam, a grandson of Ren Bishi (Mao’s third in command), and son of a Red Army general, was caught using the details of the deceased to make financial transactions.

There are serious questions about the judgement of this individual who managed to start and bankrupt two businesses within a decade. ‘As a thief, Wang was as sloppy and inefficient as he was in business, even using the stolen card to pay a small bill at the nearby Curry Paradise, not far from Chappelow’s house.’

However it rings hollow that this person was convicted of murder of Chappelow without evidence. It gets darker when we hear that various politicians signed “public interest immunity (PII) certificates” – demands for court gagging orders to ensure that the case is held in secrecy so that the defence of the accused would not become public. Apparently Wang Yam was arguing that he was a MI6 informer and made shady financial transactions on behalf of his handlers.

A neighbour bravely attested later to a marauding gangster menacingly going through his post box mail with police curiously disinterested in matters.

It gets darker still in that a different neighbour came forward giving evidence that he saw Chappelow participate in sadomasochistic rituals at Hampstead Heath.

‘Meanwhile, another man, Peter Hall, on reading of the renewed interest in the case in the Camden New Journal in 2015, also got in touch with Wang’s lawyers. Hall said that, between 2000 and 2006, he was a regular visitor to a place on Hampstead Heath known as the “spanking bench”, and a participant in the sometimes violent sexual activities that went on there by night. At the time of the murder, in late 2006, he had seen Chappelow’s photo in the press, and had recognised him as a regular visitor to the bench, whom he knew as “Allan”. Hall took no action at the time, as Wang had already been arrested and the case seemed to be closed. But after reading the 2015 coverage, Hall contacted Wang’s lawyers and told them that on two occasions he had seen Chappelow depart from the bench with much younger men. This raised another possibility for Wang’s defence. If Chappelow did indeed meet strangers on the Heath, might he have brought one of them back to his house?’

The spanking bench reportedly is frequented by individuals with masochistic tendencies who enjoy being beaten and those with sadistic tendencies who like to beat others. If ‘Allan’ enjoyed these kind of relationships he may well have taken home some of his ‘friends’. Certainly the DNA of Wang Yam did not match the cigarette stubs found near the deceased.

Wang’s legal appeal was quashed in December 2015 by the Supreme Court, which ruled that there was a danger of the details of Wang’s defence being leaked by the European judges – whatever promises they might make to keep them secret.

‘In July last year, Wang’s case was heard by the court of appeal, led by Lord Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Sweeney and Mrs Justice May. The appeal court thanked both Bean and Hall for their evidence but ruled that the trial jury had “clearly concluded that the web of activity undertaken by (Wang Yam) in relation to the deceased’s identity and accounts was so thoroughly interwoven with the murder itself that he, and only he, could have been responsible for the latter”. They said they could not find any respect in which the new evidence could have changed jurors’ minds.’

I remember a fleeting visit to Hampstead Heath where men were pacing around in an odd style (‘Cruising’?). Later I read about the adventures of the late George Michael cavorting there with a truck driver who had come up from Brighton. I came to the area toward the end of my 2 years stint attending weekly classes at the ‘School of Economic Science’:

I enjoyed the philosophy and ’being in the moment’ (mindfulness) exercises designed to calm and anchor the ‘discursive mind’ in the here and now. I stopped going as further attendance was linked to donating one week’s salary – with promise of a personal mantra in return. By that time the social gathering in the pub had become the main focus so I gave it all a miss. When I attended with a German visitor a session in their Hampstead mansion we afterwards debated whether the groups is harmless or utterly sinister with extreme brainwashing skills.

