BPS DOP 2019 Paper: Organisational Evil, Total Institutions, and Epistemic Injustice: Understanding the Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal

Org evil


I was delighted to spot a paper about the Jimmy Savile child sexual abuse scandal in the program for the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology congress. Dr Tom Calvard kindly shared the submission paper which provides a very useful overview of the scandal and the (limited) investigation that followed.

Calvard & Sang (2019). BPS DOP Paper Submission Organisational Evil, Total Institutions, and Epistemic Injustice – Understanding the Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal

At the conference attendance was good in spite of an early start on the last day of the event. The slides again were very informative and a timely reminder that Occupational Psychology has a role to play in shedding light on how persistent abusers operate with impunity due inadequate safeguards and individual failures.

Calvard & Sang (2019) BPS DOP Paper Organisational Evil, Total Institutions, and Epistemic – Understanding the Savile Sexual Abuse Scandal

I made some comments after the presentation sharing information about the involvement of Jimmy Savile in Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) which I reported about before (slide 54 & 55).

Dr Rainer Kurz TPF Presentation 11th March 2015

As a volunteer I listened to disclosures of a SRA vicitm regarding Jimmy Savile activities in Kingston-upon-Thames and also read an eye witness account of a child murder that he seemingly committed.

Tom previously co-authored a fascinating paper about organisational ‘knowledge (mis)management’.

Baird & Calvard (2018) JBE Article ‘Epistemic vices in organizations – Knowledge, truth and unethical conduct’

In the US our field is known as ‘Industrial & Organisational Psychology’. Prompted by media reports of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) I made it my mission to tackle the industrial scale of child sexual abuse and organisational structures and processes.

In 2016 I convened a Symposium at the Dyslexia conference in Oxford where I shared my Personal Statement for the BPS DOP Science & Practice Strategy Group Convenor role. When I tried to put the slide deck on the BPS DOP website I was told that the document had to be hosted externally thus prompting me to start this blog.


At ESTD 2017 I again shared this Personal Statement and aired some problematic BPS issues.


I am pleased that senior leadership of the BPS changed and that steps are underway to tackle key issues I highlighted.


‘Complex Trauma Assessment Problems’ and ‘Educating Professionals & Politicians about Complex Trauma & Satanist Ritual Abuse’ Presentations at the Dundee Conference: ‘Organised Abuse in the UK’

2018 11 7th Organised Abuse in the UK Conference (002)

I was delighted to be tipped-off about this annual conference and within two weeks travelled North to meet 80 like-minded individuals who also want to fight organised abuse.

The day was introduced by Joseph Lumbasi, Manager of ‘Izzy’s Promise’, whose valuable work I first came across in 2015:





Mark Carey kicked off with his story of abuse, shame, recovery and healing. He belongs to the 10% of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) victims abused by strangers.


Wilfred Wong expertly presented on ‘Satanist Ritual Abuse in the UK – Past, Present and Future’ (a title inspired by our jointly authored poster at the European Psychiatry Association Conference 2018 in Nice which can be downloaded below). Earlier interviews covering similar ground can be found on YouTube:




I presented to a receptive and engaged audience on ‘Complex Trauma Assessment Problems’:

Kurz (2018) Dundee Presentation – Complex Trauma Assessment Problems

I culled the slides from the third part of my recent keynote in Braga that can be found on YouTube:


Tom Dunn flew over from the US for the event. He sported a Hampstead themed T-shirt and kindly lent me his tripot for video-recording, He also gave me a copy of the movie he produced ‘Detestable’ (concerning Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques):




Following a short break the audience divided into four workshops. I presented a workshop with Wilfred Wong where I concentrated on efforts to educate professionals (explaining background rationale for my conference posters since 2014) and Wilfred on activism including getting MPs involved.

In my slides I included a complaint I lodged with the (then) BPS CEO Ann Colley about a Senior Manager who was involved in ‘cancelling’ my symposium at the BPS Annual Conference in highly irregular circumstances. I must be something right if the ‘establishment’ is resorting to such ‘censorship’ measures. I am pleased that since then this CEO and two senior BPS policy staff members departed.

Kurz & Wong (2018) Educating Professionals & Politicians about Complex Trauma & Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)

A delicious lunch buffet was available and plenty of opportunity for personal dialogue. I heard some disturbing stories about contemporary Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Mind Control practices that are routinely covered up by authorities:



Sarah Nelson, author of Tackling Child Sexual Abuse: Radical Approaches (2016) shared with us her views on the ‘Satanic Panic’ brainwash over the last three decades. Her book covers Orkneys, Cleveland, Nottingham (successful CSA prosecutions in an alleged SRA setting). She also mentioned that Fred & Rose West were at the centre of a SRA ring.

I would like to add to this that notorious Serial Killer Harold Shipman was seemingly active for SRA cults performing abortions etc. throughout Northern England.


Both men were found ‘hanged’ in their cells (‘suicided’?).

Next Sara Rowbotham talked about her efforts to educate youngsters and professionals about sexual health and abuse which culminated in a successful trial that inspired the acclaimed ‘Three Girls’ TV program:



Laurie Matthew, author of books like ‘Where Angels Fear: Ritual Abuse in Scotland’ (2002) and an excellent MSc thesis ’Metamorphosis’ (2012), shared her practice and experience of running ‘18 and Under’ as an entirely confidential service.


She impressively demonstrated how victims crave confidentiality with the most frequently reason cited (by 50%) was ‘confidentiality with respect to authorities’. She gave numerous testimonials that illustrate the value of this policy.

The other extreme, brought about by neo-liberal privatisation policies, is illustrated by this article:


The victims who eventually decide to take things forward with the full support of ’18 and Under’ never recant!

What all-too-often happens in situations where authorities are alerted to child disclosures that imply sexual abuse is that the protective parents are labelled ‘delusional’/’paranoid’ or accused of ‘coaching the child to make allegations’.

At ESTD 2017 in Berne Case Study C was such a case: When a single mother started a new relationship her 8-year-old boy started to disclose disconcerting shenanigans that seemingly were happening when on contact visits to his father. An ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interview did not instantly yield a case strong enough to pass to the CPS. Rather than checking computers for images and placing the child with foster carers so that the boy could without fear of repercussions share his experiences the authorities removed him from the protective mother and allocated him to the sister of his father and subsequntly to the biological father.