A lot has been written about an alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) cult operating in Hampstead. I am delighted to report that I got congratulated by ResearchGate that my EPA conference poster on this topic has been downloaded 100 times and make it herewith more widely available:

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

In the poster I compare the ‘discourse of disbelief’ surrounding the Hampstead case with the ‘make belief’ blackening of Marie Black and her two former partners (who never met each other before being dragged into this ‘case’). The children of Marie Black in the Norwich Three case were taken into care under a Voluntary Section 20 arrangement when Marie found herself homeless after a relationship breakup. Rather than supporting her with proper accommodation and school transport the Council put her and her 5 children up in two B&B rooms – without cooking facilities etc. When she had organised 4 bedroom house the authorities refused to return the children. When after 8 months (!) yet another judge was ordering the return of the children to their mother ‘out of nowhere’ massive allegations were put forward by the Council of an abuse ring with 40+ members including teachers. Strangely none of the teachers were ever interviewed and the investigation quickly homed in on family and friends. Is it coincidence that Marie Black and partner Joe Ollis had previously won back their daughter Luna who had been ‘kidnapped’ from France by Norfolk SS?

Jason Adams, father of four of the children, and members of Marie’s family were hounded by the public as Norfolk police had released details of the case including the addresses of the accused. ‘Trial by Media’?

I decided to upload to this blog a short biography that Jason Adams composed. It outlines the time scales and context of the case. He covers the offences for which he spent one year in prison. He outlines the content of Anger Management programmes and how they helped him.

2016 November 13th Jason Adams Short Biography & Self-Reflections on Anger Management

Some months ago a CCRC application was made as the Norwich Three protest their innocence with respect to the heinous offences they have been accused of and received lengthy sentences for.

2017 August 15th Jason Adams CCRC Submission Excerpts

A fellow advocate forwarded me a note reportedly from a UK Social Worker which may (or may not) relate to the ‘Norwich Three’ case:

Dear <Advocate>

I am a child protection social worker. I was a primary school teacher.

I have listened to all your talks but because I live in the <                      > UK have sadly been unable to come to any of you conferences as they are too far away from me.

The reason I am writing is to inform you in case you are not aware of the social services scandal going on that links to your work.

Basically social service was never a science. I forget the man’s name but the government asked the universities and the Tavistock institute to make social services a science. This man was a paedo…..this links into the governments PIE…(paedo information exchange) the government operates and funds…..this then all links into all the children wrongly being taken at birth and into care.

All the databases are used and tracked against families…..they allow the people at the top to target vulnerable families to remove the children!

NO parent has a right of reply what so ever…against what a social worker writes! So the manager and social worker can play God…Initial case conferences are a stitch up from the moment anyone walks in the room. The decisions have been made behind parents’ backs!!! Sometimes with no real proof at all!

Then if you really want to get a child destroy a family you ask for a psychology report the psychologists get £5k a report…these reports are cut and paste and see the families for all of 10 min…..the solicitors and the judges all make money too…and all decisions are made behind closed doors and the scandals going on are huge!!!!

On top of this all social workers are now in the main on agency work…so government companies make money out of these contracts…each social worker has 30-34 cases and work a 37 hour week…so use the maths…no decent supportive/preventive work and keeping families together is going on at all…’s all about child grabbing!

The managers have 400 cases…no supervision is going on….and all the reports are poor/inaccurate and dire!!! What everyone is doing is jumping counties so they do 3-6 months at one and when it all gets too much they jump ship to the next…so all the mess is piling up and the true scam being hidden.

This then links into all the private adoption agencies who are offering £k’s to adopt a child it’s become a supply and demand industry. Hence we call it the SS…it’s based on BOWLBY THEORY OF ATTACHMENT….remove at birth so no emotional bonds are formed….traumatise the children at 3 and 6 ..then you can fracture their minds. 

Those children in the old care homes run by nuns or the likes of ELM TREE guest house…were ‘free-for-all’ for the elite paedo/satanic rings. They were also used by the secret services ..who use children for entrapment purposes to film rich/famous and politicians and blackmail them…these children are the MK ULTRA Sex slave children! Who are cared for by paedos and worked!

Then you have the immigration arm of this vile international paedo/satanic scam…the new children moving because of deliberate war…then get stolen at borders and no one cares!!

This all covers up the elites satanic appetite for children/blood and babies…this is all on a very deep level a spiritual war….they invert the Bible…..(Christ is about water and save children ) they abuse children and use blood!!! The top judges…the top police….the secret services…all protect the elites…the very top being politicians/royalty and the Vatican!

There are children hidden away…used as breeders…held in cages….abused ..used in snuff films….the average child can earn someone 50-100k in these lines of work!!! The elites use SERCO as their operational front they use a live feed Zulu server via the deep dark web to communicate …sell their films…sell the children….and use bitcoin to pay for all of this. This was what the American email scandal re Hillary Clinton is about…not about emails at all…it was they were all off line doing this!!!!!

All of this links together…and should never ever be seen separately!!!!! It’s a global international lie/scam and cover up going on!

I will leave it there and I just wanted you to know I love your work just wish there was more I could do…but until humanity unites ..stops fighting amongst each other and speak with one voice I doubt global change will ever occur as there are not enough people awake.

Many blessings to you and your family and stay strong!

Recently I received an interesting letter from Jason concerning the role of juries. In the Norwich Three case the jury was reportedly told by HRH Judge Coleman that ‘abuse must have taken place’ and that their role was to decide on the perpetrator(s). Finding the defendants ‘innocent’ reportedly was not an option for this jury! I found some ‘interesting’ links concerning Nicholas Coleman (who ‘conveniently’ retired immediately after the case):

2017 December 31st Letter from Jason Adams on UK Jury System

Finally I uploaded another letter concerned with UK prison conditions:

2018 January 12th Letter from Jason Adams on UK Prison Conditions

The Halloween episode of ‘The Addams Family’ featured ‘a gang of crooks who intend to steal the family fortune‘ – I note these were ordinary criminals rather than Court officials and ‘paid looser’ legal representatives implementing state sanctioned ‘Child Snatching’ policy:

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Berne, Kingston-upon-Thames, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Westminster and Hampstead

In November 2017 I attended the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation (ESTD) conference in the beautiful medieval city of Berne. Given that my four presentations were inspired by suspected cases of ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’ in London imagine my surprise to see the ‘Kindlifresser Brunnen’ (literally ‘Child Eater Fountain’) a photo of which I uploaded to this blog. Naturally various legends compete on the origin of this fountain – however the You Tube postings concerning ‘Octagon’ and ‘Hexagon’ probably will not make it into the publications of the Berne Tourist Office.

ESTD Berne Poster

I reluctantly prepared a poster based on medical records I retrieved when helping a mother to appeal against a ‘Forced Adoption’ ruling. She had escaped a Satanist Cult in Kingston-upon-Thames where her parents were (are?) seemingly very influential. She disclosed to authorities at various stages in her life that she had a baby at age 14 that ‘disappeared’. ‘Mind Control’ manipulation and persecution followed instead of proper investigative action.


In the poster I put a snippet from voluminous health records that there were no GP visits for six months in the run up and aftermath of  the unregistered birth in April 1997. I got an audio recording of the mother describing the circumstances e.g. her parents removed all calendars and claimed that she had ‘slept around’ (rather than acknowledging that the impregnation resulted from incestous rape). She reportedly on one occasion observed half a dozen men entering the family home in the Kingston Hill area and changing into robes. On another occasion half a dozen men turned up dressed in robes (which implies that there was a temple/base nearby). One week after the birth the parents dressed in black and said they were going to a funeral.

Another snippet represents a Black Swan case in that disclosures of a Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) act disclosed at age 30 were already mentioned in records at age 16. Reportedly she was made at age 8 to have sex with a girl of the same age on a stage somewhere in Ireland. Such ‘Cult Shows’ have repeatedly been reported in survivor accounts in books and alternative media. No reference to such SRA matters can be found in materials of the British Psychological Society (BPS) leaving Psychologists naïve and wearing rose-tinted glasses (until they come across a harrowing case where the natural inclination towards ‘Professional Dissociation’ denial fails).

ESTD Berne Paper

I discussed shenanigans at the British Psychological Society (BPS) in a standalone (sic) paper.