Kurz & Desson (2017) Symposium Extreme Abuse, Mind Control & Authority Compromise

In another case a 13-year-old confided to her mother that her father had taken her on contact visits to the house of strangers who were coerced into abusing her while her father took photos. She said ‘I could have waited until 18 to tell you’. Police refused to investigate computers and storage devices. The daughter was terrified of the authorities fearing she would be separated from her mum. The girl was put into a psychiatric facility against her will for 6 months and then into ‘Forced Foster Care’. Egged on by Social Workers giving very biased briefs Court Appointed Experts claimed the mother has ‘Paranoid Personality Disorder’ – this is the unjust and dangerous mechanism that facilitates and shields Child Sexual Abuse.

The ‘snatching’ of children into care is every increasingly being driven by profiteering:



The final presentation was by two sympathetic members of Police Scotland who explained the principle of reporting.

The final panel was conducted in a Q&A format.

Having been at four EPA conferences as an ‘outsider’ and three ESTD conferences I found this event the most welcoming.

Well done Joseph Lumbasi & team for putting this together!

Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz Conference Keynote Slides & YouTube Recording: ‘Applying Occupational Psychology to Complex Trauma – Lessons for Professional Practice‘

House Fire jpeg


I was delighted to present a Keynote at the 4th National Congress of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists on 14th September 2018. When I realised that there were several sessions in parallel I decided to truly feature ‘Complex Trauma’ building in some key evidence concerning an Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) I am investigating.


I uploaded the slide deck I used to ResearchGate and provide it here for easy access:

2018 09 14th OPP Congress Braga Keynote Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz (retrieved from RG 22nd Sep 2018)

The organisers kindly video recorded the session and put it on YouTube. My 60-minute session starts after the Portuguese lady at about 32 minutes 20 seconds:



Early on I provided an overview of four key stages of my career and how they relate to assessment instruments, theories, problems and solutions. The structure mirrors a slide towards the end of part 3 where I graphically represented the timeline of the ORCAN case with key abuse incidents seemingly perpetrated by mother, father, ‘cult’ members and others.


I feature excerpts of the Pediatrician’s report that summarises the manipulation at Kingston-upon-Thames police (some wording redacted as very biased and unrepresentative of the mother’s disclosures) and that she claims to have delivered a baby as a young teenager that ‘disappeared’ (the Kingston police officer had instructed her to disclose this when making a sexual assault police report).


The police report compiled in response to a caller claiming ‘the baby was stinking’ and ‘eating dog food’ showed these were false claims. The report omits however that a police helicopter had landed next to the astounded mother hiking on a dismantled railway path in South Wales, and two police cars turned up – a total of 10 officers!


I explained that I held up two books in court trying to explain the ‘Satanist Ritual Abuse’ (SRA) background of the case. I feature relevant excerpts describing forced perpetration of a ‘Human Sacrifice Murder’ and a ‘Child-on-Child Sex on a Stage’ (details of which I put in the ESTD Bern 2017 poster).




I put a quiz at the end of part 3 where I explained that the grey object is a car indicator shell from a blue SEAT Arosa Mark 1. I showed a drug bottle (that probably contained Chloroform to knock out the godmother after running her over), a Red Bull can that was found with the other artefacts and an odd contraption on the bottom right that may well be an incendiary device. The next picture shows the burnt-out house where the godmother of the toddler was found ‘on top of roof tiles’. The lack of diligence of half a dozen officers is unforgiveable. The perpetrator really did not bother concealing what had been done – knowing that the ORCAN makes him ‘untouchable’. I explained that local, regional and national level police representatives refuse to investigate the artefacts for DNA etc.

Further evidence of authority stone walling can be found in my 2017 MCA presentation:

Kurz (2017) MCA Critical reflections on the role of mental health professionals

Unfortunately, mainstream Psychology and Psychiatry fail to properly research and document Child Sexual Abuse especially in Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) cults preferring to proffer ‘False Memory’ propaganda. As a consequence, Psychologists and Psychiatrist acting as Court Appointed Experts in Family Court can ‘shield’ offenders with casual ease claiming that protective parents suffer ‘Delusions’ or ‘Paranoia’.

At one point I call for the impeachment of the Cardiff Judge and Fitness to Practice HCPC/GMC processes against the Court Appointed Experts in South Wales who failed to feature the appropriate DSM Definition:

‘Delusion: a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone beliefs and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.

The redacted case transcript can be found in another blogpost:


I am delighted that six years into this self-funded investigation I had an opportunity to educate mental health professionals and look forward to future invitations to speak on this critical topic.

Here is a rough breakdown of my presentation:


32.20 Keynote Introduction

35.15 About Occupational and Clinical Psychology (HCPC Fitness to Practice Concern)

38.00 Career


39.40 Part I: Assessment Instruments

40.30 Ability testing

42.45 Personality

44.30 Great 8 Competencies

46.10 Book chapter


47.15 Part II: Assessment Theories

48.35 Ability theory

50.40 Three Effectiveness Factors (3EF) Model and Wave Wheel

51.43 HDS

53.15 Failed ‘Luciferian’ Leadership Trainee – abuse and torture from a very early age

54.15 STORM Heat Map


56.15 Part III: Assessment Problems

57.45 Disclosure Email May 2012

1.00.40 Paediatrician

1.01.30 ‘Baby disappeared’ (typical event in Satanist Ritual Abuse ORCAN)

1.03.00 Extraordinary Album

1.05.20 Stalking

1.06.25 Police Evidence

1.07.50 Family court evidence ignored

1.08.15 Court Psychologist Executive Summary Excerpt

1.08 50 Somatoform Dissociation

1.09.30 Unveiling the truth (clawing back the ground we should have owned as MHP)

1.12.15 Trauma Psychologist (Statement and Sessions Overview)

1.14.00 Millon Criticism – Failure to meet Daubert Standard of Validity

1.14.40 MCMI-III

1.15.47 Prof Jane Ireland (2/3 of Psychological assessments in UK Family Courts ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’)

1.16.00 HCPC Fitness?

1.16.41 Relevant Literature

1.17.11 What happens to ORCAN babies that go missing

1.17.40 Decision making (calling for Impeachment of Judge and Fitness to Practice HCPC/GMC processes against Court Appointed Experts who fail to feature the appropriate DSM Definition:

‘Delusion: a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone beliefs and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.