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets & BPS Guidelines

Why on earth did the BPS, a Learned Society supposedly, let Prof Martin Conway, who is on the Scientific & Professional Advisory Board of the British False Memory Society (founded and funded by accused parents), lead the development of ‘Memory & Law’ guidelines? The 2008 version contained the following ‘jobs for the boys’ phrase which was (thank god) removed from the 2010 edition:

A memory expert is a person who is recognised by the memory research community to be a memory researcher. It is recommended that, in addition to current requirements, those acting as memory expert witnesses be required to submit their full curriculum vitae to the court as evidence of their expertise.


2010 Sentence revision:

A memory expert is a person who is recognised by the memory research community to possess knowledge relevant to the particular case.

 memory_the_law_revised_version_april_2010_web – retrieved 2017 07 09th

Funnily (?) enough judges in a ruling on 20th July 2012 at the Royal Court of Justice (RCJ) Court of Appeal Criminal Division suggested that ‘Prof Conway may wish to consider amending his CV’ i.e. to include the various cases where his evidence was rejected. Doing so could have potentially prevented the very unsafe convictions in September 2015 of the ‘Norwich Three’ Marie Black, Jason Adams and Michael Rogers (whom I posted the various ESTD presentations today). The evidence of Prof Martin Conway was reportedly rejected outright – regardless of content and merit (and being ‘recognised by the memory research community to be a memory researcher’). ‘Throwing the baby out with the bath water’?

 I wrote about the Norwich Three case on my blog:


ESTD Berne Symposium

I originally submitted an ‘Experts-by-Experience’ symposium. One author thoroughly researched causes and symptoms of childhood trauma in the context of a high society abuse ring seemingly featuring dozens of academics, politicians and business people in a country in Central Europe. The other author from a neighbouring country had been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and become an expert in the field with encyclopaedic knowledge of the literature (that is largely ignored by mainstream Psychology and Psychiatry). Alas – costs (financial and possible reprisals) became prohibitive (especially as EMF torture had reportedly recommenced for one of them).

The organisers allowed me to restructure the symposium so that I talked about inadequate psych assessments in the first Symposium paper and about an ORCAN in the last. I found a brave volunteer who stepped in at short notice to present in between on (mal-)adaptive personality assessment and how he helped a colleague escape a Satanist Cult (before any criminality occurred).

Kurz (2017) Challenging Inadequate Assessments and the ‘Discourse of Disbelief’

In this paper I relayed some of my attempts to challenge psych assessment malpractice in Family Courts. In Case A I discussed IQ testing results of the mother in the Kingston-upon-Thames case in the poster. The data attests to a Twice Exceptional ability pattern (that gave rise to a Dyslexia diagnosis). These IQ tests were ‘concealed’ from the proceedings – seemingly to fraudulently ‘help’ Social Services succeed in the Forced Adoption court process. The poor auditory memory test results explain why the mother was re-victimised at numerous occasions and fell for the manipulation of a Kingston police officer who instructed her to delay any reporting of a sexual assault on her or her toddler for several weeks. When she reported an assault on her toddler in South Wales with three weeks delay the ‘system’ pounced. A NHS Psychiatrist threatened to ‘section’ her reportedly making self-incriminating remarks suggesting he was compromised. He was seemingly brought into the UK around 1996/1997 straight after graduating from a medical school in Pakistan with a Psychiatry specialisation. Interestingly I recently heard that Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) groups decided strategically in the 1980ies to increase involvement of Muslims. The Psychiatrist was seemingly a family friend of the Satanist family in Kingston and at the time of the teenage pregnancy lived in Hounslow. A ‘compromise’ allegation to the Council was largely ignored. Three years later I submitted a 46 page ‘Third Party Crime Witness’ document to South Wales, Surrey and Wiltshire (Operation Conifer) Police alongside a 45 page complaint about 7 officers concerning suspected arson murder of the toddler’s godmother. As far as I can see the submissions have been ignored. Similarly Operation Midland refused to interview me with regards to the alleged deadly ‘hit’ of a school boy in Kingston in the 1980ies in spite of the case I am writing about involving four instances of ‘Dangerous Driving’ (2 with lethal outcomes).

Case B was in the Westminster area with the Psychiatrist claiming – seemingly fraudulently – that the mother had ‘Histrionic Personality Disorder’. General Medical Council (GMC) concerns were ‘fobbed off’.

The same Psychiatrist, who seemingly adds to her NHS income by running on Saturdays a ‘character assassination service’, was writing a damning report on the mother in Case C. It is disconcerting to learn that her use was recommended by the legal representative of the biological father who was accused of abuse of his son on weekend stays. The Court ignored two previous reports as well as the next five reports by other Psychiatrists stating that there is no psychiatric problem with the mother. Borderline Personality Disorder was proffered by the Psychiatry Gun for Hire. A similarly minded Psychiatrist later added ‘overvalued sexual abuse beliefs’. It was a cruel demonstration of how so called ‘Child Protection’ works in practice.

US Clinical Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter is one of the few professionals who critically reflects on the difficulties and persecution/retaliation risks of reporting child sexual abuse:

Case Study D is based on a survivor of extreme abuse who is willing to share his journey.

In the final paper of the symposium I exposed some of the workings of the British Satanist ring finishing on the chilling ‘house fire’ where the godmother of the toddler was found dead (half a year before the toddler got assaulted in broad day light).

Eye, eye, Westminster!

In summer I exposed the all-knowing attitudes (e.g. ‘Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories’) of Psychology Professor Chris French at Goldsmith to some of his academic colleagues. Shortly afterwards a trio of articles appeared in Private Eye portraying negatively my poster ‘THE SATANIST CULT OF TED HEATH: ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF AUTHORITY COMPROMISE’ presented at the European Psychiatry Association (EPA) Conference 2016 in Madrid.

I uploaded below scans of the articles, relevant EPA posters and other information. With a circulation of 200k I welcome the ‘publicity’ as some of the brightest and most critical thinkers are given an opportunity to reflect on my investigation.

Private Eye (8th September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath – Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise

Private Eye (22nd September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster POOR QUALITY OF MENTAL HEALTH REPORTS IN UK FAMILY COURTS


In parallel a self-identified survivor of the Luciferian variety of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) submitted to Mike Veale at Operation Conifer an account of his involuntary encounter with Edward Heath around 1969 including a description (based on ‘Tactile Memory’) of one of his body parts. A different self-identified rape victim of Ted Heath reportedly can describe the interior of his Yacht. Naturally if the Metropolitan Police or Northumberland Police get involved any witnesses giving statements are likely to end up in a ‘persecution’ situation like ‘Nick’ who is facing trumped up ‘perjury’ charges.

At least 5 individuals have reportedly claimed seeing Ted Heath involved in SRA:

The Operation Conifer report detailed six incidents in the 1960’ies for which Ted Heath would have been interviewed and made some references to SRA e.g. at Pages 59 and 60:

Enquiries about Ritual Abuse

 8.11.1 During the course of the investigation six victims made disclosures that included allegations that Sir Edward Heath was involved in satanic or ritual abuse.

 8.11.2 There is no nationally recognised or agreed definition of ritual abuse. Operation Conifer assessed that disclosures were of a ritual nature if the abuse alleged included a combination of emotional, physical, sexual and/or spiritual abuse and that the offences were committed using symbols, ceremonies and/or group activities that appeared to have a religious or supernatural meaning.

 8.11.3 Two of the alleged victims of ritual abuse died before Operation Conifer commenced. They had made disclosures of alleged ritual abuse where it was alleged that Sir Edward Heath was a perpetrator. There was limited opportunity to investigate those disclosures further.

 8.11.4 Following investigation, no further corroborative evidence was found to support the disclosures that Sir Edward Heath was involved in ritual abuse.

According to victim advocates Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile, Edward Heath, Cyril Smith and Lord Montague of Beaulieu were all during their lifetimes clearly identified by SRA Survivors as Satanist Ritual Abusers.