1.18.27 Ability profile of case

1.18.54 Psychoanalyst & Psychologist report excerpt

1.19.15 Consultant Psychiatrist report excerpt

1.19.30 Quiz (4 Artefacts ‘overlooked’ by authority representatives)

1.20.10 House Fire (House owner found in hallway ‘on top of roof tiles’ (with broken legs and broken arm) – 9 months after the violent death of the godmother her godson gets buggered by his grandfather and put into ‘Forced Adoption’)

1.20.30 Field Dependence Test

1.20.35 ‘True Traumas’ – Verbal, Physical & Sexual Abuse chart

1.20.40 Continental Europe

1.20.46 ‘Forced Adoption’ Opposition (Excerpts of appeal application solicitor document)

1.20.52 Personal Statement for BPS Science & Practice Convener Role


1.20.57 Part IV: Assessment Solutions

1.21.15 ‘Plotting the Dark Side’

1.21.30 Lessons for Professional Practice (e.g. destruction of Million MCMI-III materials)

1.22.30 Finish

1.23.15 Contact Details


Q & A

1.23.30 BPS 1995; Memory & Law Guidelines; Cancellation of BPS Annual Conference 2017 Symposium ‘Trauma, Dissociation & Healing’

1.26.42 Audience Question re psychological harassment

1.30.50 N

Sympathy for the Anti-Devil Sabine McNeill: The Empire strikes back

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster From Hampstead to Norwich

Last year I went to see the ‘Rolling Stoned’ tribute act. My investigations into Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) gave ‘Sympathy for the devil’ a rather different ring. When a guy with a blonde wig and a tambourine strolled onto the stage I faintly remembered that there was a Brian Jones in the early days of the Stones. What happened to him? He was found dead floating in his swimming pool:


Why did the Home Office apparently seal records about his death for 40 years?

Mr Giuliano, who was commissioned by Sir Richard Branson to write Paint it Black: The Murder of Brian Jones, claims the band’s deceased chauffeur Tom Keylock “stood at the edge of the pool calling the shots while his thugs held Brian under.” He claims he met a guy who purported to be “one of the actual murderers”, adding: “It was done by committee – several people held him under the water.”

Pat Andrews, Brian’s girlfriend at the beginning of The Rolling Stones, met him at the Aztec coffee bar in Cheltenham’s Bath Road. She struggles to pinpoint the date but remembers it as “the year Buddy Holly died”.

“If they said Brian had been hit by a car or fallen down the stairs it’d be easier to understand but when they said he had drowned I thought “That can’t be right”. You don’t become a lifeguard at the lido unless you are able to swim. All the time I knew Brian I never knew him to have asthma but they said his inhaler was found by the side of the pool, which was so tiny even an inexperienced swimmer could get out.”

Eras are marked by the famous people lost and, in a dark irony, Brian would become the earliest recognised member of the 27 Club a decade later. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison joined him before Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse in more recent years.

There is an interesting comment by ‘ShullBitter’:


It was a satanic sacrifice for the band, and Jagger was jealous of the attention all the girls gave him too. But since he died so did the coolness of the Stones and their song writing became bad having their best hits behind them.

Today I got a call again from Sabine McNeill, incarcerated at HMP Bronzefield since 9 months or so ago. In November she is due to appear in a three week criminal court case concerned with her publishing some information on the Internet (for context see my EPA 2017 poster uploaded with this blog post). I understand that the maximum prison sentence if found guilty would be 2 years. Sentences are usually halved. So if found guilty she would have already served the sentence!?! How can it be proven that she acted with criminal intent??? What if she is found ‘not guilty’?

The privatisation drive by neo-liberals has created a market place for Forced Adoption & Care as well as for the Persecution Industry.

Back in 2013 I had emailed Sabine the Extreme Abuse Survey (‘Trigger Warning’):


This document is a subset of the 188 page Judicial Review Application I wrote that got thwarted by RC(I)J staff:


How can it be acceptable that allegations of index incident a, ‘toddler rape’ and b, ‘a missing baby delivered at 13/14 that disappeared’ are judged in the secrecy of a Cardiff Family Court ‘on the balance of probabilities’ with tame Psychiatrists and Psychologist whitewashing alleged perpetrators and blackening the character of the protective parent?

Sabine replied to my anonymous email as follows.
On 30 September 2013 12:58, Sabine Kurjo McNeill <sabine@globalnet.co.uk> wrote:

What can I say, dear remarkable report writer???

I can only sigh and am glad you feel that the petition is a good way forward… Unfortunately, the Committee hasn’t been answering and one of the initiators feels we need to get the 2,000 signatures all on the one platform…

However, we have this before the House of Commons since then:


Something for everybody and their MP!

With all my respect, admiration and best wishes for whatever successes you’re aiming at,



In March 2018 I presented a poster with veteran SRA campaigner Wilfred Wong:


In May I posted to Sabine an envelope with the mentioned book ‘Blasphemous Rumours’ (Andrew Boyd, 1991) and also ‘The Devil on the Doorstep: My Escape From a Satanic Sex Cult‘ by a survivor of Colin Batley’s cult. Today I was told that it did not arrive. I wonder whether the letter I posted yesterday will arrive containing my latest three blog entries?