Wales, Scotland, Shropshire & Hampstead

What links these regions? -The Justice Anna Pauffley Connection! Born 13 January 1956 she retired (surprisingly early) at age 61 from the Family Court on 1st October 2016:

She received praise for some of her actions:

On a Court Appointed Clinical Psychologist:

Dr van Rooyen’s involvement – fundamental flaws

I am gravely troubled by the speed, the manner and the ambit of Dr van Rooyen’s involvement. It simply cannot be right, fair or reasonable to commission an expert to provide what may turn out to be the pivotal evidence justifying separation of a neonate from his mother in the way that happened here.

It surprises and alarms me that Dr van Rooyen was asked, and was prepared, to provide a report during the course of a single working day, a terrifyingly tight timeframe, and on the basis of papers supplemented by a telephone conversation with a local authority professional who had never met the mother. I struggle to understand how Dr van Rooyen’s apparently firm opinions, adverse to the mother, could have been formed given the complete absence of any kind of discussion with her or, indeed, any communication with [the resource].

To my mind, it is quite simply unacceptable for an ‘independent’ expert to be instructed in the way Dr van Rooyen was – to conduct such a scant inquiry in preparation for a hearing which was to have such wide ranging consequences for the child.

However other reports are less favourable:

Tag: Dame Anna Pauffley QC

Anna Pauffley QC. Anna represented over 100 people who had received ‘Salmon letters’. These were letters sent out to people who were alleged to be guilty of physical or sexual abuse of children or who were likely to be the subject of criticism. The Salmon letter recipients included people who had been named by the former children in care as having abused them – some of these people had already been convicted and even imprisoned by the time that the Waterhouse Report was completed. Other Salmon letter recipients were people who had witnessed or been told about abuse but who did nothing. So the Salmon letter recipients included some Grade A scumbags. Anna represented people who had punched and kicked children, who had raped or buggered them or forced them to participate in oral sex. If the former children in care were to be believed – and of course Anna’s job was to suggest that they weren’t – some of their abusers took them to other locations where they were molested by unknown people as well. One of the many people whom Anna represented was Lucille Hughes, former Director of Gwynedd Social Services, whom it was acknowledged even by Waterhouse had known that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but who had not acted.

So what became of Anna who defended Lucille et al by severely cross-examining anyone who dared allege that they’d been abused? Like Nicola Davies QC, Anna is now a Dame of course! She was appointed a High Court judge in 2003, although she did end up in hot water in 2015 when she publicly stated that it was ‘Okay for migrant families to hit their children’ (it’s their culture you see). Gov’t spokespeople were wheeled out to explain that child abuse was unacceptable from anyone. But what did the Gov’t expect from a woman who was made a Dame after psychologically assassinating people who relived details of the most horrific abuse – sensitivity???

A particularly remarkable anti-Hoaxtead site:

I presented a poster at the European Psychiatry Association (EPA) in Florence comparing how Justice Anna Pauffley made the timely and credible disclosures of two children regarding SRA ‘disappear’ whereas in Norwich Marie Black’s five children made NO DISCLOSURES of abuse between January (coercively taken into care on a ‘voluntary section 20’ arrangement) and August. Only when it transpired that her children would probably be returned to her did the SS produce ‘overnight’ a document alleging sexual abuse by 40+ individuals. Through Parental Alienation techniques and Brain Washing her children seemingly had ‘False Believes’ implanted over the next few years – possibly using post-hypnotic suggestions.

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

Issues regarding Complex Trauma and False Memories were very competently discussed in this 1995 document written by the BPS Working Group on Recovered Memory:

Andrews et al (January 1995) Recovered Memories – Report of the Working Party of the BPS

Their informative article in the May 1995 issue of The Psychologist found that 15% (!) of practioners surveyed had encountered Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) disclosures (see pages 209-214):

The Psychologist May 1995


A week in the life of Chartered Psychologist Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz 15th – 8th October 2017

Sunday 15th October 2017

I attend a meeting of the Education Division of SGI – a 12 Million strong humanistic lay Buddhist movement. As usual I am inspired by the ‘experiences’: personal testimonies of overcoming hardship and persecutions. I note down the wise words of leader ‘Shinichi Yamamoto’:

‘The true results of education will only become apparent 10 or 20 – no 30, 50, or 100 years later.’

I ponder how the trauma work of Pierre Janet (1917) was brushed aside by vested interests promoting Emil Kraepelin and ‘chemical imbalance’ theorems and how the ‘Discourse of Disbelief’ was shored up by the controversial 1994 report of Jean La Fontaine that was widely read as denying the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

I hear that Dyslexia Action went bust. I am not surprised and actually pleased as the organisation was known for mismanagement, excluding from certification the individuals who had completed the Hornsby Dyslexia Diploma and failure to distance itself from retired Hull University lecturer Dr Christopher Singleton who admitted nine counts of accessing indecent images and was given a suspended prison sentence by a judge at Hull Crown Court.


Saturday 14th October 2017

I visit retired Psychology Professor Dave Bartram in Kingston Hospital who is recovering from serious surgery. His partner Pat Lindley also had major surgery not long ago. I suspect their health suffered considerably in the wake of a highly irregular BPS process where a disgruntled company owner was unhappy with the review of his test and – rather than submitting his grievances in the standard procedure – lobbied ‘Trustees’ of the BPS who promptly interfered with the processes of the ‘Psychometric Testing Centre’.


Friday 13th October 2017

I attend the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) where I enjoy key notes by Prof Stephen Reicher on leadership as identify creation and my MSc Industrial Psychology course mate Prof Fiona Patterson on Gender issues. I deliver my paper ‘The Practitioner’s Guide to the Dark Side’ – nobody fainted, quite a few laughs and generally a warm reception on a difficult topic. I explained that my Symposium at the BPS Annual Conference got ‘pulled’ and encourage the audience to express their views on this irregularity to the BPS President.

Kurz (2017) ABP Conference The Practitioner’s Guide to the Dark Side

At dinner I talk with a former colleague about old times, current business but also about the sinister reasons why I left Saville Consulting. He has been made aware of the negative articles in Private Eye and attentively listens to the chilling sequence of events.

Private Eye (8th September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath – Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise


Private Eye (22nd September 2017) and Kurz (2016) EPA Poster POOR QUALITY OF MENTAL HEALTH REPORTS IN UK FAMILY COURTS


In the evening there is an interesting Magic Show that demonstrates how easily people can be fooled. This is followed by a Darth Vader partly where I politely refuse to get a matching ‘tattoo’ as it reminds me of the Satanist ‘Illuminates of Thanateros’ cult of Colin Batley where all members sported an ‘Eye of Horus’ tattoo.


Thursday 12th October 2017

After six years of volunteer activity I attend my last meeting of the BPS Committee on Test Standards. Survey responses to the proposed ‘Diploma in Psychological Testing’ were largely positive – implementation would also revive the ‘Specialist in Test Use’ qualification.

I am pleased to learn from a trauma informed colleague that ‘C-PTSD’ (a term first introduced 1992 by the excellent Janet Herman) will become a diagnostic category in ICD-11 when it is released in 2018:


Wednesday 11th October 2017

I send Chief Constable Mike Veale an email titled ‘Complaint about 7 Officers’ concerning a suspected arson murder that seemingly was perpetrated by an associate of the Ted Heath Abuse Group to cover up ‘Human Sacrifice Murders’ in Kingston-upon-Thames.


I attach a 45 page complaint document that was ignored by local, regional and national authorities including Operation Midland. It contains materials that could potentially lead to nailing a serial killer and even exoneration of ‘Nick’ who reported a fellow pupil was killed by a car ‘hit’ in Kingston-upon-Thames. He is currently facing a persecutory ‘perjury’ accusation that appears to be ‘trumped up’ like the one against extreme abuse survivor Alicia in the Franklin cover-up in Nebraska.


Tuesday 10th October 2017

I upload five abstracts on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), torture, trauma, dissociation and healing for a 2018 mental health conference.


Monday 9th October 2017

I attend a BPS meeting where I hear the welcome news that former BPS CEO Ann Colley has retired (one month after the senior manager left who I made a complaint about).

Even better news is that the concerns I expressed about BPS guidelines related to memory are – at last – going to be tackled.