I told Sabine about the mother I talked to on Saturday who separated from her partner when their daughter was three years old. The father did not want to be on the birth certificate but she nevertheless encouraged him to have contact. In November 2017 her 12 year old daughter confided that for the previous 12 month her biological father had acted strangely after picking her up: Rather than going for lunch or chatting in a café he reportedly dropped her off at strangers’ houses where she got physically and sexually abused. She told her mother ‘I could have waited until I was 18 before telling you.’ How sensible is it to attempt an Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interview at the point when a child victim (or should I write ‘complainant’?) just about dares to disclose to the closest confidante? Is it reasonable to expect victims to tell to police in a ‘my bicycle got stolen’ matter-of-fact style what happened? What about the ‘do not tell’ (death) threats? How about the bonding with and attachment to the primary carer (however awful and painful this ‘care’ may have been at times)? In this instance police came to the home and the daughter full of anxiety did not want them to come in and be interviewed. Consequence: Social Service claimed the mother had coached her to make false allegations and applied to get the daughter carted off to a Psychiatry unit one hundred miles away. When it was found that she was NOT suffering from a psychiatric disorder she was dumped in a Foster Care family with a dog. She was anxious about dogs but as she did not faint or complain she was left with that family. After a few weeks she mercifully got moved to a ‘dog-less’ family and her father does NOT know the address. I ‘congratulated’ the mother that at least the daughter is (reasonably) safe.

Unfortunately the whole Child Protection and Family Court system seems predicated on shielding offenders. Protective parents are said to have coached the child or suffer from a psychiatric disorder.

There was a headline some years ago:

Evaluating Expert Witness Psychological Reports: Exploring Quality

 ‘Dubious ‘experts’ are paid to tear families apart


According to research by Forensic Psychology Prof Jane Ireland two-thirds of psychological expert reports trawled from Family Courts were ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. There should have been an outcry from the profession and flurry of research activity. Instead there was eerie silence, a ‘shoot-the-messenger’ HCPC concern raised against Prof Ireland (dismissed after four long years) and half-hearted BPS Guidelines developed seemingly by exactly those ‘vested interest’ that make their living as ‘Court Appointed Experts’.

Read about the malaise in my ESTD 2017 paper:

Kurz (2017) Lost Memories, False Prophets &amp; BPS Guidelines

I agree wholeheartedly with the report that Prof Ireland and her research team wrote. Why are things so bad? I believe that these are the fundamental issues:

  1. Personality Disorder is a social construct rather than a medical – there are no objective tests
  2. Protective parents are dismissed as delusional, having ‘over-valued sexual abuse beliefs’ or having coached children
  3. Authority representatives all-too-frequently work hand in hand with abusers
  4. HCPC and GMC whitewash most allegations/concerns raised and allow persecutory actions against whistle blowers (like me)

Last night an example of 3. was given in the excellent interview of Jo Lomax with SRA survivor  Jay Parker whose father had got caught in paedophile activities and was made to supply Jay to a MK Ultra mind control program ran by FBI/CIA guys who were high up in a cult.


Here is a link to their interview one year ago and also a link to the show where Jo Lomax interviewed me:



The consequences of system failure are heart-breaking and at times lethal:



Charge Coroner, Police Officers, Medics, Social Workers, Psychs & Judge with: ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’ & ‘Fraud’

Drugs Bottle

Today a sinister announcement was made concerning ‘Nick’:



When the allegations surfaced a media frenzy ensued with a lot of sensationalist reporting and very little critical investigation. One article stood out that acknowledged that the half dozen or so individuals who allegedly attended a lethal orgy involving sexual abuse of children between them controlled the whole political and security apparatus of the UK.

Cases of extreme offending including sexual, physical and emotional abuse but also torture and murder are reported across the world. One of the leading Psychologist involved in supporting survivors and exposing offending is US Clinical Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter who runs an excellent website:


The site features an up-to-date book chapter by Randall and Pamela Noblitt with Ellen’s foreword that includes this paragraph:

‘This chapter is, to my knowledge, the most thorough, scholarly, and recent review of the empirical and forensic evidence of ritual abuse. I wish every psychotherapist, psychiatrist, and traumatologist, every law enforcement and child protection official, every judge, every Family Court attorney, every person in the media, every artist, musician, film maker, and producer, would read this chapter and feel moved to let the harsh reality of the existence of ritual abuse into their personal consciousness and advocate to bring this awareness into the large social consciousness. These atrocities are unbearable and we need to stand together to demand that the systems in place to help crime victims do more to rescue these people and to heal their aching souls..


To get an idea what a Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) session may entail and how it may end have a look at the chilling murder of Arlis Perry that even Wikipedia covers fairly sensibly:


‘Neither the semen nor the print matched Bruce Perry or the security guard. The Santa Clara County Sheriff also ruled out any links between the murder of Perry and three previous murders dating back to February 1973.’

A few years ago I went to a seminar where Arla’s husband, American psychiatrist Dr Bruce Perry, presented on Childhood Traumas and was somewhat surprised that SRA etc. was NOT mentioned.


Interestingly a couple of weeks ago the security guard who ‘discovered’ her body got charged with her murder and shot himself:


UK survivor accounts of SRA as well as some successful prosecutions in the vicinity of alleged SRA can be found in the Extreme Abuse Dossier (‘Trigger Warning’!):


So why am I asking for a Coroner and various other individuals to be charged with serious offences (that technically may rather be called ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ or ‘Gross Negligence’)?

Have a look at the presentation I gave at an event put on with regards to the 10th Anniversary of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA):

Kurz (2017) MCA Critical reflections on the role of mental health professionals

It covers my investigation of a tax-payer funded Child Smuggling operation where seemingly dozens of authority representatives colluded to facilitate the cover up of SRA including the unregistered birth and ‘disappearance’ of a baby that succeeded from incestuous rape in Kingston-upon-Thames around March/April 1997.

I presented a poster at ESTD 2017 in Bern:


The godmother of the toddler ‘targetted’ was found dead in her burnt out house. How could half a dozen officers ‘miss’ a drug bottle in the bathroom window frame, a car indicator part, a Red Bull can and an odd (incendiary) device? The simplest explanation is that the perpetrator considered himself ‘untouchable’ and unashamedly left his ‘calling cards’ accordingly. The police officers meekly colluded through ‘errors of omission’.

This is what a solicitor submitted on my behalf to the coroner who had recorded an Open Verdict on Halloween 2014:


31th October 2014


Dear Coroner <First Name> <Last Name>  

I am writing with regards to the case of <Godmother First Name Last Name> whose charred remains were found in her burnt out house on <redacted>. Appendix 1 and 2 show two press clippings that you are probably familiar with:  

Appendix 1: <redacted>

Appendix 2: <redacted> 

Two fire fighter crews attended and at least three officers came on site and took depositions. As you recall you recorded an ‘Open Verdict’.  

Appendix 3: <redacted> 

Attempts were made earlier this year to get local officers to look into the case but they were reluctant to reopen the case unless asked to do so by the coroner. I am asking you on behalf of the family and friends of <Godmother First Name Last Name> to reopen the case, and treat it as a suspected arson-murder.  

The evidence presented in the attached document ‘Suspected Arson Murder – Redacted Submission 27th October 2014’ points towards a pre-meditated first degree murder. A suspect with a strong ‘vested interest’ motive has been identified. The identity and email address have been deposited with me. The pieces of evidence collected at the crime scene and the original version of the document will become accessible through a fresh investigation.  

Appendix 4 provides detailed suggestions on how to carry out the investigation. These are offered in good faith and without prejudice.  

There are numerous indications that the suspected perpetrator is linked to ‘Organised Crime’ and that members of the public are at acute risk of sharing the fate of <Godmother First Name Last Name>.

In order to expedite a long-overdue fresh investigation I am copying this letter to Home Office Minister Theresa May.

I am looking forward to your timely reply.

<                       >



A redacted and shortened version of the document ‘Suspected Arson Murder – Redacted Submission 27th October 2014’  can be found here:


The solicitor was told that two reports were produced but was not given access. The coroner and his chums at the police did NOT request the artefacts (for DNA analysis) and did not want to know details of the suspect either!

Complaints lodged against local, regional and national police representatives were rejected.

A medic claimed there was not enough blood available to conduct toxicological tests.

Psychs claimed the mother was ‘delusional’ about a daytime sexual assault on her toddler by his grandfather.

The judge accepted four Psych reports NONE OF WHICH covered the alleged pregnancy and birth in 1997!

This is the way offences related to Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) get ‘investigated’.

They do not!

‘Pseudo-Investigations’ are carried out and more often than not victims are re-victimised (like in the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska) and whistle-blowers hounded down.


SRA and extreme offending has been around for hundreds and thousands of years, and likewise its ‘cover-up’.

When are the professions and the media going to stop obfuscating disclosures of survivors and the true nature of complex trauma?

A recent survivor report in Metro gives a flavour of what it is like for one body to host multiple personalities ‘alters’ or ‘parts’:


At a Ritual Violence conference in Germany I met a young woman who got dozens of alters who express themselves only in writing!

Returning to the website of Dr Ellen Lacter I would like to point out that I signed a Declaration by Psychology Professionals that starts:

‘I have conducted psychotherapy or research with one or more individuals who have provided what I judge to be credible reports of having been coerced through torture to harm or kill other victims.’


‘Dr Opiate’, Harold Shipman and Hampshire Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) Shenanigans

2018 06 21st The Sun TWICE AS DEADLY AS SHIPMAN.jpg

Hampshire NHS Scandals

Hampshire is a large county that features picturesque places such as the (hundreds of years old) ‘New Forest’. Major cities such as Southampton and Portsmouth are separate administrative entities nearby.

The NHS trust in Southampton is infamous for persecuting the parents of Ashyha King who was successfully treated with advanced Proton therapy in the Czech Republic:


Southampton is also where Court Expert Dr Jo Fairhurst is based whose blunders robbed a Guildford couple of their baby:





The same Dr Fairhurst was also responsible for a similar travesty reported in 2009:



‘Doctors and social workers have an important job but in this case they’ve over-reacted on a suspicion, rather than facts. Louie had one injury, and that was accidental.’

How many more ‘false positives’ (erroneous claims that child abuse had taken place) were generated by this expert and others in the Court Expert Industry?

Unfortunately the ‘Forced Adoption and Care’ gravy train propels ‘professionals’ to cast suspicions on loving and competent parents while simultaneously ‘closing rank’ when conduct, competence and compromise concerns are raised.

Dr Opiate

Thursday’s front page news was the result of the inquiry at Gosport Memorial Hospital centred on Dr Jane Barton who the Evening Standard nicknamed ‘Dr Opiate’. The lives of many hundred patients were seemingly cut short through over-use of powerful Opiates. After 25 years of complaints and three inadequate police investigations at last the public get to hear of this scandal of NHS Staffordshire proportions. My fellow members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) produced an excellent report how Occupational Psychology can help improve organisations. In a similar vein I am trying to do my bit to expose lethal corruption and criminality in the NHS.

The Right Rev James Jones, who carried out the inquiry, uncovered almost 30 years of blunders, failures and alleged cover-ups, which leave the NHS, Hampshire Police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) with serious questions to answer.


2018 06 20th The Daily Telegraph Article Gosport scandal – Families of more than 650 patients ask, why has Dr Jane Barton not faced justice

The report found serious failings in the way Hampshire Constabulary handled the allegations with the families of patients dismissed in some cases as “troublemakers”. The former Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Paul Kernaghan, was criticised by the families over his force’s handling of the investigation. In 2006, the family of one patient lodged a formal complaint against Chief Constable Paul Kernaghan over his lack of direction and control. He retired from the police in 2008 and, after spending time with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, is now an independent member of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority.

The Sun cover made an explicit comparison with the late GP Dr Harold Shipman whose regime cost the lives of many hundred patients. It is difficult for members of the public to understand why someone would kill. It is actually difficult to understand individuals whose values are different to our own. A well-placed source told me that Dr Harold Shipman was an associate of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) groups.


An introduction to Satanism can be found on the website of The Church of Satan founded by Anton LaVey in 1966.


Of course there are numerous variations including Luciferian varieties.

It is ‘illuminating’ to listen to a former Satanist regarding Occult Secrets:



1 Advance personal power

2 No objective standards

3 Social Darwinism – ruthlessness

4 Eugenics – decide who can live and who can die.   (Think of the recent Alfie Evans case and last year’s similar case of Charlie Gard.)


Use power differential to exploit and make others slaves.


An unrelated UK based organisation features an interesting paragraph under Q&A that only answer one half of the question:


So you don’t have rituals or kill babies?

What most people think they know about Satanism comes from Roman Polanski films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Ninth Gate, The Omen trilogy, and Hammer Horror films like The Devil Rides Out. It’s not surprising – those are great films- but that’s fiction, folks. We do perform rituals, but so does everyone else in their daily life. Crossing the street is a ritual in which you look both ways beforehand. Checking your email can be a ritual if you have a routine for it – do you check it in when you first wake up…with coffee? Do you play music and dance around the kitchen while cooking supper? That’s a ritual too. We ritualise life because it provides comfort and it can be a hallmark for important events of recognition, such as the ritual of marriage. The Satanic Temple here in the UK performs rituals too, but it isn’t black magic, it’s just a celebration of life.

Another occult organisation is O.T.O. where the letters stand for Ordo Templi Orientis:


The fundamental principle underlying Thelema, known as the “law of Thelema”, is quite ominous in my opinion:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Love is the law, love under will.

On the website of the ECG, the clergy arm of O.T.O., we can find further info on the ‘Thelemic’ religion and the Gnostic Mass composed by the influential British Occultist Aleister Crowley (who made it onto the Sgt Pepper’s Album Cover).


O.T.O. also encompasses Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.), the Gnostic Catholic Church, which was originally brought to O.T.O. by Dr. Gérard Encausse (Papus) in 1908 e.v.  The E.G.C. is a Thelemic religious environment, dedicated to the advancement of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty through the Law of Thelema.

The central activity of the E.G.C. is the celebration of the Gnostic Mass, Liber XV, which was composed by Aleister Crowley for O.T.O. in 1913 e.v.  Membership in E.G.C. is available through baptism and confirmation.

Members of O.T.O. in good standing are eligible for clerical training and ordination in E.G.C.  Many O.T.O. local bodies celebrate the Gnostic Mass on a regular basis.  In some locations, no formal affiliation with O.T.O. is required to attend Mass, although visitors are expected to communicate the sacrament.

Love is the law


There used to be a temple on a farm in the south of Wales where members of the public could attend a Gnostic Mass for just a few pounds.

I recall finding on a related German site a statement that the group does not practice animal sacrifice but would not have an ethical or moral problem with such a practice. There was no comment regarding Human Sacrifice practices.

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)

In the early 1990’s there were several high profile cases of alleged Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). I put a poster together with veteran SAR campaigner Wilfred Wong that features some of the books published at the time. Over the last few decades however it has become near impossible to have a mature conversation about such issues as False Memory lobby groups in collusion with powerful ‘Vested Interest’ claim that such abuse rings do not exist.


When I stumbled across a case involving alleged ‘toddler rape’ and ‘missing babies’ I uncovered a body of literature that is ignored by ‘mainstream’ mental health. I put together a 188 pages strong Judicial Review application the submission of which on 21 May 2013 was thwarted by inadeqaute staff at the Royal Court of Justice:


From a subset of the submission document I created the ‘Extreme Abuse Dossier’ that features relevant vignettes and some successful UK prosecutions (Trigger Warning):


I had held up two books in a Cardiff Court trying to explain that the alleged toddler rape and ‘disappeared baby’ could well be related to a Satanist abuse ring. The judge ignored me. The nextday the whole court room reportedly listened respectfully in silence when the mother was giving testimony. In the evening the mother reported with pride how she calmly explained what she remembered and even said ‘today was the first time that I thought that a proper investigation may start’. Alas – ‘Business as usual’ prevailed and the self-satisfied Council and CAFCAS representatives let the ‘Child Smuggling’ plot succeed. I should add that these people were (probably) not aware of another half dozen untimely deaths – as they ignored my communications. I since made recordings of the mother giving an acocunt of the two index incidents to suitably qualified  professionals.

I briefly described the overall setting in a poster at the 3rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) 2015 in Nuremberg ‘Differentiation of Complex Trauma vs Schizophrenia through Diagnostic Assessment of Ability and Personality Characteristics’:

Forensic Background

A vulnerable mother who escaped from an intergenerational abuse family was instructed by a clandestine police operation to delay reporting of any sexual assault on her child. An officer explored the death of a couple who had lodged with this family and the ‘disappearance’ of their new born child. The officer was also aware that the mother had reported a teenage pregnancy that succeeded from incestuous rape where the baby also ‘disappeared’, and that the colleague to whom the 14 year old made the disclosure had been found dead a few days later. Three police officers advised the mother to delay reporting until injuries could not be proven as it would be ‘too dangerous to go up alone against the family member’. Police claimed that spotting individuals familiar from her childhood would indicate that the undercover operation was successfully underway.

When the 2 year old was sexually assaulted the mother waited several weeks as per police instruction before reporting the assault. A total of 5 police officers (including a Child Protection Officer) and a Health Visitor created a myth that the mother was ‘delusional’ in flagrant violation of the professional definition of ‘delusion’ provided in the DSM-V (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 819):

‘delusion: a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone beliefs and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.‘

The judge and all individuals party to the proceedings were however aware of the fact that I had ‘blown the whistle’ on the first Psychiatrist who made self-incriminating remarks. I raised a compromise allegation concerning this NHS Psychiatrist who seemingly is associated with O.T.O. as well as the toddler rape perpetrator (i.e. the grandfather). I summarised the situation in a 2016 poster.

Kurz (2017) EPA Poster Fitness to Practice and Fitness to Regulate

In the All Wales Child Protection Guidelines there is a provision that in the case of organised crime compromise proper investigations should ensue lead by Social Services. However as we have seen in Gosport ‘cover-up’ is the more convenient option!

Do you remember the fall of Camilla Batmanghelidjh and Kids Company? Was she ‘punished’ for blowing the whistle on Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA)?


UK Column exclusive: There is a Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) element at the core of this story. The massive government and media attack on Kids Company began within days of Batmanghelidjh having handed David Cameron a list (the RAINS list (“Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support”)) of alleged Satanic ritual abusers of children in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the Isle of Wight.

See also: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article4487820.ece

When she wrote her recent book she received legal advice to drop the explosive chapter surrounding this document. More recently this document has been supplied (again!) to the Prime Minister’s office. With all the Brexit negotiations going on Theresa May is probably ‘too busy’.

When I came across the document I decided to conduct and present some basic research. I realised that I had talked in 2012 to the author of the inadvertently leaked RAINS list at a time when that Psychiatrist had already retired.

I put together a poster (with a link that leads to the leaked document) that, after the two book chapters that I coauthored, is the third popular item on my ResearchGate profile with 1000+ downloads:

Kurz (2015) EPA Poster The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath – Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise

I would like to share some description of the alleged group membership:


In terms of demographics the document names 235 individuals including 173 males. For 165 named individuals either a particular role in the group or an occupational field were coded.

Within the group 50 individuals fulfil entry-level roles (e.g. Messenger, Minder, Enforcer, Recruiter, Driver) while 13 fulfil high level roles (e.g. Commander, Master, High Priest).

14 individuals hold an Aristocratic title and appear to be particularly involved with the provision of venues for ‘rituals’. The roles of 16 politicians mentioned included Councillor, Secretary of State for Health, Education and Home Office as well as Chancellor. 6 police officers are mentioned including 3 Chief Constables. 8 Church leaders feature including a Cardinal and a Bishop. 4 law professionals are mentioned including a judge. 8 Journalists, 4 TV Presenters and 7 Entertainers are mentioned. 

Four individuals each fall into the professions Physician, Psychologist or Psychiatrist. One reportedly ‘does the hypnosis, using blue lights’ while another ‘Wrote many sceptical papers on SRA’ (Satanic Ritual Abuse). Two named academics in related fields investigated alleged child abuse cases and contributed to the pervasive ‘Discourse of Disbelief’.

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Minister:

‘Involved in cult in France and Brussels. Likes boys. Pays cult cash for rent boys but seems to be part of it. He ordered severe torture prior to murder of boy Kevin, aged 17, a runaway from Newcastle, who had some hold over him and was blackmailing him. Kevin was tortured and killed. Body dumped in sea, South coast, after being cut up.’  

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Health Minister:

‘Attended crucifixion ceremony (cross inverted) in New Forest early this morning, Good Friday.’ 

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a Psychiatrist:

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Haslemere/Woking. (Apparently belongs to another group but is known to our informants because he is prepared to help groups nationwide). I have had a number of encounters with him. Back in 1989, when I was working with BS, my first SRA survivor, Guildford CID called him in for second opinion. His conclusion was that I had invented the entire story and suggested it all to her, causing her to believe all the elaborate detail she had given us. This finished the police investigation on that case. He later caused considerable damage to a family in LASA which resulted in both the children being taken away from the entirely innocent mother. Both returned to her voluntarily as soon as they were old enough. He was also involved in the Broxtowe Case 1987, before it was known to be SRA rather than only CSA

This Psychiatrist was twice hauled in front of the General Medical Council (GMC) but not ‘struck off’. Why-oh-why did authorities in Norwich commission this Psychiatrist to testify regarding child abuse allegations in a Family Court case concerning the five children of Marie Black?


Here is what the leaked document states concerning a medical Dr.:

‘ls available to the group for treatment of any members who are excessively beaten etc. Also does experimental operations to practice his surgical skills. Some years ago, did bilateral mastectomy and tracheostomy on M. The latter went wrong and caused severe damage to her larynx, for which she had to have a surgical repair job in France. Voice still very husky last time I heard it.’

‘<First Name Last Name>. Aged 14. Made pregnant by cult. Baby removed for sacrifice, by Caesarean Section without anaesthetic. Despite <Dr>’s efforts to save her, she died.’

Dr Harold Shipman reportedly performed abortions for Satanist cult groups across Northern England! He was found hanged in his Wakefield Prison cell on 13 January 2004, one day prior to his 58th birthday…

Here is what the leaked document states concerning a former Chief Constable:

Paul Kernaghan. 12.07.07. Chief Constable of Hampshire. ln records that he has attended Satanic Meetings at Masonic Hall, twice this year.



Visit the ‘BPS Military Psychology Conference 2018’ themed ‘Would I misinform you? The psychological impact of misinformation’


Please attend this conference Thursday 8th November 2018 at The Ark Conference Centre, Basingstoke and tell me afterwards how it was:


I found the theme and setting sufficiently intriguing to submit two abstracts. I enjoy a submission acceptance rate of 80+% so that I was somewhat taken aback today (14th June 2018) to get two rejection notifications.

So what did I put in my Abstracts that did not merit inclusion in the conference program?

Here is the first abstract:


Bluebird & MK Ultra CIA Mind Control Experiments




This paper outlines the research of US Psychiatrist Colin Ross concerning mind control experiments conducted by the CIA.




Congress enquiries lead to the release of historical materials covering clandestine post-war human experimentation by well-known Psychologists and Psychiatrists.




Ross (2000) published ‘Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personalities By Psychiatrists’ and republished the book in 2006 under the title ‘The CIA Doctors – Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists’.


It outlines Cold War project BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOCKE, MKUKTRA and MKSEARCH as well as other mind control experimentation programs.


It provides detailed profiles of main actors such as Dr Ewen Cameron, the first president of the American Psychiatric Association and Dr Martin Orne who heavily promoted the False Memories narrative.


The historical accounts are compared to disclosures of survivors of extreme abuse including toddler prostitution and human sacrifice murder.




The 307 page report on the Extreme Abuse Survey (2008, 2016) published on the website ‘endritualabuse.org’ of US Clinical Psychologist Ellen Lacter quantifies abuse, torture and violence. It is indicative that Mind Control experimentation continues in various guises.


Arguably this is ‘on the money’ – state authority representatives misinforming unsuspecting members of the public with a rather devastating psychological (and unfortunately at times lethal) impact.

How about the Single Case Study that I submitted?


Complex Trauma, Mind Control & Child Smuggling




This paper exposes a chilling ‘Child Smuggling’ case where complex trauma was inflicted in order to exercise mind control.




This single case study outlines the intergenerational abuse background to a series of arson, murder and rape offences. Inadequate Psychology and Psychiatry professionals facilitated the cover up ignoring symptoms of dissociative disorder and inadequately interpreting psychometric tools.




A mother of a toddler reached out for help when her son was sexually assaulted by a family member in ‘unbelievable’ circumstances. Conversations, privately commissioned trauma therapy sessions and location visits uncovered forensic evidence that backs her story.  


Chilling details emerged that help to understand the operation methods of abuse cults. 12 months before the assault a police officer instructed the mother to wait several weeks before making a police report. Three adults in the vicinity of the case were found dead within 6 month of the police briefing. A chilling stalking, defamation and harassment campaign unfolded over the next 6 months – seemingly orchestrated to make the mother appear ‘delusional’ and get mental health professionals to diagnose her as ‘paranoid’. A NHS Psychiatrist made self-incriminating remarks whilst making an unfavourable diagnosis. A Psychologist poorly interpreted WISC and MCMI results.




The blatant child smuggling ploy succeeded in destroying the reputation of the mother and wrestling the child into the control of the abuse group. Efforts to get authority representatives to properly examine matters (including house fire artefact DNA) were ignored so far.


I previously reported (Kurz, 2016) at the 10th International Dyslexia Conference of the BDA in Oxford the Neurodiversity issues that underpin the nefarious child smuggling scheme. Unfortunately many Psych professionals fail to recognise ‘Twice Exceptional’ ability patterns – in this case 3 Psychiatrists and 1 Clinical Psychologist failing miserably in their duty of care. At the ESTD 2017 in Berne I covered Somatoform Dissociations and poor diagnostic practices such as the use of the MCMI in court settings when the questionnaire had been designed for those seeking therapy and does not meet the Daubert standard for validity!

The response from the BPS Conference office I got to the two submissions was:

All submissions have been reviewed through the ‘blind’ BPS review system and unfortunately we were unable to include your submission in the programme this year as unfortunately this submission has not met the Conference standard for due diligence

Apart from the fact that this sentence lacked a full stop (i.e. lack of diligence) I am puzzled what this ‘reason’ is about and enquired accordingly.

So what kind of people seem to have the right kind of ‘due diligence’?

Keynote speaker Professor Karen Douglas is apparently an authority on ‘Conspiracy Theories’ (i.e. mainstream media / academia who perpetuates the original 1960’ies work of the CIA on the topic):




Research interests

My primary research focus is on beliefs in conspiracy theories. Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Who believes them? Why do people believe them? What are some of the consequences of conspiracy theories and can such theories be harmful?

I am also interested in the social psychology of human communication, including how people manipulate subtle features of their language in order to achieve social goals, how they examine other people’s language to learn about them, the psychology of sexist language, and how people formulate and respond to criticism.

Recent publications

  • Douglas, K.M., & Leite, A.C. (in press). Suspicion in the workplace: Organizational conspiracy theories and work-related outcomes. British Journal of Psychology.
  • Chotpitayasunondh, V., & Douglas, K.M. (2016). How “phubbing” becomes the norm: The antecedents and consequences of snubbing via smartphone. Computers in Human Behavior, 63, 9-18.
  • Douglas, K.M., Sutton, R.M., Callan, M.J., Dawtry, R.J., & Harvey, A.J. (2016). Someone is pulling the strings: Hypersensitive agency detection and belief in conspiracy theories. Thinking and Reasoning, 22, 57-77.
  • Douglas, K.M., & Sutton, R.M. (2015). Climate change: Why the conspiracy theories are dangerous. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 71, 98-106.

Conspiracy theory research database
This is a database of the current academic literature on conspiracy theories, and literature on other closely-related topics. Its production was supported by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (ESRC Award: ES/N009614/1). We intend to keep it up to date and re-post it every three months. If you have any updates that you would like to include, or if you notice that any sources are missing, please complete this form. We hope that you find this resource useful.


Another keynote is due to be presented by Professor Becky Milne:



While her efforts appear laudable I have to note that ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interviews are in my limited volunteer advocacy experiences often conducted shoddily or not at all.

I am alarmed to spot a collaboration with Prof Dan Wright who is associated with the British False Memory Society (BFMS) – an organisation that has frequently been accused of ‘misinformation’:

2010: ESRC follow-on grant (with Prof. Amina Memon, Royal Holloway, and Prof Dan Wright, Florida International University) – Best use of identification parades. (£69638.88)

Furthermore given the info in the inadvertently leaked RAINS list and the odd actions and statements of Simon Bailey at the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) I conclude that we got here another establishment mainstream representative:

Becky was given the 2009 Tom Williamson award for her outstanding achievements in the field of investigative interviewing by ACPO.

In case readers are wondering why I am so critical please have a look through the file that I uploaded below which – in my opinion – points towards an arson-murder that local, regional and national authorities refuse to properly investigate:

Arson Informer Report on Suspected Arson Murder of Godmother (v 11th May 2015)

Four months before the house fire a police officer at Kingston-upon-Thames police station had ‘misinformed’ a mother that she should delay reporting of any sexual assault on her or her toddler for several weeks – ostensibly in order not to jeopardise an undercover police investigation. The godmother of the toddler was found with broken legs (not usually a consequence of fire) in the hallway of the burnt out house ‘on top of roof tiles’ (how could that happen?). A few months after the house fire a stalking campaign ensued that culminated in a sexual assault on the toddler. A NHS Psychiatrist in the southern half of Wales made self-incriminating remarks indicating that he knows that the alleged perpetrator (i.e. the grandfather) is into ‘devil worship’ and that he was instructed by a ‘friend’ in the Senior Civil Service to make a false diagnosis! As a consequence the toddler was removed from his mother and ‘smuggled’ into lucrative long-term foster care (£20k per year per child tax free for the carer and a similar amount for the agency) and ultimately (when the suspected arson was formally raised with the coroner) ‘adoption’ (seemingly by ‘satanist cult’ abusers). What is the psychological impact of misinformation?

I had contacted a potential co-author for submission who had politely declined stating:

‘My thinking was to avoid this psychological warfare industry conference.’

As toddler he had been earmarked to become a High Priest in a Luciferian Cult. One particular training session in the north of England in the late 1960’s was specifically arranged for him to witness a group of soldiers in uniforms kicking a teenager to death. This kind of training is designed to traumatise the observer and create dissociations – split personality parts that render the subject more malleable for nefarious purposes.

Dr Colin Ross is one of the few Psych professionals who is prepared to inform the public about shenanigans involving fellow Psych professionals. Perhaps the conference organisers are worried – for all the wrong reasons – about ‘The psychological impact of inconvenient information’?